Diet Mistakes That Are Easy To Fix

There are thousands of diet myths floating around the internet and the popular media. So who do you listen to? How about people who are used to getting awesome results with their clients and their own bodies.

Our buddy Dave is one of those guys who walks the talk. He’s even gone to the extent of putting himself through the gauntlet of bodybuilding competitions just to test his ideas.

But the best thing about Dave is he’s a Foodie. You know Ryan and I enjoy the finer things in life. We’re not willing to live off rubbery chicken and steamed broccoli. We don’t think you should either.

And you don’t have to!!!

If you follow a few simple principles you can enjoy great food AND reach your fitness goals. In the video below our buddy Dave talks about a couple of those including…

  • If and when you should eat carbs.
  • What’s the difference between eating for fat loss and muscle gain.
  • The danger of “bulking” to put on muscle.
  • And a few more cool tidbits.

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