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What would you ask a top fat loss nutrition expert?

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There is little in the world more bewildering than the realm of nutrition. Every new book seems to contradict the last. Each expert seems to stand in defiance of the one before. But rest assured, there is common ground. No nonsense nutrition is out there. Overlaps exist from one nutritional approach to another. And there are truly helpful experts who are eager to share with you the philosophies they’ve found most useful.

So, if you had a few of the worlds most prominent and interesting fat loss nutrition experts sitting in front of you right now, what would you ask them? What’s been bothering you? What myths do you want to verify? What just doesn’t make sense in the world of nutrition?

We can’t give you any details yet, but these questions are not asked in the ether. Ryan and I have something very special cooking, and your answers are going to help us fine tune the surprise to best meet your needs.

So, leave your questions in the comments below. They’ll all be read and the most frequently asked questions will be used for something very special.

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  • how would one eat to replicate the effects that fixated nitrogen products produce energetically in the body? specifically, that feeling of bodily pleasure and wanting to move/exercise because it feels good, which i feel to be the most motivating factor of all.

  • I too would like to know how to drop weight without losing strength, and I need alot of endurance for BJJ/MMA.

  • Will periodically switching diets: (fat loading, carb loading,etc) short term,shock the body into burning more fat, like switching up physical routines helps to break us free of plateaus in strength and conditioning.

    Thank you.

  • I am a woman and a true ectomorph. I cannot gain muscle bulk or curves(glutes). Can diet help(besides eating loads of protein)?

  • As toxins are stored in the bodies fat, how would you insure that the toxins are eliminated properly and that the body could cope with the levels released into it?

  • Hey Everyone,

    Interested in a practical approach to gain lean muscle, lose some fat,
    while enjoying a healthy lifestyle approach in a family setting.

    Intrigued in hearing more,


  • I have recently written a weight loss program for my wife. It includes 3 days of intense kettlebell/body weight circuits and a vegetarian meal plan that zig zags b/t 1600-1500 calories.
    Her downfall is her lack of confidence in herself, which causes her to stop working out and go off the meal plan. I am a fire fighter, so I spend two 24hr periods out of the week away from home. She will only workout when I am with her and does not have the drive or the confidence to do it on her own.
    She constantly degrades herself saying she hates the way she looks and when I tell her that she’s beautiful, she says I’m lying b/c she “knows what she looks like.”
    I know this is her issue. She has to be the one to make a change, but what can I do to help her gain confidence / will power / desire to continue on towards a healthier life?-Doug
    .-= Doug´s last blog -> Accomplishing Less Can Lead To So Much More =-.

  • Hey,

    I’m just wondering why all this hysterical focusing on food/nutrition? – business with huge money? Who decide how we would see like? I think personally that you can eat “everything” when you are not “overload” your body. Eating is like training – you have to have variation like “cst 6-degrees of freedom”.
    What’s the point to tell all calories? If you want to keep your weight just remember that “input is less or equal output” and if you want to shape your body – you have to move and use your body.

  • Hey All,

    Many of your questions are now in the hands of some mysterious experts.

    Look forward to telling you more! 😉


  • I understand and have firmly believed that output should exceed input to achieve fat loss all my training life. This worked (as well as a very bland diet) when I was competing in natural bodybuilding and I was in my 30s. I am now doing MORE cardio and fitness training to keep my output up as my input is higher ( cannot live on steamed chicken and broccoli ANYMORE) and it just does not work now i’m in my 40s. I have also developed skin allergies that I have never had in my life until I started to eat a more varied diet. Do you think it is all the preservatives and chemicals in food that can cause these allergies? And are carbs the enemy of old people? Sorry, 40s is not old. I’m just having an old day.
    PS. What is this belly fat that appears overnight on you 45th bday? Not happy.

  • Hi Lynne,

    Great comments. I find that as I age it’s not enough anymore to worry only about input and output. It becomes equally important to be precise with what goes in and when. It’s interesting you should mention the allergies. I have a close colleague who is a prominent coach for body competitors. He has started using full spectrum tests to detect allergies and in tolerances. He finds all kinds of weird and wonderful things that develop from years of eating the same thing over and over again (as competitors are wont to do…). Long story short, he has clients dropping 2-3 percent body fat in a week JUST from switching those foods out (no change in kcal consumption or in output).

    Years ago I ate myself into an egg allergy. A couple months of eating big omelets every morning flipped a switch, and voila. I’d never had any problems with them before.

    The body is a very wonderful and complex organism. The old input / output approach can only work for so long when there are so many other variables at play.

    Thanks for chiming in. Very interesting to hear what you have to say.


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