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How To Avoid Soreness & Stay Fresh – Tips For Your Next Day Of Hard Labor

Written by shapeshifter

Spring to me is always the time to pull my camping gear out of storage and dust off my boots. While weekend hikes are great, I try to get one major expedition in per year. You’d think training up for such an excursion would mean pre-trip prep, but what you do on the trail is just as important.

Hiking the 355km Canol Trail was one of the toughest challenges of my career as a travel writer. Each day on the trail, that sixty pound pack, weighted down with a week’s worth of provisions, ground my shoulders and back to dust. My legs quivered with exhaustion as I plodded along in stumbling clumsiness. At the end of the day, my body was a throbbing ball of ache. I expected to be paralyzed with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) each morning, but much to my surprise I woke up fresh, ready to do it all again. What was my secret?

Every evening in camp, after first replenishing my starved body with a hot meal, I ran through a top to bottom progression of joint mobility exercises from a program called Intu-Flow. It was awful at first—the last thing I wanted to do after a 12 hour day of slogging was more exercise—but as I eased into it I felt the tension melt away.

As you move each joint through its full range of motion the joint capsule is flooded with nutrition in the form of synovial fluid, and waste products that accumulate as a result of exercise are carried away. Movement is the only way to accomplish this, as the only joint that receives nutrition from blood flow after puberty is the jaw. Feeding your joints in this manner is essential if you hope to maintain good health, and it’s even more important when you’re involved in strenuous athletic activity. As I learned on the Canol, it also speeds recovery. If you want to train harder and more often, it’s an excellent tool to have in your toolbox.

Here’s a clip of my coach, Scott Sonnon, introducing some exercises from his Intu-Flow practice.

If you aren’t doing your daily joint mobility session, then you aren’t tapping into the most accessible anti-aging formula available today.


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  • Hi Ryan,

    My life has changed after knowledge of IntuFlow. As PT I’m using it with all my clients and telling to my colleges (as to Jarkko). As trainer to floorball I use it with youngsters and adults. I hope some day you can come to Norway and teach us more.

  • I actually ordered Intu-Flow today and am super excited about it. I certainly could’ve used this tip after my 1st hike in 4 years about a week ago.

    I also plan on moving on to the women’s clubbell starter kit. Can’t wait to start a clubbell revolution at my gym!!

    Keep up the great work, fellas.
    .-= Rosa C´s last blog -> Meal Deals: Sunday Supper at JCT Kitchen =-.

  • I’ve had Intu-Flow for a few weeks now and while I am still learning some of the basic movements I am feeling the benefits aleady. A good purchase for sure.



  • I seen Zuanna (BodyRock.tv) use the Clubbell in one of her featured workouts. I have to say I am in the market for my own Clubbell now.

  • You guys send out so much information. Do I do one work out one day? another great one the next. and another great one the next. How do I put all these great physical activities into a routime where I am getting strenght, flexibilty and cardio maximum effect in a week. Its really confusing help me out.

    • Hi Ruth,

      Intu-Flow, featured in this post, can be integrated as the recovery component of any workout program. It can be done before a workout to get the joints and muscles ready for action. Or it can be done on days in between “workouts” to improve recovery and increase mobility and coordination.


  • Hi ryan,

    I know Dr McGill warns against exercising first thing in the morning as the spine contains a lot of fluid. Does Intu Flow get rid of this fluid so that I might do some core work or bodyweight exercises to start my day?


  • I can’t agree more about Intu-flow. Last October I went on a 5 day fundraising trip up to the Flinders Ranges, Sth Australia, with a group of great ladies. Nothing to hard, about 12km up and down a different mountain each day. The hard part was that most of them did no pre training so they struggled a bit (my pre training was BBFFL Phase #1 so no struggle). Each night on return and in the mornings (still in our PJ’s) I did Intu-flow. Anyone interested also joined in. The ones that did join in, loved it. They were amazed at how something so easy could make them feel so great, and ready for the next trek.
    I’ve been doing Intu-flow for about 18mths now and still love it and the flow on effects. Thanks for the great re-read guys.
    Jamie Louise

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