Fat Burning Cinnamon Chai Latte Smoothie

Written by shapeshifter

There’s no disputing the popularity of Starbucks. And there’s certainly no end to the mind boggling array of fancy flavours and twists you can put in your coffee or tea.

To be honest, it all kinda baffles me. I go in there and order either a tall Americano — three quarters full (which for some strange reason always seems to confuse the average barrista) — or a grande extra large cappuccino.

But Ryan’s another story. I’m usually a little embarrassed to order his drinks actually. Little twists of this and dollops of that make me feel a bit uncomfortable about my masculinity. But anyhow…

My buddy Dave Ruel and his girlfriend Karine were staying at my place last weekend, and I gotta say that he won me over with his Cinnamon Chai Latte Smoothie. I’d still never order anything that sounded remotely like that in public. But in the comfort of my own home, I can admit that it was delicious. Actually, it was Metabolicious.

Why “metabolicious”? Because it was assembled using healthy ingredients that were chosen for their fat burning properties. It’s kinda like having your cake and eating it too — but without getting fat. (Never mind, that analogy totally didn’t work — you can see why Ryan’s the writer…)

At any rate, the point is that you have to try this smoothie recipe.

Oh, and we’ll be back with another smoothie video next week. But this time it’s for a recipe that I (yes, I) came up with. It was so darn good that Dave made a last minute edit to his new cookbook just so he could include it!!

Stay tuned for the Thermo-Ccino Smoothie recipe next week!

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        • To Dave or anyone considering buying a Blendtec: I strongly suggest you get the new larger jar – 90oz. Beyond the big size, there is another important reason I suggest this: it has 5 sides and and longer blades. This makes it especially awesome for blending harder items like nuts, ice, etc. It’s called the ‘Wildside’ Jar (no joke). You can buy it with the Blender or get it as an additional/second jar.

          • Yes, you can always buy additional jars. Your choice is the old one (smaller) or the new large Wildside (bigger & better). You can alos buy the Wildside jar with your original Blendtec purchase.

          • Awesome. Thanks for the info Paul. Gotta get me one of those.

            (So if anyone’s looking for gift ideas… 🙂 )

      • Did I mention that I have one Blendtec in 120V and one in 220V. I take one with me no matter where I travel to…

        This sounds like a delicious shake. My favorite protein shake is 10 bananas, 1/2lb of fresh baby spinach, and a little bit of water.

  • That was a fun, entertaining video, full of great tips. The smoothie sounds delicious and I plan to try it. Wish stevia wasn’t so expensive, Rosalie

  • I’d better take a moment to set the record straight here for all our readers, lest they think me some sort of coffee pansy.

    I SOMETIMES order a latte with a single pump of vanilla. Why? Because vanilla’s a good flavour. It’s natural, it’s found in exotic places like Madagascar, and vodka sometimes tastes like it. The rest of the time I order a double espresso (long), or an Americano with some room. Occasionally a cappuccino.

    The incident Adam is referring to happened once when I asked for a hint of peppermint. You see, we were filming our huge new project for 2011, and we made a coffee run while the crew was prepping one of the sets. The Director of Production’s assistant asked for a peppermint vanilla latte. I was horrified to order this – the girl even looked at Adam and I and said “Are you together?” and we said “NO! I mean… I’ll pay for both, but we’re not together-together….” It was a very uncomfortable situation all around.

    Anyway, yeah, the crew guy let me try a sip of his latte, and it actually tasted pretty darn good. Like a mint smartie blizzard or something. So once, maybe twice, in Florida I asked for a hint of peppermint in my one pump vanilla latte. That was all, and I haven’t done it since.

    Jeez, it’s not like I have a sweet tooth or anything. I’m not the sorta guy to break into a hotel minibar for a packet of cookies, unlike someone else we know… 😉

  • Love the blendtec though it costs as much as my car 🙂 and the recipe looks awesome….can’t wait to give it a try! Chai means tea so saying Chai Tea is redundant 🙂

  • I love chai so will be making this one definitely… but Adam! A teaspoon of stevia???!! Ergh!! That would be insanely sweet 😀 Man, that even surpasses MY sweet tooth – and that’s not to be sneezed at!

    At LOL at the guy who broke into the mini-bar for the cookies! Hmmm, wonder who you could possibly mean Ryan… 😉 Vanilla and peppermint sounds interesting – sorta like creme de menthe – mmm.

  • Ohhh I’ve been thinking of making chai or yerba mate Latte or something! this looks great~you guys are so funny, especially with your excitement about the new blender. I guess I’d be that excited too. 😛

    • I AM excited about the Blendtec. I’m addicted to making stuff in it! 🙂

      By the way, wait ’till you see the Ginger Beef recipe we caught on film while Dave was here. I think that one should be pretty fun to watch too…

  • Okay Adam,

    Completely jealous of your blender. I’m going to post your video up on my fan page. Titled “Want to See What a $400+ Blender Can Do?” Great looking recipe as well. Will give it a try with my old school blender.



    • LOL 🙂

      Jeez Rusty, my wife sometimes reads the blog. Did you really have to announce how much I actually paid for that thing… 😉

  • Kickass variation for this recipe: add .5 cup of coconut milk in for smooth texture, ditch the ice, add .5 cup of Eggs Int. egg whites, another scoop of vanilla protein for more flavor and .5 cup of of brewed mate tea (so it’s concentrated). After you blend the ingredients with the cinnamon & stevia, heat it up in a saucepan. Drink warm & sprinkle with more cinnamon on top.

    It’s the real deal chai protein tea! Creamy goodness fit for a bodybuilder but good enough a soccer mom can enjoy it! I like the idea of consuming protein in alt forms beyond traditional smoothies. Thanks for the inspiration to figure this one out – it’s special!

  • I am deaf – but gorgeous! I cannot listen to your great vids. (love watching those muscles ripple, tho!) I sure would like the ingredients to the “Fat Burning Cinnamon Chai Latte Smoothie”. Big hugs, if you send them to my e-addy? or post here.

  • FYI about the $$$ cost $$$ of STEVIA. It can be purchased in bulk at a greatly reduced price. I buy Stevia Leaf powder by the pound (it’s still green) from a company that sells herbs. We think it is sweeter than the processed white Stevia(s). We put it in our smoothies, oatmeal, sprinkle it over our raw cookies, and dust our nuts (lol) with Stevia and cinnamon and voila a yummy and healthy treat. (the nuts are soaked to activate enzymes and then dehydrated – no higher than 105 degrees to keep the enzymes alive – and dusted with Stevia and cinnamon before they go into the dehydrator). Live happy, healthy, and prosperous forever.

  • Przemiana pomieszczenia kuchennego nie musi oznaczać generalnego remontu i konieczności przeznaczenia na ten cel większej kwoty środków pieniężnych.
    Bowiem wiadome jest, że zabudowie meblowej w tym pomieszczeniu można nadać odświeżony look małym poświęceniem.

    Najażniejsze tto pędzel, farba, trochę czasu dlaa siebie
    i dwie ręce do pracy. Efekt? Poniszczone meble kuchenne zaczną
    ukazywać się się niczym nowe.
    Jeśli Meble kuchenne na wymiar – – w naszym pomieszczeniu nie jest w nadzwyczajnie złym stanie, ale
    chcielibyśmy do tego pomieszczenia zaaranżować kilka zmian, nie
    musimy decydować się na jej kosztowną wymianę.
    Wtedy warto zmienić tylko te szafki, na których nam najbardziej zależy, lub fronty, np.
    pokryte fornirem na lakierowane (przy okazji możemy pomyśleć o odrobnię nowoczesnym systemie aby otwierać szafki, np.
    przez lekkie naciśnięcie, czyli system tip-on).
    Jeżeli marzymy o uniknięciu kapitalnego remontu, a szafki są w
    dobrym stanie użytkowym, można podjąć się ich
    odświeżenia. Zapraszamy do kombinowania!.

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