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Lunge Technique & Variations

Written by shapeshifter

The lunge and it’s variations are a staple in many of my programs. It’s one of those foundational exercises that opens the doors to all kinds of variations and other movement patterns.

In fact, it’s so important that I put together an overview of lunge technique and variations for you.

Lunge Technique & Variations

Here’s a quick overview of the technical keys:

  • Feet on railroad tracks
  • Back vertical
  • Front knee over front foot
  • Hips drop straight down

From there, the sky’s the limit. What’s YOUR favourite lunge variation. Tell us in the comments section below…

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  • Hi Adam!

    My favourite lunge variation is from Dr.Kareems program:
    Reverse Spider Lunge with Dumbell Row and Twist.
    Gets your heart pumping in no time.

    Thanks for sharing the video!

    / David

    • Hey Amir,
      I’ve actually been doing some really cool stuff. You may have seen Bodyweight Anabolics that we released as a bonus in early summer. Well, I’ve been adding a ton of new ideas to that since and we’ve got some seriously cool techniques that require very little equipment. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of this in the next few months… 🙂

  • Thank you Adam, I really appreciate such clear instruction and demonstration. It’s funny, I spent my whole life not knowing how to do lunges, pushups, or pullups properly, because no one else explains how to do them! You don’t learn it at school, that’s for sure. Thank you guys so much for inspiring and educating us about bodyweight exercises.

  • thanks for the clear instructions. Railroad track analogy makes a lot sense. It will help me focus on keeping my back knee stgraight because it tends to drift outward.

  • I love/hate Jumping lunges and recently started doing them by jumping sideways towards one end of the gym and then coming back…

  • Hey guys! My favorite lunge combo is the front/reverse/side combo. Beyond lunges, one of the exercises that I think is most efficient is the kettlebell swing. You get an awesome total body workout while focusing on your posterior chain, which is so important now-a-days. It also gives you a great cardio interval workout so it is always my go to exercise when I am short on time. Awesome post!

  • I like doing forward or reverse lunges holding a barbell on my shoulders. How does that compared to doing lunges and actual movements with weights? I use around 90-95 lb barbells at the moment.

    • Hi Ben,
      Having the barbell on your shoulders will force you to recruit your core for stability and postural control. Holding or manipulating the weight with your hands will also provide some dynamic stabilization from the core, but will also add some timing and coordination to the mix.

  • Hi Adam,

    Like David mentioned about Dr. K’s lunges – there are also the ones that use med ball and dumbbells that include curls or presses before or after the lunge type (forward, reverse, side).

    I didn’t realize that so much more can be done with this exercise. This will be especially helpful while traveling and staying in hotel/motel rooms – it doesn’t take a lot of space to do. AND a gallon jug of water can be used for and resistance – either held in one hand for curls/presses or held goblet style for presses or just held in fornt of the chest!

    And like Susan@Home Workouts mentioned the use of the kettlebell swing this makes an awesome combo. I just started to incorporate that based on the 4 Hour Body by Tim Finesse.

    Thanks. Keep up the good work!

  • You are noticeably bigger, hope you release bodyweight anabolics as its own programme. The lunge/clean looks awesome.

  • I haven’t tried anything extra just yet. Only forward and reverse lunges. But I do one or the other every workout. 3 sets of 12; it took a while to get there. Thanks for the excellent technique tips.

  • Lunges target the thigh muscles, but a forward lean is typically reserved for another type of thigh exercise: the squat. The back usually remains upright during a lunge with your weight distributed on your front and back leg, which takes pressure off the knees

  • Hi Adam! Thank you for the tips, they inspire to use imagination more)
    In my opinion you have the most ideal body for a man – not that big that it looks ugly, and with just perfect proportions. Do you use only bodyweight exercises to get this form?

    and i agree you should make Bodyweight Anabolics a separate programme)

    • Hi Oksana,

      Glad you liked the post. 🙂

      At the time of that video, I was using 90% bodyweight training. Right now it’s more of a mix—bodyweight, gym, kettlebells, etc…

      We offer BW Anabolics from time to time. If you’re subscribed to the newsletter, you’ll see it next time it becomes available.


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