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(This is a guest post from our friend and colleague Dr. Kathryn Woodhall, DC  — big things are coming from the Doc in the next couple months, so stay tuned)

superheroBruce Wayne’s mask, Tony Stark’s briefcase, Clark Kent’s glasses, Diana Prince’s bracelets and lasso — some of the coolest superheroes to ever grace the imagination were primarily defined by their props. They could go from zero to hero in the blink of an eye simply by putting on the right accessory. If only it were so easy for the rest of us to transform!

Wait, it actually is…

You may not develop super powers from following this advice — hey, who knows? — but you’ll definitely generate more power and transform your life for the better.  Best of all, you don’t need superhero trinkets to make it happen.

So what’s the secret?  Stand tall…and sit and sleep that way too!

Most of my friends have desk jobs and sit in front of computers for the majority of the day.  Sadly, many of them also have the posture to prove it.  They joke about it, but poor posture impacts your energy levels via your metabolism, your power, and your sex-appeal.

When you slump, your lungs don’t inflate as fully as they do with good posture, and you miss out on getting a full supply of air.  Air is distributed throughout your body to fuel your metabolism, and metabolism is responsible for your energy levels.  It’s also responsible for making you dead sexy by increasing caloric burn.

Try this small experiment with me:

  • Holding your arms parallel with the floor, grab your left index finger with your right hand and squeeze.  Notice how powerfully you can squeeze.
  • Now tilt the right elbow down toward the floor until your right arm is almost perpendicular to your right hand (leave the left arm as it is) and squeeze the left finger again.  Not the same is it?
  • Move your right elbow up toward the ceiling until it is almost perpendicular to your right hand and squeeze again.   Feeling like a wimp yet?
  • Congratulations!  You just demonstrated how optimal position translates into optimal power.  What if you applied that to your abs and back muscles?  Makes you want to sit a little taller, doesn’t it?

Now, on to sex-appeal…

What Women Want

We like broad shoulders that taper to narrow waists.  Slouch and you lose some of that shoulder broadness while also hiding your waist.  Why does this kill your sex appeal?  While we may not want you to actually do it, we don’t mind the idea that you could sweep us safely off to your cave when danger lurks.  If you aren’t strong enough to maintain your own posture, we wonder if the sabertooth will think you taste like chicken.

What Guys Like

Here’s a big secret for you—men like boobs.  The best push-up bra in the world will not help emphasize those particular assets if your posture leaves them sitting at your waist (which is also hidden by slouching).  Your figure is much more likely to be called “shapely” if you are standing or sitting tall.

The Superhero Look

So, what does “ideal posture” look like? From the side — while standing — an imaginary line running to the floor from the opening of your ear would line up with the middle of your shoulder, middle of your hip, and middle of the ankle bone that sticks out from the side.  From the front, your nose should be in line with your belly button, and an imaginary line should continue down to where it’s perfectly centered between your feet.

If you are seated, ideal posture is the same as standing except that the line stops at your hips.  To ensure good posture from the hips down, your feet should be flat on the floor and your knees should be bent to 90 degrees.

Who knew having the energy, power, and sex appeal of a superhero could be so easy?

You’ll find more posture solutions here.

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  • Hey Guys,

    I’m on the verge of purchasing one of your systems.

    Will the bodyweight Blueprint increase strength?
    Will the Bodyweight revolution provide enough Prasana yoga – or to the same level as the Bodyweight blueprint.
    I have love handles to lose and about two inches of belly fat.

    I use Dr K’ systems and enjoy it but I have long had niggling injuries etc from weight type training and am intrigued by the Bodyweight CST IntoFlo type training.

    So I was wondering if the Bodyweight Blueprint has all that the Bodyweight revolution has and more?

    I want fat loss, muscle gain, strength and flexibility to combine with my boxing c0mbat related training.

    Your advice would be appreciated.

    • Hi Nazier,

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Dr K’s stuff is awesome and completely complementary to our stuff. I’m glad you’re using it.

      And I think from the way you describe your goals that the Bodyweight Blueprint would be perfect for you. It’s a superb fat loss program — but fat loss by nature requires the concurrent development of lean muscle. And that is built into the Blueprint program.

      You’ll also get your fill of both Intu-Flow joint mobility work and Prasara Yoga compensatory movements in both programs. But the recovery material is a tad more extensive in the Blueprint.

      Hope that helps. If not, drop us an email.


  • you speak words of wisdom!! who knew that my mum, grand ma and all those annoying nuns, at school when I was a kid ( smacking us for ‘ slouching’….’ poor postures, poor minds, poor pockets’..and my favorite…’ no one wants to follow a slouchy fellow anywhere…to be a leader you must stand, sit and walk like one’.

    Decades later and those posture drills…have well..been drilled into me…and I have to say, it shows. A lot of my peers..have the rounded shoulders…sagging chests….that follow those who sit a lot for work. I on the other hand do not….- so thanks for explaining why!!

  • Ditto on the Bodyweight blueprint program to start. I completed this one and have integrated others after. All the programs are great but the bodyweight progression flows very well

  • Clever… I like the idea. Plus, it makes total sense.

    Now, if I could only drop the nagging feeling that my mom was right…

  • Very true! If you take a minute to look at people’s posture you see vast differences in appearance even though their body types are very similar. Long term health effects are a great thing too!
    .-= jM´s last blog -> Diet with a purpose =-.

    • JM – I was just checking out your blog. Congrats on this…

      “6’2 Currently 250lbs (March 6th, 2010) -> 228lbs ( May 24th, 2010) -> 220lbs (June 2nd, 2010) -> 214.5lbs (June 11th, 2010)”


      • Hey Adam thanks for checking that out! I’ve been busy but trying to stay consistent with getting my current content up although I’ve been youtube videos and no posts for the past week or so. I’ve been incorporating your shapeshifter routines into my day and have definitely been liking them!

        I’ve dropped it down under 210 now!
        .-= jM´s last blog -> Diet with a purpose =-.

  • Hey Everyone,

    When you were little your mom’s and grandma’s couldn’t very well tell you to stand up because it makes you sexier as an adult, now could they? 😉

    @JM, Excellent progress!

  • “Feet flat on the floor.”

    You know, it’d be great if I had chairs that were actually made for short people. I usually settle for the toes of my feet being able to touch the floor.

    I sit at a desk and stare at a computer for work and started going to a trainer a few years ago to help me recover completely from a serious injury. Over time, I noticed that my posture improved, and now I do “posture checks” where when I think of it, I sit up straight and put my shoulders back. I lower my feet as far as they’ll go, and really press my heels into the ground to give my calves and balls of my feet a break.

  • Ahh this is soooo true! When I first became interested in functional fitness I had a wonderful trainer, someone I love and admire. I eventually mentored under him, worked for him, got my certification and worked with him. He was posture obsessed and used to flick me between the shoulder blades, remind me “shoulders packed” and “stand up straight.” Pretty soon all he had to do was give me one raised eyebrow and I’d snap to attention! Today I am constantly on my clients and friends straighten up; my vigilance has changed the posture of others. And my posture? Suffice it say slouching is a thing of the very distant past 🙂

  • Nazier,

    I can tell you that the bodyweight blueprint will make you strong as an ox. Bodyweight exercises are underrated. Also these exercises translate to sports more than weightlifting. You will get what you are looking for.
    Check out TACFIT and abs uncrunched for more bodyweight exercises. TACFIT is very similar to Bodyweight Blueprint. ABS Uncrunched is different but excellent.

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