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3 Crazy Push-Up Variations You Need To Try

Written by Tyler Bramlett

We’ve all done pushups. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve done an awful lot of them.

I remember a time when I couldn’t do a single push up. And back then I couldn’t even dream of the amount I can do now.

But let’s face it. After a while they get a little boring. If you’ve done this move as much as I have, I bet you can’t even feel a burn or get tired until you’ve worked through several high rep sets.

The fact is, the human body craves variety.

When you move in different ways you strengthen your mind-muscle connection, loosen up tight joints and have WAY MORE FUN in your training.

In order to stave off workout-killing boredom, I learned some crazy push up variations that you’ve probably never seen before. I’ll walk you through a few in the video below.

Check it out, and give each of these 3 pushup variations an honest try. I think you’ll be surprised by how challenging they are…


3 Crazy Pushups 1

The first “crazy” variation is called the Iranian Twisting Pushup.

It’s tough, but it’s a great tool for developing strength, coordination and stability all at the same time.

See if you can work up to 3 sets of 20 reps (that’s 10 reps on each side).


3 Crazy Pushups 2

The second “crazy” variation I want to teach you is called the Vertical Pike Press. It’s perfect for those who want to develop the strength for a handstand pushup but are uncomfortable with being in an inverted position.

As you get more comfortable with being upside down, and once you can consistently nail sets of up to 10 reps, then add more steps under your feet to increase the challenge. You could even try making it into a full handstand pushup.

The variations are endless!


3 Crazy Pushups 3

The third and final “crazy” variation is one of my favorites. It’s called the Tornado Pushup.

This is a fantastic move for developing explosive upper body power. And it makes a great finisher for your workouts, especially at the end of a tough upper body metabolic session.

Tornado Pushups are extremely exhausting, but the results are extremely gratifying. Plus it’s a pretty cool move to watch!

See if you can work up to 3 sets of 20 reps (that’s 10 reps on each side).

Be sure to check out the video (above) to get the fine points of all 3 exercises.

If you get bored easily like me, then just add these cool moves to your regular routine and see how far you can get.

Practicing these 3 CRAZY pushup variations will boost your results and kick boredom to the curb.

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