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Turn Chores into a Workout: 5 Ideas on How to Reshape Your Body Without Gym

Written by Kate Bregovic

An expensive gym membership has very little bearing on whether or not a person actually succeeds in losing weight.  This is because gym isn’t the only or even the best way forward if weight loss is your objective.

It’s true that working out with a personal trainer and top-of-the-line equipment can help you to achieve your goals more rapidly, but the truth is that any kind of activity is exercise. As such you can get all the same benefits while working out at home with no help beyond free YouTube videos and, better still, you can get those same results by doing those same things that you already do every day, such as housework.

However, if you do want to reshape your body through chores instead of using a gym you need to be aware of one simple truth. The notion that it is possible to burn enough calories to lose weight only through regular chores is nothing but a myth.

There are many articles that offer some very useful statistics when explaining how many calories one burns doing housework. But take a moment to think. If those activities are so intense, why aren’t you slim yet? Those are chores that you do regularly, right?

And there is the truth of the matter – you cannot replace a workout with simple chores. But you can turn housework into a workout.

This means that you’ll need to change the way in which you do all those necessary daily activities. It is necessary to add an element of actual exercising to them and make every move dynamic to maximize its fat-burning cardio effect. And you need to make sure that you get no less than thirty minutes of those dynamic chore-exercises daily for this simple program to have a significant body-reshaping effect.

5 Ways to Turn Chores into a Workout with a Few Changes

1.    Burpees + weights + dusting

Take a look at how to do a burpee rightbecause from now on this should become your favorite exercise. It’s one of the most effective exercises for burning fat and toning your muscles, and therefore you should strive to incorporate it into your day as often as possible. When doing chores, dusting is an ideal activity to ‘interrupt’ with a burpee.

Start with 3-5 burpees and then dust one room or several pieces of furniture while regaining your breath. Then repeat as many times as needed. If you want to boost the weight loss potential of this mini-workout, wear weights while performing this activity. By doing this you will ensure that your muscles get a different type of exercise while you ‘rest’ by doing the actual dusting.

2.    Squats + lunges + cooking

Cooking is another important opportunity for participating in your chore-workout routine because it will usually be your most frequent household activity. You can take advantage of this and maximize the weight loss efficiency of this work by adding some aerobic exercises into the mix. Squats and lunges are a good choice for the kitchen, or just squats if space is limited.

Bear in mind that you should wear rubber-soled shoes to prevent slips and falls.

All this exercising in the kitchen will be essential if you want to lose weight fast. When your plans are grand, like shedding 10kg in a month, you’ll also need to boost workouts with a special diet. Working out while in the kitchen should help you stay on track with your motivation for making healthy meal choices for fast weight loss. As working out burns only a limited number of calories, you’ll need those balanced low-calorie meals to achieve significant progress.

3.    Power-walk/jog/ride a bike during a grocery run

Don’t have time for a jog in the morning? Then make the most of your grocery shopping trip. The nature and intensity of the exercise you do whilst shopping will depend entirely upon your resources, but even simple walking provides a healthy alternative to driving.

However, when weight loss is your ultimate goal you need to consider more intense aerobic travel methods. This means jogging or riding a bike. Power-walking can be an option as well, but this is only really applicable if the shops you need to visit are nearby.

A backpack is handy for this kind of grocery run, and it has to be one that sits snugly on your back and distributes the weight evenly. If this is done properly it will provide a good resistance effect when you are bringing the groceries home. If it isn’t it could hurt your back.

4.    Bicep curls + taking out the trash

Are your trash bags heavy? Use the process of lugging them outdoors as an impromptu weightlifting workout. To maximize benefits spend 5-7 minutes doing bicep curls by lifting a bag with each arm.

5.    Dishes + calf rises

Utilize your time when washing dishes by doing calf raises. This exercise is very simple but you’ll be amazed by how much it helps shape your lower legs. If these become too simple add micro-jumps to the mix. Pretend you are jumping a rope, but without the rope.

Again remember to be careful and wear non-slip shoes.

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