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Dynamic Bodyweight Training Warm Up

Written by shapeshifter

A few weeks ago, one of our guest coaches, Jim “Smitty” Smith showed us one of his favourite dynamic warm ups. We told you if you gave us enough comments, we’d be back with round two. Well here it is!

A lot of people think warming up is all about walking on a treadmill, or worse, stretching. But what you REALLY want to do during your warm up is get ready for the training session to come. And that means waking up the nervous system!

You need to get your skills firing on all fours if you hope to get the most out of your workout. That means your warm up should be all about enhancing your timing and coordination. Here in BodyweightCoach World we use a lot of mobility drills for this purpose. But there are many ways to do it. And one of the masters is our buddy Smitty!

Here, Smitty introduces one of the drills he often uses to get his athletes ready for early morning training. It’s called the..

Forward Roll Into Spiderman Crawl:

Using this kind of dynamic combo ensures that you don’t stay too long in any static postures. After all, we’re getting ready to MOVE during the warm up, right?

Strive to hop quickly into and out of that Spiderman Crawl position. Your goal is to gain the mobility you need for training through dynamic movements that also get the nervous system firing at 100%.

Try Smitty’s move and let us know what you think in the comments. Also…

What’s YOUR favourite warm-up routine?

Smitty’s got more tricks up his sleeve. If we get 25 comments we’ll make sure he makes a return appearance!  🙂

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  • Hey Adam, you are spot on – warming up is more than just getting blood to your muscles, it’s about getting the nerves firing and neurotransmitters flowing! I train clients and run bootcamps and always have to get the whole “warm up on a treadmill” idea out of their heads. Always. I love doing mobility drills as warm ups and but also love to do a ton of basic total body core exercises as well: bridge or lying hip extensions, plank, side plank, bird dog, etc. These types of exercises really prepare people for the work ahead. 🙂

  • As a warm up I concentrate on the joints, and make all of them move in their full range of motion: knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, elbow . To reach this I need all my muscles, so I think it’s pretty good, and I can do it just where I stand. This is an important aspect, because I train at home.
    This video is interesting though, maybe I’ll give it a try sometime. Looking forward to the next. 🙂

  • A martial art type forward roll, such as taught in Aikido, might flow more smoothly into that spiderman crawl, and from the crawl back into the roll. Those are designed to teach mobility, going from the feet to the roll and back to one’s feet seamlessly, while keeping the spine from impacting the ground.

  • I’m definitely a fan of Smitty’s work. Always quality stuff.

    My warm ups will change day to day, depending on how I’m feeling and what lies ahead. But, it always contains mobility and dynamic flexibility. I’m a big fan of rolling around on the ground and seeing what develops intuitively. Sometimes I’ll throw in a yoga flow or light tissue work with a foam roller or tennis ball.

  • really great stuff man, i incorporate similar into many of my classes and clients work and its always a hit. keep posting Smitty!


  • Hey this is great, thanks guys! Will definitely incorporate this with TacFit! You guys rock! Hey quick question, is there a way to purchase the side programs you guys release when you sponsor another Fitness guru’s program? You guys have release some great stuff in conjunction with other peoples’ programs, most recently would be the bodyweight anabolic’s you’re releasing with the 21 fast mass building program. Is there somewhere I can just pruchase your guys’ material? I’m just such a huge CST fan and don’t really want to dabble in other areas so I can improve in what I do. Thanks for listening!

    • Hi Timothy,
      Some stuff we release a couple months afterwards. We don’t have any plans to release BA though. However, we do have a different bodyweight mass program that we’ re looking at releasing this summer.

  • The youtube page came up as an error (video doesn’t exist). I’ll try again later and see if I still get the same message.

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