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Accelerate Fat Loss With Old School Workouts—The “Original” Rapid Fat Loss Method

Written by Chad Howse

The aerobics came and went. Zumba’s here today, but it’ll soon follow the same fate.

As will every other fad that you and I have been bombarded with over the years. Each one tugged temporarily at our emotional desire to get lean, but rarely provided the results that it promised so confidently.

There are, however, old school methods that have stood the test of time. For decade after decade, they quietly and effectively helped people get in great shape and reach their fitness goals.

We keep coming back to these methods after the fads have faded away, because the old school methods are the only ones that work.

But the oldest, most rigorously tested and highly perfected form of fat loss is more than just a refuge for those brave enough to step into the ring…

Boxing gyms are opening their doors to the everyday businessman and businesswoman — and even to a 68 year old mother of 2 like my Mom.

In my boxing gym I watched as middle-aged men and women with no desire to step into the ring burned more fat than they ever thought possible.

Without EVER throwing a single punch…


By doing the exact same drills I was doing to prepare for a fight.


I once ran a boot camp for women ranging from their mid-twenties to late sixties. I used boxing drills — including focus mitts, calisthenics, skipping and heavy lifting — exclusively. And I saw these women completely transform their bodies in a matter of months. I’m proud to say that my own Mom dropped fat and gained lean muscle mass! She went from doing two ‘ladies push-ups’ to cranking out a full 25 push-ups like a champ.

Mom was so proud of her accomplishments that she even busted out 25 push ups for me and my friends at my last birthday dinner.

So if the results are so great, what’s holding most of us back from the incredible benefits of this type of training?

I think it’s the scary factor of boxing: the punching, and even more-so the idea of getting punched.

Well I’m here to say, “Don’t worry about it!”

You never need to set foot in the ring to burn fat like a fighter.

Fighters don’t get that shredded physique and conditioning in the ring. They get it from training.

And YOU can use those very same training methods that separate boxing from the “flash in the pan” fat loss fads I mentioned earlier in this article, and finally build the body of your dreams.

An Old School Approach is Always the Way to Go — Why Boxing Sets Itself Apart for Fighting Fat
These are the essential “old school” elements that boxing can bring to your fitness goals.

1. The willingness to work hard.

sweat-workoutYou may have absolutely no ambition to set foot in the ring, but if you’re training like a fighter, you’re working hard. In fact, you start off KNOWING in every fibre of your body that you’re going to have to work hard.

The same SHOULD BE said of any training plan that sets out to burn fat and build a ripped physique. But it just isn’t the mindset they’re operating on.

After all, hard work doesn’t sell. It isn’t sexy. So that’s not how you’re ‘pitched’ the goal of burning fat. They tell you it’ll be easy. But the fact is, the more intense your training, the better results you’re going to get.

Boxers know this. As such, their workouts are dominated by circuits, giant sets, and tri-sets that raise lactic acid in the muscle. Increased lactic acid also raises your level of growth hormone, and that helps you burn a lot more fat.

Old school hard work will beat the easy sexy fad every day of the week.

2. Trunk rotation.

Boxing — and more specifically, punching — is one of the few forms of cardio that involves trunk rotation.

While you’re throwing punches that send your heart rate skyrocketing, you’re also rotating your trunk. This helps fighters build ripped lean mid-sections without ever having to actually train their abs.


3. Different forms of cardio.

Variety is the key to sustained progress in any fitness goal. Boxers don’t just run in the morning. They also skip, sprint, run up stairs and shadowbox at the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art History (Go Rocky!).

They hit the heavy bag, they spar, and they swim. Most of the fighters I know use variation when lifting weights and doing resistance training. But when it comes to cardio we rarely mix things up.

The variations favored by boxers bring the full body into cardio with swimming and skipping, and they also sometimes focus primarily on the upper body, such as working the heavy bag. This constant variation helps them — and you — burn more calories and experience greater fat loss.

P90x didn’t invent “muscle confusion”. They just gave it a fancy name.

4. The rules of the sport promote greater fat loss.

Chad-Howse-shadowThe use of weight classes in boxing forces fighters to squeeze into their smallest weight while maintaining as much muscle as possible. This gives them a unique advantage over their opponent.

Their goal is to be the best possible athlete pound-for-pound. And they have no room for excess fat.

The old school methods they’ve used to cut weight for over a hundreds years have proven to be the best way to accomplish this. Fighters lift heavy weights, which helps them maintain muscle mass. And they train with extremely high reps, which raises lactic acid, in turn raising growth hormone and helping them burn more fat.

Most of all, a fighter trains hard.

The cool thing is, YOU can train like this too.

In my next article on this blog, I’m going to tell you how.

Ditch the fads and gimmicks. Go back to those proven old school methods. If you do, I guarantee you’ll get the body of your dreams.

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