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Perfect Lunge Technique

The lunge an indispensable lower body exercise in any bodyweight training program. But learning perfect technique is essential. A lot of people are doing them wrong — stalling progress or even getting injured.

Not to worry, Dr K is back…

Our friend and trusted colleague Dr Kareem Samhouri shared the intricacies of the perfect push up with us earlier this week. Now he’s back to make sure you’ve got all the right moves for your next lunge workout.

If you commented on the Perfect Push Up video, you know that Kareem takes your opinions and questions to heart. So let’s give him a HUGE welcome in the comments section below!

Hey everybody,

Dr. K back with you here again today.  Adam, this has been nothing short of exciting – we are a great team.  You have great people listening to what you preach and striving for their personal bests.

I’ve really enjoyed interacting with each one of you for the last few days.  Thanks for all of your enthusiasm and great feedback 🙂

Above, you’ll find a video that describes the most important components of a lunge, such as:

Where your weight should be

Which muscles you should activate for the greatest benefit and least risk

Exactly what not to do if you want to avoid hurting yourself

Lunge progressions and regressions for level of difficulty

And a few more solid tips to help you out…

Please do us a favor an let us know what you think below.  Feel free to leave any questions you have and we’ll be by to answer them.

Have a great day,


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  • Hi Adam,

    Love your website and the free download is very good. Can you help me wiht a question? As I am yet to get a response from Joel Marion and am keen to start with your bodyweight workouts for the 25day Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, I was wondering if you could answer the question below:
    With the bodyweight workout plan fo there are three sessions (session 1, 2 & 3) eg. on the cheat day. Do we do these sessions one after the other or do we do three separate workouts on that day split between morning noon and evening?
    Many thanks in advance, Sev

    • Hey Sev – They should be spread out over morning, noon and evening if possible (they’re short). But you can combine two into one workout if you must (so you do one workout in the am and one in the pm).


      • Hi, Adam,

        I just purchased your XFLD Bodyweight Shapeshifter Program, too, and I wanted to get something straight. In the manual, there are 3 sessions every day of the program. Does that mean that for the *best* (though, as you say above, we can combine them into 2 workouts if we really must) results, we should be working out:

        3 times a day, every single day, for 25 days when doing Shapeshifter with XFLD?

        I’m not complaining, but working out 3 times a day requires a bit of planning on my part, which I’m happy to do if I need to but would rather not do if I’m just understanding the instructions incorrectly. Thank you.

  • Just viewed your Perfect Lunge video. Wonderful information – would like you to talk about foot placement – I realize there are many possibilities but have had a variety of input as to the proper stance for the lunges you showed. Both feet pointed directly forward, front foot pointed slightly out. Was recently at a seminar professing the benefits to both feet turned in and both feet turned out. Thoughts?

  • Dr K. Kudos and Thanks for another great video. I really appreciated your explanation on foot and weight placement doing the lunges. I would fatigue after doing around 30 front lunges and lose track of my foot placement and start wobbling. I will place some tape marks on the floor for heel placement to get the right distance and width. This will help greatly. Your comments about the core needing to be stable really make all the difference in all exercise movements. Do you have any correlation with yoga bandas (body locks) in doing any body weight exercises?

  • Great information. I’ll be sure to widen my stance on static lunges. Always enjoy the information and wonderful scenery!


  • Nice video!
    definitely those little details make big differences!

    Keep it up and have a nice weekend 🙂

  • Dr.K shares a lot of useful tips, but it would be more helpful if he could slow down a bit. He has a rapid style of talking and it ‘s sometimes difficult to decipher some words especially the technical words.

  • Totally important info, good stuff, very nice place although I kept thinking “a genetically modified shark is gonna pop up and Dr. K is gonna judo chop him” :p

  • Hi Kareem

    Thanks for the video, great info! I enjoy doing lunges but still have problems doing the forward ones, I tend to put too much pressure on the back leg or I just can’t feel the right muscle in action. Not going beyond my toes, but it seems my hips rotate when I do the movement. Is this common or problematic?
    Thanks again 🙂

  • Thanks Kareem, I have arthritic toes and a bad ankle and poor balance and haven’t felt able to lunge properly for years. But I tried your back lunge tips and they worked! Super stuff, thanks.

  • Thanks Dr K. You have confirmend for me what I try to instill to my clients. I will send this link on to them to re-iterate the perfect lunge.

  • Dr. K, Your illustration and explanation for the Perfect lunge was extremely well done. Very clear and you did not forget to emphasize the important details such as weight distribution, never allowing the knee to exceed the toe line, activating the glutes…etc….
    Kudos to you!

  • Good morning Adam. What is the difference between the XFLD BW exercises and the new BW Blueprint Dr, K is endorsing? If it’s not that much different, do I need to invest another $40 for the new program? If it is NEW & more enhanced, can those who purchased your XFLD PLEASE get a better discount than the $40?
    I would very much appreciate your insight.
    Thank you for all that you do in sharing your wisdom.

    • Hi Leah,
      On days that have three workouts, yes. But the workouts on those days are as short as 10-20 minutes. Other days only have two workouts.


  • Wow, Adam! Dr. K has the best explanations for exercises that I have ever seen. I have a very tough time with lunges and I think I was inadvertently focusing my weight on the BACK leg. No wonder I was unsteady. And walking lunges were just as difficult. I need to try focusing on the front leg and I’ll bet they will go a lot better, even carrying around the extra weight from the dumbbells. Thanks!!

  • Keeping the knee behind the toe is a myth. We’re made and born with the ability to do and it is done everywhere in the world but the USA. Knees are made to move beyond the toe, BUT when we baby people to keep it at or behind the toe, no wonder when we suddenly go past our toe, issues happen. Of course, when using heavy weight, keeping the knee behind the toes is safer, but you MUST train knee past toe at lighter weight to maintain/build a stronger joint.
    Did you know: You can NOT go upstairs without the knee going past the toe?
    How did this doctor not know this? He seemed so sure about keeping the knee behind the toe.

  • This was a useful video. I appreciate the specifics, as I am learning to incorporate more single-leg bodyweight movements like the lunge into my training. I think the “double-edged fat loss” marketing is beyond ridiculous and won’t be buying anything marketed like that ever again, but I appreciate these little samples from Dr. K.

  • hi, i am into runnng, mainly road running but as its the cross country season i am doing a few races off road now, and really enjoying the lovely winter training weather. i also love doing weights, but often wonder if iu am doing more male focsued exercises and not getting the best out of them, being a female! so i was weondering if you can be more specific regarding exercises for women, and perhaps include tips on how they can be adapted to better suit females if they need to be. also wondered if you have any tips on what the best weight bearing exercises are for runners, to build strength and speed (i do 10k max – as we know, humans aren’t built to run miles upon miles upon miles…).
    i love all the training stuff, and avidly read and practice it when i possibly can. is there a way to save teh videos so that i have easier access when i work out at home?

    many thanks, keep up the great work.

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