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Eating Healthy Food On A Budget

The most common refrain we hear from people when we coach them on their nutrition is, “I can’t afford to eat like that.”

But the truth is, you can’t afford NOT to eat like that. We hear what you’re saying though. It can be tough at first to figure out how to eat for health and fitness without breaking the bank.

The trick is learning the skills necessary to beat the system. Most of us don’t know how to shop and we never learned to cook. Mastering the squat and the pull up are essential, but honing your abilities in the kitchen and the supermarket are nearly as important.

So I asked our buddy Dave “The Muscle Cook” Ruel to share some of his secrets with you. On the blog video today you’ll learn…

  • A simple trick you can use to prepare your weekly shopping.
  • What “brand” could be saving you hundreds per month.
  • Who you need to nurture a relationship with to get great deals.
  • Tricks to get high quality meat at budget prices.
  • And more…

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  • Hi Coach,

    Yeah you do look short next to him, almost like a kid! (your youthful face doesn’t help either).

    One extra thought – for veggies and eggs…. if you have a yard why not raise and grow your own!?

    I will move back to Sydney at the end of the year and intend to find a house with a yard, I’ll do the weird thing of raising chickens in my yard, in the city for eggs.
    Quails/partridgess are another option for delicious eggs and meat that are really easy to raise at home (as long as there are no dogs or cats that can get at them).

    • Hey D,
      So you’re moving back to Oz… We’ll have to catch up so you can tell me about that.
      “Yeah you do look short next to him, almost like a kid! (your youthful face doesn’t help either).” Hmm – I guess the youthful face bit makes up for the short joke… 😉


  • Hey Coach,

    I sent you an email a short while ago, however it probably got lost in the huge influx you must have going on right now.

    Yeah I decided that my opportunities here are very small right now so going back to oz to grow something… studying a diploma in Nutritional Balancing right now, an incredibly powerful form of whole body healing (real deep healing). A lot falls in line with what I have already learnt through things like paleo eating and CST health-first approaches… however there are some tweaks that take it very deep and the effects I am having from only several months are transformational (as whole body means the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person – and no not spiritual in an airy-fairy kind of way more like how someone relates to reality, being a victim or taking responsibility, etc).

    Also coming up with some really cool new recipes based around good eating. Tried out the sweet potato pancakes this morning…. I used the left over egg yolks and mixed with some cream and bee pollen and lightly simmered to make a sauce that I poured over my pancakes. I also indulged a little and had half an organic mango on there too. Even my gf liked them and she usually doesn’t like anything unless it’s so spicy I can’t eat it.

    Came up with a great cottage pie recipe today also, is there somewhere I can share it?

    • Hey D,

      Thanks for filling me in man! Yeah, drop me an email with the recipe and I’ll post it here on the blog bro.

  • Am I the only one to think that unhealthy food costs nearly as much as healthy food does? As I think back to my childhood, until today my family always had serious financial struggles but they always made as healthy choices as possible. Now that I’m making my own food choices I find that here is no real difference in costs. Actually an unhealthy prepackaged refined carb and trans fat meal or snack costs more than some fresh fruit or frozen vegetable. Even something as plain and basic as white refined bread costs more than carrots or broccoli or spinach. It is possible to eat cheap and healthy, unless if you go organic. If you buy organic stuff, then you will really spend lots of money.
    My point is: I see how people around me eat, and I can tell without doubt that food choices are much more a result of habits and preferences than money. Of course, I only know the people around me who are in a similar financial situation as I am. But what I see is that they usually choose unhealthy convenience foods even if they are more expensive than a simple healthy food.
    Since I’m everything but rich I can tell from my own experience that it rather takes consciousness, planning and preparation than a lot of money.

  • Of course what I wrote above only applies to people with average finances. There are many people who are having problems with getting anything to eat at all. For them it is indeed a financial question… But for the average person it is mostly about making free and conscious choices about how to spend the money they have.

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