One Workout Trick for 30% Superior Results

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What if you could do exactly the same exercise, and get as much as 30% superior muscle activation?

What if you could do that without even stepping foot in a gym?

Did you know that increasing the muscle activation of any exercise will accelerate your fat burning?

When you recruit more muscle fibers, it’s like driving a car with a bigger engine, it’s going to need more fuel. And the more fuel you burn during exercise, the more fat you’re going to melt.

Better muscle recruitment also means you’ll tone and shape your body that much more quickly. And research into attractiveness clearly shows that the proportions of your body — determined by your underlying muscle — is what makes you look hot and sexy, or dumpy and soft.

Scientific Study Proves The Metabolism Advantage

Now, here’s the great news! Recent research confirmed something I’ve believed for a very long time. Simply doing bodyweight exercises using suspension training equipment like the TRX increases muscle activation.

A study published in the Journal of Human Kinetics found that simply doing your push ups using suspension training gear like the TRX improved muscle activation by…

  • * 31% in the triceps
  • * 16% in the chest
  • * 27% in the shoulders


What is Suspension Training?

As you can see in the photo above, suspension training uses a set of straps hung from an overhead anchor point.

You can use a tree, a pull up bar or any other solid structure to hang suspension gear from. And most systems even have a handy attachment you can use to hang your gear from a closed door.

You’ll notice that I use the terms suspension gear and TRX pretty much synonymously. It’s kinda like Kleenex and tissue… TRX were the first players in suspension training, so most people just say “TRX.”

How To Get Started Today

Personally, I’m a huge fan of suspension training… And I’m convinced that the benefits demonstrated in this study extend to every single exercise you can imagine when done on a TRX.

All you have to do is perform your favorite bodyweight exercises using suspension gear. It’s amazing how those simple straps improve your muscle activation by as much as 30%.

And there are so many cool things you can do with them beyond just the basics like push ups.

In fact, one of the most unique suspension training programs I know of is our own TRX-7 system.

It’s a whole collection of 7-minute suspension routines that can be stacked together to create dozens of different workout variations.

Do The Perfect TRX Push Up

Push ups on your TRX straps use exactly the same technique as a regular push up. And the suspension gear takes care of automatically boosting your fat burning and muscle sculpting.

The first step to a perfect push up is keeping a nice tight core so that you create a straight line from your head all the way to your heels. You can see that clearly in this snapshot taken from the TRX-7 program videos.


Keeping that head-to-heels alignment, make sure that you keep your elbows tucked in at about 45 degrees from your body as you lower into the bottom of the movement. Go as low as you can, without feeling any uncomfortable pressure in your shoulder joints.

For maximum benefit, lower yourself slowly, taking 2-3 seconds. Then press back up as explosively as you can. This will increase muscle activation throughout the entire repetition.

Boost Metabolism With The Right Combination Of Exercises

Once you’re comfortable with the suspension push up, it’s time to expand your TRX horizons.

Obviously, doing an entire workout using suspension training equipment will deliver an incredible dose of fat torching muscle activation. And there are also a bunch of exercises that you can ONLY do with suspension gear.

And because suspension training is so much more efficient at recruiting muscle fibers, you can actually get your workouts done more quickly.

I’ve had incredible success with clients using workouts as short as 7 minutes. And I share my best methods in the TRX-7 system. Click here to check it out.

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    • TRX, and most other suspension training rigs, come with an attachment you can hook over a door. Yet the best is to get outside and hook it over a tree branch, monkey bars at a playground, etc… 🙂


  • It is called a door anchor. This has been the best ROI on any fitness equipment or gym membership. I took it on my cruise and made it work in my cabin, it was great!
    It helped me in more ways than one, my karate is great, my body is leaner, i’m stronger overall.

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