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Ripped Abs – Bodyweight Secrets Of MMA Fighters

Written by Ryan Murdock

If you want the shredded physique of a fighter, you’re going to have to train like one.

Thankfully this doesn’t involve getting punched in the face. (Ryan – not unless you want to…) You just have to tap in to the exact same exercises these guys use to get fighting fit.

The problem is, most fighters have a staff of trainers to coach them through every aspect of their game. Most of what you read about actual fight conditioning is crap, and it’s extremely difficult to separate the shit from the Shinola.

So how do you know the stuff we’re presenting here is authentic? Because we turned to our go-to coach when it comes to training like an MMA athlete. You already know and love his previous Bodyweight Coach guest appearances on back pain fixes — they got some of the best reader responses of anything we’ve published. But did you also know he trains pro-MMA fighters for a living? Not some amateur chump way down in the minors, but guys who compete in UFC?

That’s right, we’re talking about our buddy Eric Wong. We caught up with him a few months ago in Key West, Florida, and Adam begged him for a guest post while Ryan stood nonchalantly gazing out to sea.

Okay, that’s not true at all. Eric was happy to come back on the blog and share this stuff with all of you, and when we brought up the idea he jumped at it.

So let’s get right to the training tips…

We’ll start with what is probably the most sought after aspect of physique by both guys and gals. That’s right. We’re talking about shredded abs. A washboard. A six pack. Hell, with this exercise maybe even a twelve pack!

Here’s Eric on how to get killer abs MMA-style:

Jeez, doesn’t he make it look easy?!?

Here are the performance cues you should focus on when doing the Hand Walkout:

  • start in pushup position with neutral spine, shoulders pulled down away from your ears, glutes tight, and belly button pulled in slightly
  • exhale and contract your abs as you walk your hands forward — go as far as you can while maintaining a neutral spine — if you find yourself losing alignment or sagging as you walk the hands out, back off
  • hold the extended position for 10 seconds
  • walk your hands back in to pushup position
  • if the full version is too difficult you can perform the same exercise from your knees — the same rules of alignment apply

So there you have it. A very challenging movement that will seriously improve your core stability while giving you those ripped MMA abs.

Please join us in thanking Eric for the tips.

And as always, if you have questions, post ‘em to the comments and we’ll ask Eric to stop by.

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Ryan Murdock


  • Awesomeness! Way cool core exercise!! You know an abominal exercise is legit if its emphasis on stabilization!

  • Ooh, that’s HARD! I’ve been working on barbell roll-outs which are similar, but can’t get my arms as far forward as you Eric – seriously impressive core strength there!

    Eric, do shoulders stay packed down and back right through the exercise?

  • Yup, I’m continuously recommending stability excerises to people who watch me at the gym, doing “weired” 1-arm medicine ball planks etc.

  • @ Deb, Thanks! Yes, shoulder stay packed down and back through the exercise… To do this requires some serious lat strength, so when you’re in the far position, also think about pulling the ground with your hands down towards you to help activate the lats.

  • Hi, is this exercise more difficult than barbell roll outs? I have been doing bb rollouts but find I don’t feel it much anymore so I stopped and mostly do hanging legs raises, stability ball pikes and jack knives, and x-body mountain climbers.

    • The barbell rollouts from the toes are are harder, but with this exercise because you’re walking with your hands, you get some other planes of stability working (transverse, frontal) that you don’t get as much with a barbell rollout.

  • Nice exercise Eric, thanks. When you train with your MMA guys? Do you incorporate it
    as part of a circuit, or do several reps within a certain number of sets, in combination with
    other exercises, or following/prior other conditioning? Just thought I’d ask, while I’m
    exploring it on my own. 🙂


    • BOTH.

      When I’m teaching a new exercise, we do it station style with rest between sets. Only then will I implement it into a circuit.

      And whenever training the core, always do it after exercises like heavy Deadlifts, Squats, etc that require a large degree of core stability to perform them effectively and safely.

  • very legit bodyweight exercise! legit legit legit! i keep thinking of the word ‘legit’ …

  • Awesome exercise! looks hard but rewarding just wondering

    I know you probably get this alot, but it seems suitable to ask on this right now. I do other ab workouts (the conditioning solution stuff from alex maroko) and i have a pretty healthy diet and stuff, so if i add this in, how long do u think it could take for me to achieve a six pack considering i do this stuff and play basketball etc?

    btw im 15 if that helps,


  • Have you guys heard about fitocracy.com? In short, the point is to log your activities, earning points from them, and “levelling” up. You’ll got quests and achievements as well.. It would be nice to have you guys, and your excersises, on there as well!

    • Almost forgot some of it’s main part – it’s a bit like facebook, with friends, groups and what not.. It is still in beta, but I guess you guys can get in if you like..

  • Awesome exercise Eric wong. Once again showing why you are a leader in MMA Strength and Conditioning – Definitely reposting this to the website – Thanks Bodyweight Coaches

  • Great workouts. I feel that often times body weight workouts are overlooked. They are a valuable and effective way to train. I always make sure to throw in plenty of body weight exercises in my workouts. I use a weight Vest to take it to the next level.

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