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Release The Inner Animal With Bodyweight Exercise

Written by Adam

Once again, the man that Ryan and I call Coach, Scott Sonnon, has revealed his talent for inventive and effective bodyweight exercise variations.  In the realm of movement, few things can parallel the grace and strength of the animal kingdom.  But I’d speculate that at one time we humans probably did pretty well in our own right too.

Why do I think that?  Well, if you look around at some examples of impressive human movement, you’ll see glimmers of that same primal flow.  We just have to learn to get out of our own way and let that flow express itself.  That’s what Coach Sonnon has been teaching us for years through the Circular Strength Training system.

Check out one of the latest expressions of his quest for flow, the Kong

For more flow inducing exercise examples, check out our Bodyweight TV page for tons of video links.  And if you’re looking for the perfect entry point into this kind of uninhibited movement, you’ll want to check out Coach Sonnon’s FlowFit program.  He breaks great movement into consumable chunks which are accessible to the beginner and still offer challenge to the experienced bodyweight exercise aficionado.

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