The Keto Diet: What You Need to Eat

keto diet foods - avocado, salmon, chia seeds
Written by Amelia Johnson

Are you willing to see your keto diet achieve long-term outcomes, but you are unsure whether your food list is helping you achieve that goal? Improving your keto diet food list for better results is possible.

The keto diet has been relied upon for close to a century, and its effectiveness can be explained in the light of nutrition science and physiology.

But What Does Keto Diet Mean?

The keto diet (often referred to as the ketogenic diet) typically is a low-carb diet whose origin is traceable to the 1920s among epileptic patients as shown by Johns Hopkins Medical Center researchers.

The keto diet mimics fasting and achieves better results without any side effects. This diet is effective as restricts intake of high-carb glucose-rich foods.

The keto diet will work for virtually any person as it expands body fat at the expense of carbohydrates. Consequently, users lose excess body fat and weight. This approach to weight loss does not require counting of calories, fasting, or intense physical exercise to work effectively.

Now, which foods are recommended for your keto diet?

1. Avocado Oil

Do you believe that avocados are an incredible source of nutritional and medicinal benefits?

It is easy to mistaken this nutrient-dense food as keto-unfriendly since it has nine carb grams in every 3.5 ounces. However, 7 grams are fiber content, and only 2 grams’ account for its net carb count.

Avocado oil is a rich mineral and vitamin source. Such is the presence of potassium in avocado oil which most people miss in their diets. Research shows the essence of potassium in promoting the process of body transition into ketosis (1).

Avocado oil has been implicated in increasing levels of bad cholesterol in the body. However, research has disputed such assumptions, holding that avocado oil may trigger the reduction of bad cholesterol and triglycerides by 22%.

Include avocado oil in your keto diet, and reap its amazing benefits of your diet.

2. Chia Seeds

Seeds and nuts have won the hearts of many as high-fat, low-carb, and healthy foods. And such are chia seeds. These seeds have an adequate healthy fat content, and it is recommended that you include them in your keto diet.

Frequent consumption of chia seeds is associated with the incidence of cardiovascular complications. Indeed, such is the study which holds that other than heart disease, chia seed consumption may potentially minimize the risk for depression, certain cancers, and other chronic illnesses.

I love chia seeds for their high fiber content. This fiber serves to help you have a satiation feeling for longer while minimizing the body’s affinity to absorb more calories. (2)

Eat chia seeds today. Remember, a single chia seed ounce carries only one-gram net carbs which makes it a recommendable keto diet food.

3. Seafood

Are fish, salmon, and shellfish on your keto diet list? These foods are described as keto-friendly, and they have high selenium, B vitamin, and potassium content.

What’s more, they virtually are carb-free.

The carb content is seafood varies among different shellfish types. For example, some types including squid, clams, oysters, mussels, and octopus have between 3 and 7 grams of carbs. Therefore, be keen to account for their carb content if you must add these types to your keto diet.

Research has justified the inclusion of seafood to your keto diet. A study on insulin sensitivity shows that mackerel, salmon, and sardines which are rich in fat have ample omega-3s. omega-3s are essential in the reduction of body insulin levels while promoting insulin sensitivity among overweight and obese individuals (3).

Fish consumption has an additional benefit of improving immunity and cognitive health. All you need is a minimum of two seafood servings each week.

Then, there are those foods you must avoid by all means. These are what I can the keto-unfriendly foods.

Keto-unfriendly Foods

When I had to trim my food list, I was worried about having to ditch my treats and delicacies. However, I learned that when I followed my keto diet appropriately, my cravings vanished. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about, you’ll do fine. For your keto diet to work effectively, be sure to exclude the following from your food list.

1. Starches and Grains

Can you imagine avoiding bread? Many people are eating bread in some form each day. However, grains and starches may result in some problems. Indeed, grain induces internal issues and other allergies, and this is the reason gluten-free foods are the talk in town. Cutting out starches and grains, you benefit by avoiding
more carbs which could otherwise result in adding weight.

Indeed, research shows that athletes who avoid grain and starch achieve incredible fat-burning levels (4).

So, be careful to avoid oats, flour, pasta, rice, bread, and potatoes.

2. Sugar

Are fruit and candy your favorite delicacies? It is sad you must avoid them if your keto diet is to work effectively. If you cannot possibly contain your cravings for sugar even after switching into ketosis, you can still have your treats by savoring fat bombs.

However, consume fat bombs in moderation as they could easily make you revert to the vicious cycle that you are avoiding. Back to the foods to avoid, ensure that fruit juices, sodas, ice cream, pastries, and cookies are not on your keto food list.

Research shows that avoiding sugar enables the body to utilize the effects of ketosis to improve your blood sugar to discourage type 2 diabetes (5).

For a fruit junkie, you can find solace in moderate blueberry and raspberry consumption.

Note: The moment you successfully switch into ketosis, your cravings for sugar disappear naturally.

3. Alcohol

Most diets do not recommend alcohol. The keto diet is only interested in restricting carb intake. Therefore, you only need to avoid drinks with carb contents. Thus, beers, liqueurs, and ciders are virtually off limits.

You can consume such liquors as whiskey, tequila, brandy, rum, scotch, vodka, cognac, and gin. However, you must not use mixers which could be having carb contents.

The food list for the keto diet is long, and the foods to avoid are even more. I have presented just some of the most common. Look out for more posts from me for a deeper understanding of the keto diet.

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  • One of the most common mistakes you can make when starting a keto diet is eating too much protein. Both dairy and nuts can be eaten on the keto diet with caution. Too much of these foods can increase both your carbs intake and calorie count without you realizing it.

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