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2 Simple Bodyweight Exercises For A Quick Fat Burning Workout

Written by shapeshifter

The sun was smiling on Quebec City today.  And although I had to spend a good chunk of my day indoors at the gym, I stopped on the way to do my own workout in the great outdoors.  But before I got started, I put aside a bit of time to film a really cool little fat loss workout.  It’s quick and simple.  So anyone can do it – anywhere and anytime.

As you’ll see, it starts with an old classic, “The Chair,” and then leads right into CST-style jump squats without rest.  I explain why in the video.

So that’s the workout.  I would suggest you start your session with a thorough joint mobility warm-up like Intu-Flow and that you finish with some form of dynamic stretching like Prasara Flow Yoga.




1 Round equals

  • 30-60 seconds of The Chair
  • 10 Jump Squats

Rest from 60 to 30 seconds between Rounds and complete 5 to 8 Rounds.


Motor Sophistication


Give it a try and let us know how it went.  But above all, don’t forget your homework.  How can you add motor sophistication to those two exercises?  Be creative.  Experiment.  And please share your findings with the rest of us here in the comments.

As you discover the wonderful world of Circular Strength Training, you’ll find that Sophistication of exercise is one of the most powerful tools we have in our arsenal for building lifelong wellness that is invigorating, efficient and effective.  In other words, don’t just do more – do better.

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  • Hi Adam,

    Great video! I love the fine touches in video editing, too – very nice quality flick.

    Those are two great exercises, and I couldn’t agree more that sophistication is one of the best ways to progress. If I were to increase the sophistication of a jump squat, I would add in an element of travel. Jump squatting forward, backward, and laterally would be a good start. From there, you could also add in an element of rotation, a jump squat with a simultaneous 90, 180, or 360 degree turn in either direction – landing back into a squat position. Then, you plug the two together, travel and rotation. Example, forward jump squat with 180 degree rotation – so you land facing the opposite direction in which you started.

    I love how there are infinite ways to increase sophistication – it never gets old or boring because it’s not about doing more work, or working longer/harder, it’s about better natural movement.

    Best regards,

    John Sifferman
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  • Hey John,

    Thanks for chiming in man! You’re pretty handy with a video camera. How about filming those great jumpsquat ideas for us? I bet everyone would love to see them in action.


  • As a strength coach at a school, I work a lot with teams. I do a lot of bodyweight stuff because a coach will give me 20 kids and 15 minutes to do something! I’ve actually done the wall sit/squat jump combination quite often and sometimes will incorporate a core exercise with it. The players will line up on a wall and pass a weight plate down the line and back from the chair position. I may have them go twist – twist back – pass plate.

    Obviously adding a plate is no longer ‘bodyweight’, but it does incorporate other movements. Do it alone if you’re not with anyone else or do it without holding a plate. Just another idea…

  • I have a lot of my clients raise the stability ball from side to side above their shoulder s while in the wall squat. Looking forward to adding the jump squat! They’ll love it. Thanks

  • Homework is done! Do the chair 30-60 sec – after that 5 – 10 jump squat (with last jump – directly to the chair) – chair again – and jump. 5 – … rounds with break between rounds. If you are near inner corner/more wall you can use jump squat as John Sifferman told above. “my legs are burning”

  • Yavor – Glad you liked it man!

    Coach Fonz – Good idea to make this more “team friendly”! I’m working with a big hockey camp this summer. I’ll have to remember that one.

    John – Knew I could count on you! Thanks man. Perfect.

    Kowalski – Hadn’t thought of that one. Makes a lot of sense.

    Kim – Let us know how it works out with the addition of the Jumpsquat.

    Henri – Great job. You’re ferocious going straight back into the chair!

  • I’m new to this site, but I’m really looking forward to incorporating these work outs! Thank you all for the tips and all the great ideas.

  • With the chair you can raise one leg at a time to make it tougher or altertnate legs raises in the alloted time for balance. John Sifferman {above} gave a very challenging solution for the jump squats.

  • When doing the wall squats raise your heels up off the graund for at least part of the 30 to 60 second duration.

    Also, try doing a one-legged wall squat for part of the 30/60 second time.

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