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Muscle Food That Tastes Great

Putting on new muscle or shedding unwanted fat takes hard work and discipline. You need to dial in your nutrition and your training if you want to achieve your goals. But you DON’T have to skimp on great tasting food. Not if you know how to cook that is…

Listen to this short interview with our friend and colleague Dave Ruel. He’s a competitive bodybuilder but still insists on eating great tasting food. In fact, he’s so passionate about healthy cooking that he’s picked up a pretty cool nickname, “The Muscle Cook”.

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  • I couldn’t agree more. I find it so much easier to eat well when I make it a point to enjoy most of my meals. They need to be nutritious AND delicious 9 times out of 10. Now, I make it a point to not only align my food intake with my goals, but also to be pro-active about finding ways to love cooking, eating, and entertaining. There’s a lot more benefit to be had from food than just mere nutrient intake.
    .-= John Sifferman´s last blog -> Learn the Skill of Barefoot Running =-.

  • It always gets really boring eating the same old thing over and over so good nutritious recipes always help. I’ve actually tried a few of Dave’s recipes in the last few weeks and they were delicious!

  • The Muscle Cook has helped several of my clients stay on track with their nutrition. We all know nutrition is 85% of anyone’s success. So Thanks Dave, you the man!

  • Here is a recipe I invented this morning:

    Cottage Pie

    Make a sauce using beef (or bison for those who can get it) mince with various veggies chopped really small. I used garlic, carrots, cauliflower and tomato.
    Brown garlic and mince in pan with oil, add in veggies and a small amount of water to simmer. Season – I use salt, cumin and oregano and cook until veggies are soft.

    Steam some greens, cauliflower and small amount of sweet potato.

    Take cauliflower and sweet potato and blend with either full cream or yoghurt and some salt until it looks like mashed potato should.

    In a container put the mince on the bottom top with a layer of steamed greens (I used buk choy) and then spoon on the mashed cauliflower.

    Eat as is…. or could grate on a small amount of cheese and bake for five minutes.


    (Could easily become shepard’s pie by using lamb mince).

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