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Return Of the Kevlar Core…

Written by shapeshifter

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batmanWhether you’re a fan of Batman or not, the chiseled abdominal contours of his kevlar suit are fodder for the imagination. But there’s more to the Caped Crusader than his armor. The man beneath the suit — Bruce Wayne — forged his mind and body into a commanding crime fighting machine.

And much like the Dark Knight who bursts forth into action and promptly fades back into the shadows, our favourite bodyweight routine — Kevlar Core — made a brief but impressive appearance late last year only to fade back into our stash of “secret weapons.” This is the type of routine that a guy like Wayne relies on for an unbreakable  core.

Well, Kevlar Core is going to make another brief but much needed appearance — with your help…

And just like Batman would sometimes team up with other heroes like Superman, we’re going to team up with our good friend Dr Kareem Samhouri to make sure you start working on your own Kevlar Core.

Read his article below and let us know in the comments why you think you need a kevlar core. Or you could even let us know of a time that your solid core saved you (just like the story Kareem shares below).

The best comments are going to get a FREE copy of Kevlar Core. We’ll announce the winners on Sunday here on the blog.


#1 Tip For A Kevlar Core


by Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri, CSCS, HFS

Neuro Metabolic Six Pack Abs Expert

There is a distinction between strong and unbreakable.

Unbreakable wins, every single time.

I remember the first time that I felt unbreakable with my Kevlar Core…  but before I get to that, I want you to totally relax your mind and try to imagine what you’re going to read below:

“I was rollerblading around dusk in Miami, FL, close to my apartment, which was by the bay.  My fiance (now wife) started to get some speed on me, so I did what any gentleman would do… I sped up!

…and like a proper peacock I flaunted my confidence as I proceeded to blade directly into a chain that was ‘hiding’ between two poles.  I hadn’t seen the chain with the glimmering reflection of the sunset in the distance.

Fortunately, superhero-like reflexes saved me as I managed to land in a perfect push up position a good 10-15 feet in front of those poles.  I couldn’t believe it… It was instinctive, almost natural.

This, my friends is a result of unstable surface training, and doing it with a brand new level of intensity.  A level of intensity that provokes the inner animal and allows you to fully release your strength to compete for another, stronger day.  Personally, I fight through my workout, rep after rep, beads of sweat pouring from all directions, doing exercises like:

  • For example, doing a Super Slow Bent Leg Deadlift on Dyna Discs and I drive up through my hips, muscles perfectly balanced, and core tight as can be, wondering only for a split second whether or not I’ll make it to the top…
  • Or maybe I’m hitting a Vertical Dumbbell Crossover Push Up with 10 second isometric holds every 1/3rd range of motion and my body wants to give out until I let go of it and give way to my inner strength…
  • I might suggest rapid alternating Split Jumps with Olympic Presses side by side with Jumping Squat Bursts if you really want to challenge your soul…

My mind is focused on the goal of my workout; my soul already owns the moment and my body trembles as I reinvent the definition of difficult in my mind and take charge of this situation.  I find inner strength that makes me feel unbreakable.”

Ok – we’re back.  Now, how excited are you?

That’s what it takes.  It takes mind power, determination, and intensity to survive in your battle for six pack abs.

My #1 Tip For A Kevlar Core is to realize the power of your mind.

You will win this battle; you have to.  Prepare yourself.



About the author



  • One of my favorite superhero moments was my 17th birthday. I got a workout tower, a workout tower is one of those odd looking and largely impractical pull-up, dip stands that were very popular a few years ago. I had just finished setting it up and was trying it out when things went very wrong. Now I had set it up on the deck behind my house and the railing was not in good shape. Whats more immediately off the deck was a steel hillside that decended a good 40 feet down. Somehow while trying to perform a commando type pull up the stand tipped over and fell off the deck with me still holding onto it. I went first and fell a good 20 feet down before I hit the ground. No sooner had I landed than I had to leap out of the way as the tower came tumbling down past me. After this major fall and Indiana Jones like leap to safety I somehow managed to come out without a scratch. I still don’t know how I did it.

    • Must be your lightening-fast reflexes, Brian. Keep training them – believe it or not, accidents are avoidable when you train properly 🙂

      Thanks for the story!

  • I am 51 years old and the mom of a 13 year old son. I am concerned about the weight issues facing us today. I have decided to dedicate myself to changing my ways. I plan on getting into the very best shape of my life.
    I have begun training for a bike trip to Te
    xas (from Calgary, Canada) for
    Cancervive (cancer support).
    I realize that requires more than the
    ability to ride a bike.
    It requires strength both inner and core. This program sounds amazing.

  • If you want a superhero moment story then I’m thinking back to when I was a teenager possibly about ten years ago. I was into horses (as most young girls are) and working on a horse stud. After taking my trusty stead out on a good long ride up the nearest mountain we were heading home; now the property has a nice long driveway, perfect for galloping and a let my girl have her head. This almost cost me my head, I let her go further than normal, straight under a very low lying tree branch. Only be clinging to the side of the saddle was I able to miss it. Close call but it goes to show that when you need to you usually can.
    However there was one other time I wasn’t so lucky. This time it involved a horse (a different one), a car and my ribs. Yes, this time I suffered, the horse was spooked by a car, swung out in front of it, was hit and with me trying to stay with her I came off over her head and landing on my back in the gravel ended up under her feet. Two broken ribs and with interal bleeding I was counting myself lucky it wasn’t worse than it could have been. I could have used some of that unstable surface training at that time I can tell you.
    Anyway, horse riding is now on the back burner while I tend my own little brood. But life still throws up many challanges, having a stable and strong core might just come in handy.

    • Hey Christine,

      I really enjoyed reading your post. Thank you.

      I love to ride horses… I’m not very good, but I’ve coached a few equestrian athletes, and it can sure be a lot of fun. You’re right to think a strong core helps a lot, as do ridiculously strong obliques and psoas muscles.

      Glad you’re interested – we’re both looking forward to helping you 🙂

  • The Mind!!! Go for a Goal and Stick with it, Your Concious Mind Will Lead You To Success. Take advantage of material out their that is offered to you. Train the material into the mind and there you go!!!! With the Goal, The Mind and the Motivation you get, you most definately will be declared as a goal setting champ.

  • The first story about being saved by a solid core that springs to mind would be the following:

    One night, at around three in the morning, I decided to go for a bicycle ride. My chosen route was three miles into town (I live in a rural area), and then back. The ride into town was always a lot of fun, as it was all downhill, and the hill became very steep just before you entered the town, and also had some tight curves to slingshot around. All was going well, until I was approaching this one last, steep hill. There was an 18 wheel truck coming around the curve and up the hill with it’s high-beams on. Out of consideration to the driver, I quickly shifted over to the sidewalk so he would not feel nervous about this madman on a bike flying towards him. And all continued going well until, not able to see due to the truck’s high-beams, I plowed the front tire of the bike into the remnants on an old telephone pole which was, yes, in the middle of the sidewalk, and sticking up about 15 inches (the town had cut the pole off with a chainsaw when a tree had collided with it and snapped it off higher up, and they just left it sticking up like that). So picture this, if you will: flying down what is probably a 50 degree decline and slamming your front bike tire into a solid object… what’s going to happen? Right… an object in motion tends to stay in motion. I flew over the handle bars in pitch blackness, and my grip reflexively tightened on said handle bars, which of course meant; the bike came with me. I ended up landing on my back, probably 10 or 12 feet from that telephone pole remnant, and since i didn’t let go of the handle bars, the bike followed me just perfectly enough to have the seat slam down into my midsection. Amazingly, no injury other than some skinned shoulder blades, and some bruising on them the following day. But had my core not have been solid and strong, I could have been seriously injured – possibly fatally so, especially since if I was unable to move, no one would have found me for at least 4 hours.

    I finished my ride and returned home, laughing at myself for most of the remaining trip.

    • That’s a touching story there, Mick.

      …and a crazy experience, huh?!

      Congrats on your victory there – so glad to hear you protected yourself in advance!

      Nothing like a near crash and burn to wake you up, eh? Remind me sometime to tell you about the beachcrusier experience….

  • My superhero moment happened several years ago at a softball tournament in Toronto. Under a brilliant blue, early morning sky, our team was up 1-0, and our opponent had a runner at second, threatening to score. The next batter hit a shot to right field, where I was playing. At a dead run, I managed to hunt down the fly ball, stop short to change direction completely, reach my glove hand around my back to shift the ball to my throwing hand and heave the ball towards third, as the runner was tagging. I threw her out and saved our lead. We went on to win the game…couldn’t have done it without my core!

    That was awhile ago, and since then, like many other women who had a cancer scare and a hysterectomy, I’ve lost my kevlar-like mojo. As others have said, this program sounds amazing, and I look forward to hearing more about it.

    • Hey Jane,

      So glad you’re interested.. and that you decided to share!

      It’s amazing how time can sneak up on us and pass us right by when we had miraculous physical ability not all that long ago. I often see this in baby boomers when I ask them to jump up onto a bench… (or God forbid I ask them to jump over a bench) – it’s normally a moment of realization of loss of balance, coordination, and strength.

      Kevlar core breeds all of this – get ready!

  • Many years ago, in high school, I was playing softball with the church. I was pitching, and the batter was a wrestler for his school. For some reason, I felt like he was going to hit a line drive back at me, so I did what every guy would do. I clapped both hands over my junk, and braced myself. Luckily, the ball caught me clean in the abs, and I was fine. There was a red mark, but flexing my abs was the key to remaining standing, as opposed to lying on the ground with the wind knocked out of me.

  • Having a strong mind and a strong core are so important for so many reasons no matter what you do. Will power and determination have helped me overcome so many obstacles that I thought would never be possible. I study 5 different martial arts and train 6 days a week. Having a strong core is crucial. ITs helps with balance, proper form and posture, power, control. And along with mental focus it will help you take a good beating:) One of the schools I train at call me Batman because of the full body black sparring gear I wear. It looks like a Batman suit. So this workout sounds great and seems perfect for me. Thanks for all you do.

    • Hey Michael,

      You’re welcome… and I’m so glad that you’re following Adam’s words of wisdom over here. There’s a lot of great information from which to learn on this blog.


      I’ll admit it, I’m a bit jealous.

      Congrats on helping people understand what a powerful core can do for you and for achieving one yourself. Keep up the great work!

  • As a martial arts instructor I teach mind focus and clarity more than anything else. Inner awareness is knowing and feeling what you are experiencing inside your body.

    From the tips of your extremities to your deep inner core, though this awareness and correct bodyweight and Kevlar Core training, we reach a peaceful state of being that reflects in the outer world around you.

    Once our inner Kevlar Core becomes strong and yet flexible, our perceptions and actions are reflected in the world around us. We become that strength and flexibility.

    It is as simple as that.
    .-= Karl´s last blog -> What we teach =-.

    • That’s deep and powerful stuff, Karl.

      I like your style… a lot.

      Mind power is everything… but the body can oftentimes represent the power of the mind.

  • As a strength and conditioning coach for a hockey team, I absolutely MUST walk the talk I give my players. I challenge each of them to get better, faster, and functionally stronger. I’m almost 52, and my core is good, but not Kevlar. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, I have the opportunity to work with and be a role model for younger players, a number of whom are overweight, bordering on obese. If a new Kevlar core can sway the thinking of some of these players and get them into the mindset of eating right and exercising, it will be well worth the effort I put into the program.

  • I was a runner in high school. Track and cross country always had me in good cardio shape but I also did wrestling. Wrestling workouts were the most intense mind and body barriers to overcome in my sports carrer. One practice all we did was condition for nearly 3.5 hours and the last 30 minutes was that ‘batman’ moment for me. Everyone on the team was dropping from exhaustion but I had found that part of me that wouldn’t give up and I did every part of every drill with everything I had. Even after all that work I have never been able to achive a truly impressive 6 pack, workouts and dieting never seemed to do it for me and if this truly ‘elusive’ program claims to give me that kevlar pack…I’ll gladly take it for a spin to see if it holds up to it’s claim.

  • As a health & fitness trainer, the cardinal philosophy I champion to my clients is the integration of mind, body & spirit. One cannot be truly strong & healthy if balance is not achieved regarding those aspects. Thus it is my responsibility to bring forth any tool that can help them achieve that goal. If my assumption is correct, it appears the kevlar core program teaches those principles simultaneously with depth, clarity, and simplicity. To verify its alignment with my goal, I wish to put it to the test.

    • Hey J. Cheung,

      I really like that you brought up mind, body & spirit.

      True health comes from balance in all of these categories.

      have a great day,


  • Well I am 66 now and a black belt Gojuryu. Some of those moves sound pure inspirational BS to me. Never heard of them in UK.
    We believe that all your power comes from your core stomach muscles and train for this.
    There is no need to fight your way through your work out. Spend 5 minutes before you start meditating on what you are about to do and eventually taking you to that place. Then spend 5 minutes at the end, to bring yourself back. Meditation takes time to learn but it is well worth it as it prevents injury too.

    • Hey Phil,

      A black belt, huh?

      Congrats! That’s awesome.

      I took martial arts for years, and it’s excellent for the physical health of your body. I always particularly enjoyed the meditative aspect of martial arts, despite the fact that I have discontinued to do so. It’s interesting to hear what works well for others…

      have a great day,


  • Hey Dr K. I can see the outline of my abdominals but I still have very bad core strenght and balance. I have been unable to do a pistol squat unassisted without falling over. For me there is no point in having a six pack without the strenght benefits. Are there any exercises that really target your core?

    • Sure, Evan.

      It’s a great start to think about exercising your body for systemic fat loss.

      Next, I’d be sure that you’re adding muscle hypertrophy (strength sets) to your abs

      Third, I’d work my abs out as functionally as possible….

      I’ll be talking more about this soon, but I thought you’d like to get started. Thanks for brinigng this up – I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your six pack abs goals,


  • Have been a back pain sufferer for over 10 years. After having purchased BER and Tacfit Commando and following these exercise routines my back has improved tremendously. Having a strong core is a bit like the hub of a wheel. If the hub is weak, everything emanating out from it will be weak. Having a strong core is crucial to all round strength. Bring on Kevlar Core.

    • That’s why I love these guys – I’m so happy for you, MOC.

      Life-changing stories like this are why we do what we do. MOC, gentlemen, congratulations 🙂

  • Great story, it makes so much sense nothing can be completed without willpower and focus. It reminds me of my first degree black belt test. The whole point of the test is to bring you to exhaustion withing the first 30 min then the next 2 1/2 hours are your performance. Pushing past the limitations of you body is such an incredible experience. There is a quote from bruce lee that goes something like this ” The body will keep going forever if the mind has the will to push it.” It may not be exact but its something like that. Dr. Kareems story fully embodies that kind of mind set and when you can push your body to such limits anything is possible and things start to become natural, instinctive, and reflexive. Awsome story doctor nice job im sure it looked pretty impresive to your fiance too, getting points for style.

    • Hey Jonathan,


      Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment.

      Willpower and focus will help you dominate any goal you have. I couldn’t agree more.

      It’s time that we all just decide – what do we want to look like? how do we want to feel? what is the end goal?

      Then… charge!

      speak soon,


  • I need a Kevlar core to keep up the fight against Underdog and Catwoman. Seriously, though, as an aging 54 yr.old veterinarian, I have been into bodyweight training and weights for the past 3 years. I have seen the health benefits. Lifting and fighting with scared Rottweilers, Shepards, Labs, Retrievers, Great Danes, and the like trying to get onto the exam or X-ray table takes some strength and a good core to prevent injury. I need to continue building a strong core to keep up with the Big Dogs! And wouldn’t it be great, the day I can open my labcoat and show off my abs when Pussy Galore walks into my exam room!

  • Try to toss 40kg boxes in a overfilled freeze room while balancing your own bodyweight on icy and slippery ground after being chained at the desk for several hours and you know for what you need a strong core activation.

  • I want to continue to be the superhero for my daughters. They are 6 and 3 years old and think I am the greatest superhero in the world.

  • As an accident prone child I have many stories that could relate here but the best that comes to mind right now is another biking incident. Out on a bike ride, on a Saturday I believe, I was biking downhill (not a fan of downhill I was more an uphill rider) it was reasonably wet so I was going a little faster than I was comfortable with I didn’t want to apply my brakes just incase I did so a little too hard. But about 15 feet from the bottom of a very steep hill I saw a cat run infront of my path unfortunately the front brake was a good bit stronger than the back brake and so I went clear over the handle bars leaving the bike behind but going head first without a helmet, without thinking about it I landed in a textbook perfect roll springing out of it onto my feet, avoiding my following bike by mere inches, thanks to the dynamic strength of my core which I now realise was because I spent a lot of time on unstable surfaces for fun at the time but developed helpful core strength doing so. Of course as I was only just a teenager at the time (13 or 14 I think ) I didn’t half brag about it for quite some time even though I didn’t quite know how I did it back then.

  • The mind is THE FORCE. When I was young and afraid I mentally rehearsed over and over what to in a crashing airplane, a falling elevator, a speeding on-coming car: wait until the last second then jump straight up! Only with the on-coming car did I add the ‘put your hands on the hood and push-off’. I never experienced the crashing airplane, nor the falling elevator, BUT the Speeding on-coming car? Absolutely. When traveling from the United States to England, always remember they drive on the “wrong side of the road!” I didn’t, I saw the car coming, I stepped to the left side of the road, the driver swerved to the left side of the road, and I JUMPED at the last second, straight up, hands on hood, and I was sent somersaulting over the car, down a grassy embankment, making a perfect 4-point skidding landing on hands and balls of feet. At first I was wondering if I was in heaven, then I was exhilerated! The driver and my hosts were scared white as sheets! My mental rehearsals all those years saved my life and body. Never doubt the mind is THE FORCE.

  • Kids, you better have a strong inner core when you reach my age of 81. Last time I tested it was when I accidentally tripped over my feet and did swan dive from the top of the concrete stairs to the sidewalk below. Now it was just a few steps but enough to assure us old timers of a rest of your life agony with hip and or knee replacement because of the usual snapping of bones. Unlike my cat who used up his 9 lives and died last week, I have enough life left and desire to build an inner core which allows me to finally SEE my abs! Bring on Batman and Robin, too!

  • Kids, you better have a strong inner core when you reach my age of 81. Last time I tested it was when I accidentally tripped over my feet and did swan dive from the top of the concrete stairs to the sidewalk below. Now it was just a few steps but enough to assure us old timers of a rest of your life agony with hip and or knee replacement because of the usual snapping of brittle bones. Unlike my cat who used up his 9 lives and died last week, I have enough life left and desire to build an inner core which allows me to finally SEE my abs! Bring on Batman and Robin, too!

  • My story may seem stupid but if i haven’t been training for many years, i could have died or stay handicaped for the rest of my life:
    It wa in winter and i went on the roof of my house to remove some snow (big winter in Quebec,Canada )
    So after finishing, i steped back on the ladder but it went in a different way of my body.
    I fell down on my back but on my way down, encounter the hand rail of my patio.
    I found myself lying on the ground, 10 feet lower with a back pain and respiration problem.
    About 10 or 15 minutes after, i managed to get up, walked in the house and waited for my wife to come back from work.
    1 hour later, i was in the hospital passing some tests and x-ray but everything was O.K
    The doctor told me that my good shape and body training saved my life.
    Just like my idol when i was young, Batman, i will train like a mad dog until i die.
    By the way, i’m 46 years hold and still lift weight and do taekwondo all week long…

  • about 30 years ago, I was heading home on a country road in my ’77 Toyota Celica. A drunk driver in a ’67 Buick crossed the center line and hit me head on. I came to in the hospital,several days later, with a crushed left foot, fractured skull and teeth, and a collapsed lung. I found out later, they had to smash out the windshield and hitch a wrecker up to the steering wheel and pull that off me, then cut the doors off with the jaws of lifeto further extricate me from the wreckage. I am still recovering, 20 years later. I still remember the doctor saying, “good thing you’re in such good shape Peter-a lot of people wouldn’t have survived that crash”. At the time, I was a 3rd degree black belt in Karate-the injury changed my workouts for life, and have struggled to keep up with being in that kind of shape. Trouble is, I still ride around in cars too! I could really use a program like Kevlar Core!

  • Adam & Ryan,

    I don’t envy your task of selecting the winners for the FREE Kevlar Core program, there are many remarkable stories.

    My interest would be to maintan a healthy posture to enjoy my free time – vacations, exercise, housework, and to avoid back and neck pain from sitting at a desk 8 hours a day. I started to want this program as part of an ego trip (I’m 61!) but decided that I really don’t “need” that any more – plus I don’t want to spend a lot of time doing exercises; that’s why I got the TACFIT Commando program to at least provide variety to a bodyweight workout. I don’t want to rely on weights or equipment especially when I travel for business or pleasure.

    Best wishes guys in selecting and to those who provided their stories.

  • My Kevlar Core story is really about my father (age 71) who has always been my Superhero. Last summer we were 5 miles into our 30 mile bike ride when my father, who wasn’t paying attention, hit a curb and went flying head over heels over the handlebars. I watched with amazement as he tucked and rolled nanoseconds before hitting the ground. He ended the roll by landing on his feet in a squat. He suffered only a few cuts and scrapes on his elbows, shoulders and knees. I suggested we call for a ride home but he insisted on manually prying the derailer and whole front end back in alignment and we were able to complete our ride. Thats the kind of Kevlar Core that I want when I’m 70!

  • One superhero moment from my past surrounds a physical altercation I became involved in back in 1999. At the time, I was stationed in Panama with SBU-26. If you know what that is, then you know the operators there were what one might call “beyond fit.” Additionally, most of us trained in some form of physical combat or offensive tactics. I was certainly among that group.

    So, one night while out in town at a bar, four local men were harassing a young women and since this was affecting my concentration on my pool game, I went over to the group and asked them to tone it down. I also told them to leave the woman alone, or they’d have to deal with someone who could fight back. Now, whether my subconscious goaded me into “picking a fight” with FOUR men, or I was just tired of listening to them, I dunno. What soon happened afterward only took a few seconds to come to a conclusion.

    First, the woman looked at me with a bit of fear in her eyes and then one guy grabbed her arms from behind. “Good,” I thought, “his arms are now tied up.” The guy with the girl was just about directly in front of me. The other three guys took up positions at about my 10, 2, and 6 o’clock positions. Again, I could not believe my good fortune. I smiled, told them I wanted no trouble, but I noticed movement from #10 at my left, so I snapped my right hand out to connect with #2’s jawline, followed by having both my hands grab his collar and then drove my right knee into his grown. The face pop snapped his head backward and he never saw the knee coming. As #2 fell into a cringing mass, I pivoted around and saw #10 was indeed coming my way with a huge (or so he thought) overhand punch. Using my left forearm, I slid in and intercepted his forearm with mine and then locked his arm up. About 1/2 a second later, my right hand slammed into his anterior deltoid region of his shoulder and if there was a fighting god, I dislocated his shoulder. Since I was now in so close, it was only natural for my heel to come crashing down onto the top of his foot. So, the count now stood at Ray: 2 and a-holes: nada.

    At this point, guy with girl is now at my immediate right and #6, is STILL in his exact same spot (temporarily transfixed I suppose) and at my immediate left. I move backward to get a little distance and the guy with the girl suddenly throws her to the side, looks around, and finds a pool cue. Now, here’s where the Kevlar core comes in.

    Taking the cue by the butt end, it’s easy to see he aims to swing it at me. I noticed the stick was of solid construction (and silently wondered which was easier to absorb- solid, or two piece). So, still watching #6, I slid to my right and kinda egged guy now without girl on to swing it, pointing to my stomach. He swung the stick back to his right and then did his almighty best to swing that stick in my direction. I raised my hands, stepped in, took the blow to my stomach and the pool cue snapped in two as he hit me with it. All I did was tighten my muscles WHILE moving to step in and bammo! No more pull cue. Well, except for the butt end in his hand which he was now looking stupidly at. A little wrist reversal and pop to the head took care of guy now without girl. LOL

    Now, only #6 is left standing. He is, amazingly, STILL in his same spot. I look at him, my face saying, “next.” He slowly pulls out this small knife and looks down at it. Once again, I put a big smile on my face and say, “If you can understand me, understand this. I will not only take that knife from you, but I am going to slice you up from your dick to your nose. Your move.” He looks back down at the knife, backs away, and runs out of the bar.

    The woman, runs up to me, lays a big wet one on my lips, and thanks me for saving her. Story ends there? No.

    Remember, this happened in Panama and Panamanian cops don’t take kindly to our boys whippin’ up on their boys. So, I elected to perform a hasty retreat. I’m no sooner out the door, when I hear, “Hey, hold on a second!” It was another woman I noticed in the bar and she came out to see if I was “ok.” LOL, we went to a club a few blocks away, danced for a few hours, and then she took me back to her apartment where I REALLY showed her what a strong core was all about! 🙂

    That was 11 years ago, so I was 32. At 43, I am STILL in that kind of shape thanks, in part, to TACFIT Commando. If your team would be so gracious as to affix yet another piece of weaponry into my bat belt, well, I would be forever grateful. I talk to anyone who will listen about TACFIT and the team there and it is my hope at least some of those referrals transition into not only sales for your company, but more importantly, physical and mental improvements for the men and women I convince to use your products.

    Yours in fitness,


    • Great story. I like your writing.

      I’d like to communicate with you directly about a business project I’m starting.

      If interested, contact me at the website linked to my name.


  • I’m really impressed with these stories. I’m 61 years old, and have always regarded myself as in “good shape” because I’m not overweight, and walk 15-20 miles a week. You know how all the articles out there say 20 minutes of “brisk” walking is what you need for health. I spent a lot of time trying to get a definition of “brisk”, which I figured should be enough to make you sweat. Well, kids, it’s 3 miles an hour. Yawn. I spent last summer walking 10 miles daily, and nothing much improved that I could see, except that I spent a lot of time enjoying the outdoors. I think all these stories show that in a pinch, you need strength, flexibility and agility, and you don’t get these by walking. I’m looking for an exciting program that I can commit to and see results. Hope you are too.

  • All of us NEED a Kevlar core. I tell people all the time (as a trainer) that the core is to the key to almost every move you make. Put one hand on your “core” (navel area) and make almost any move you want. You will feel the core react to almost anything you do. It stabilizes, rotates, creates force, absorbs force, moves in every plane possible, controls breathing. It is the center of the body and everything radiates from there. Without that strong, resilient, well conditioned core you are at a disadvantage with everything you do whether it be walking down the street or MMA fighting. The core is the master of your movements, you need to be the master of your core.
    I am currently doing the Commando workouts and just added the ROPE program to the mix. Talk about a kick-butt workout!! I am almost 60 and this is exactly the type of workout I need to keep me going and help me keep up with my 30 year old workout partners! (poor kids)
    I have heard incredible things about this program and would truly love to add it to my own training and use the info it contains to help my clients.
    Thanks for all you do guys. Your info and workouts are top notch!! Well done!!

    “You rust out before you wear out.”


  • When I was 14 years old, I had 3 major abdominal surgeries to remove my entire large intestine. Needless to say, my athletic life changed forever that year. Developing a Kevlar Core became a matter of recovery, survival, and overcoming adversity. It turns out it also became a matter of preparation. When I was 25, I had a small bowel obstruction caused by internal scarring; within 24 hours, I was back on the operating table. Intense training leading up to that day aided in recovery time and gave me the perspective needed to overcome yet another personal hurdle.

    I’ve learned that life is unpredictable and precious. A healthy body is a blessing, one not to be wasted. I urge you to take advantage of every “mobile” day afforded to you and optimize your physique to the best of your abilities.

  • My story is no where near what I have read. My personal supper hero story is just being able to run up the stairs to my kids or opening a pickle jar. I have had arthritis since childhood. While others ran, jumped and swam I was in braces and crutches. No complaints, no pity. Now I can walk, sort of run and hop ( not jump.) For someone like me body weight exercise and working on body core is crucial to just moving and living. It makes all the difference in reaction time when your kids loudly say uh-oh and then start to scream. Yah, young boys really do keep a mom moving. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of life arthritis free.

  • Hi guys my name is kieran and at the moment I am in the hardest training of my life because I am a basketball player and I am working on my vertical leaping ability but the one place I can’t seem to train whatever I do is my core and it’s the most important part for jumping for your explosiveness. I would love to win your programme and prove to everyone I have a stronger core than batman and maybe soon I’ll do a 360 windmill dunk that would be so awesome. I have been told by fellow team mates I won’t be able to dunk because i’m White but I’m out to prove them wrong. thanks again.

  • Amazing post gentlemen, Thank you.

    My kevlar core moment happens when I’m at peace. I connect to my body and am ready for any type of explosive dynamic movement. Feeling the body lock into that unbreakable place is what I strive for. Everyone who can realize the power of their mind deserves to have this strength and power, which is why I love to teach it. Thank You for giving such expert teaching and inspiration
    .-= Andrew Araza´s last blog -> You Don’t Get Well- You Do Well =-.

    • Vengeance and pure belief in right and wrong.

      Have you passed such a judgment on your own style of living for your own needs?

      All answers are right here, but that was the question I asked myself. I asked “What would it take for me to truly be satisfied with myself and live in greater harmony?”

      As it turns out, great physical health was on my list… it’s amazing what the thought of actually knowing when you have achieved victory will do for you. It’s all about that end-point, though, regardless of where it lies…

      Thanks Duff.

  • Ok… It’s been a busy day, so I had to make a choice b/c I’m running low on time and I wanted to make the house spic and span before my wife got home (a little treat for a Friday afternoon.)

    Here’s what I had to decide:

    1) Read every post here for all of the glorious details and wonderful stories you’ve included here.
    2) Respond to more posts and miss out on the thoughtful remarks you left in regards to the article…

    I chose #1.

    I care about you.

    I’m proud of you for sharing.

    I love this enthusiasm.

    I plan to help you… we plan to help you… YOU will dominate & obtain your Kevlar Core very soon – stay tuned!


  • I have to start by pointing out that I was certainly more graceful than I was clever when 15 years old.
    I didn’t fall off a bike as in several stories above – for some reason I can’t clear recall, much less justify, I was on top of my friend’s Mustang (hard-top). We weren’t even drunk, which might have served as a half-vast excuse…
    Anyway, he went down a hill too fast, realized he couldn’t brake gradually without hitting the wall ahead, and (just as clever as the kid on the roof) slammed on his brakes.
    Apparently, I fell gracefully, a smooth roll and ended up like Catman, on my feet. The other clever one who was driving and the slightly smarter ones who were just watching gathered around to ask where I learned to fall like that! I’d been a wrestler, did some tumbling, too – but if the core had not been in pretty good shape, I figure I’d’ve folded in a sore (or dead, or hospitalizable, anyway) heap rather than a triumphant landing!
    Okay, the core and some fast thinking by my guardian angels!

  • A strong core can be a matter of life or death. I am in law enfocement and train officers in defensive tactics and firearms. Having a background in martial arts, wrestling, and hand-to-hand in the military, I know the importance of having a strong core (chi). At the age of fifty, I am in better shape now, than when I was 25. In the last 4 years I have gone on a mission to find ever more difficult and challenging workouts routines. I started mu journey with crossfit, then moved to interval training. I kept searching and discovered P90X, which I have completed for 2 complete rotations, then it was to kettlebell training with Mike Mahler. Never being satisfied with the results, always wanting more I resently discovered the TRX system and am trying that. With all this, I have also changed my eating habits following Mike Geary and his associated, Fit Over 40; EODD, and turbulance training. I have enjoyed my self-training, always changing to keep the monotony down and looking for something unique. I have taken exercises and routines from all the different programs I have used and develop my own blend of exercises. After starting off by myself and exercising for about 12 months alone, I now have 8 others who routinely join me to become combat hard. My greatest challenge now is coming up with new routines, that challenge and develop them (and me) physically and mentally. They anticipate with eagerness and apprehension every 4 weeks, what the new routine of exercises will be, some familiar and some new, but always challenging. Train hard or don’t train at all, your life may depend on it.

  • Hello I have been working to increase my vertical jump and speed, and as 10% of youre vertical comes from youre core training it is a must. So at one time after completing a plank I noticed that I could move much better and faster, I was more explosive, could kick harder, throw farther. So The Kevlar Core would be a wonderful asset for me to accomplish my goals listed above, but also to make daily tasks more easy. Thank you for youre time!
    .-= Bobby´s last blog -> Return Of the Kevlar Core… =-.

  • I need the kevlar core because I am one of the weakest kids in my class. I can’t throw during gym and I am weak physically. If I had the kevlar core though then i’d become one of the strongest in my class. It would also help my vertical jump. This program would be a giant asset to me. It’s been a pleasure speaking to you!
    .-= Jhon´s last blog -> Return Of the Kevlar Core… =-.

  • My superhero moments have all been related to my kids but one (about two years ago)stands out in my mind right now. I was holding my then one year old son and walking out the door to check the mail. I’m not sure what happened but I found myself falling off the porch and managed to land in the one arm push up position on the sidewalk. Fearing the worst, I looked down at my son clutched to my chest with my right arm and he looked back up at me. He had this look on his face I’ll never forget. It said, “What is my crazy daddy doing now?” Then he laughed. I stood up and heard applause. My firefighter neighbor saw the whole thing. that son just turned three but he is the same size as the six year olds in the neighborhood and he is the most active thing I have ever seen in my life. I think I will need a Kevlar core to keep up with him so I have just started with Tacfit Commando.

  • My kevlar core story goes like this. Being a wrestler from 4th grade all th way through college I was pretty sold all the way around. This most certainly saved me as one summer between school years I was working on a brick laying crew. We were working on a two story house with a fire place. Because of this we had a scafolding set up to do the chimney that was four levels high. While on the top level handing supplies to the bricklayer the scafold board I was standing on broke. I fell straight down to the next level landing on my stomach then flipped over continuing to fall and landed on my back on the next level, and then continuing down to the bottom level landing on one side and then finally to the ground landing on my back once again. If my core had not been solid I could have broken my back, damaged internal organs, who knows what else, but, I walked away after catching my breath (from having it knocked out of me) with no injuries. Obviously a little sore the next day with a few bruises but totally fine. Being 46 now the core is not so solid as it once was. Although I would not like to experience something like that again, I most certainly would love to have the kevlar core back!

  • I don’t have one particular story where a kevlar core saved my life. However, there have been many occasions where my core strength has bailed me out of a sticky situation. Anyway, I understand the directions to be that we are supposed to tell why we NEED a kevlar core, not to talk about how we already have one, in order to win a free copy of the Kevlar Core Program. Therefore, I’ll keep my discussion to that.
    I fully agree with the mom with arthritis (she should win a copy!) when she talks about keeping up with her kids. I have three, 17, 12, and 9 years old. They can certainly be a handful! Also, we like to keep busy with mountain hikes and other moderately strenuous activities.
    My job as a firefighter gives me lots of opportunities to use my core strength in stressful circumstances. I must maintain my fitness level in order to be able to properly perform the requirements of my job. The public counts on that.
    On my days off, I do landscaping work. This also requires a high degree of fitness, in order to dig ditches, shovel rock, work with railroad ties, etc.
    For most of my life, I have had a “six pack.” However, for the last several years, it has really become more of a “four pack.” I would love to get back my “showy” abs, and I know that it will be harder now at age 45 than if I was still younger. I would love to be able to show some before & after pics to inspire others who are getting up in the years.
    And finally, there was the good ol’ back surgery. In January of 2009, I had my disc bulge at L-4/L-5. The disc pressed on the nerve going down my right leg, causing much pain. The surgery went well, enough so that I was able to return to work as a firefighter. In addition, I did not have any vertebrae fused, so I still have full range of motion. However, it has been a little difficult, with so many demands on my time, to fully get the muscles back in shape. Consequently, I still have some muscle spasms now and then. I believe that the Kevlar Core Program may be just what I need to return to my previous level of fitness, in a safe manner.
    Well, there you have it. I apologize for not writing some fantastic, fun to read adventure. I’m just me, and with three kids and a house that needs a new roof, I just can’t afford to shell out any money for an exercise program. I hope you will consider my story worthy of a free Kevlar Core Program. Thanks.

  • I suffer from terrible back pain that limits my daily activities and I know that building supreme core muscles will help me beat the pain and get me out and able to enjoy my life. I do exercises in the morning that make sure I’m able to move each day but I need the guidance from people who know what they’re doing. I’m tired of the pain.

  • I’d like a kevlar core to get rid of some lingering back pain from a mountain bike accident a few months ago. Also, playing beach volleyball shirtless with the kevlar core would be pretty cool too.

  • Hello,I NEED and WANT the kevlar abs forpure health reasons I’m forty years old 370lbs @ 6’1 all my weifgt is in my stomach,back and thighs.I’ve been told that all this bell fat is a good way to get diabiets which my 17year daughter has and she’s a fit child this scares the hell out of me and I’m ready to do something about it! PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • I like the stuff presented in the statements. The mind and body need to be able to coexist in such a way that the mind is the one in charge. The body is like a wild stallion that has its cravings, its desires, and its actions that in the end can result in it getting seriously injured. The mind is like the rider and needs to tame the beast and be the one who retains dominance. When your horse wants to quick the rider’s job is to push it even further, that way the horse makes progress. Instead of letting the horse decide and trample on the rider’s objectives. The horse will try to say “I’m too tired, or I can’t do anymore”, but in reality he is testing you, waiting for the moment you slip and give in to his demands in which slowly, but surely, the rider loses his authoritative position and the horse ceases to grow. The mind most NOT give into the body’s demands, the mind must be able to look ahead and no where and lead his beast in such direction. This requires an iron will to never give in and to never back down. Such is the reason why exercise is a head game.

  • I bet my husband would love one of these –on me–or maybe on him–is it really indestructible? tongue in cheek….lol You put out great stuff. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • I have infant triplets, so I can’t really pick one particular experience out. Every other day I seem to be either diving to catch a child, or like one of the other commenters, I’ve fallen with a child in my hands several times, tripping over a toy, or rushing to the aid of another, and the instinct always kicks in to go into the one-handed pushup position, or roll onto your elbow and shoulder…anything to prevent trauma to one of my babies. My core isn’t what it used to be as a college hockey player. But at 37, I still have terrific instinct and reflexes.

    Many thanks for the great article.
    .-= Charley Forness´s last blog -> Charley’s Eleven Commandments =-.

  • Hi. I am a very enthusiastic person when it comes to fitness. I used to do lot of workouts of my own imitating the action movies, then later satrted Gym and continued the routine for around 3 years but somehow unsatisfied with the result, but recenly I started more reseach on the internet regarding fitness and I came to know the importance of body weight excercises and started practicing it regularly. The Change I feel in my strength and shape is just dramatic and now it is passion to know more and try more as well.

    While searchong my own memory book one incident comes in a flash. There was a big Jachfruit tree at muy mother’s home ( parental ). And he have tied a long rope in a treebranch which was around 20 ft high ans as a teenager I always loved to climb the tree through the rope and one day in the effort just before I reach the branch the rope broke and I came to the ground triple the speed i climbed and landed in the grounded on a sitting position with my buttock hitting hard on the ground. I can tell you it was only becoz of good god and my basic ground workouts I was saved from breaking my spine into pieces. The only thing I felt after the incident was some pain in my butt area and thats it !! This incidence increased my confidence and I am sure with more workouts and knowledge about new workouts I can turn my core into a more unbreakable and better prepare to face the daily life battle..

    Anyways thanks for your great article and expect a lot more stuffs like this.

  • I am a 27 year old guy who has not done *any* physical exercise since I was 6. Even though in my country there is compulsory conscription, I served as clerical staff and never had to do any of the physical things that the other soldiers had do to.


    I was born with a congenital heart defect–ventricular septal defect. Basically it means that there is a hole in my heart between the two lower valves, and deoxygenated blood was flowing into the heart chamber that had oxygenated blood. This is something I have to live with for the rest of my life because doctors couldn’t do much back then and any surgery now is too risky.

    Practically this meant that any time I do any exercise that sped my heart up, I would suffer irregular heartbeat for the next few days. And at moments, the heart would skip a beat or two. Those times, it really felt like I was dying. As a result, people around me did not want me to do any physical exercise, whether in school or on my own.

    As a result, I became terribly unfit. I was severely overweight and I was weak. I couldn’t breathe sometimes after climbing two flights of stairs and had to hunch over and gasp for air. I developed very bad lower back problems as well, and every now and then I would suffer bouts of attacks that made even sitting down an experience of utter and tortuous pain. Life was miserable and I hated myself. I felt so useless and so damaged that I shied away from social activities and had very bad self-esteem.

    A year back, at 26, I read about bodyweight exercises and decided to try to do something to change my life. It was the hardest thing every. The first time I tried doing push-ups, I managed two and I was out of breath and my heart was racing. It was so tough that I was ready to give up.

    Then I tried some of the abs and back exercises like hip extensions, crunches, hanging leg lifts. Because of my heart problem, I could only do 5 of any exercise at a time and then had to rest so my heart won’t beat too fast. Even with this snail’s pace of exercising, I noticed results a few weeks later.

    I was standing and sitting straighter, my back pains were less severe, and my belly didn’t protrude so much. Encouraged, I persevered, convinced from my research and reading that having a strong core is the key to having a fit body.

    Last month, I slipped on the stairs. I didn’t fall straight down but my forward leg went beyond the step and I tipped forwards. The momentum threw me off my balance and my body rotated so that I was falling right side down first.

    The next few moments were nothing but incredible to me. I stumbled clumsily for a few steps and ended up on my right leg, with my body bent over my right side, threatening to just collapse. Instinctively, I tightened my core and starting with my back and abs, I tried to turn my upper body towards the left. For the next few seconds, I fought against gravity, balancing on one leg, with my upper body bending almost horizontally to my right side. I felt my muscles bunched up and in some strange way, I felt the strength in them. With effort, I righted myself and thus avoided what would have been bad and damaging fall.

    Just with core training, and very simple exercises at that, I transformed from someone who couldn’t climb two flights of stairs and was 140% of my ideal weight to someone who never felt stronger and who finally understood how a fit body can save my life. I am still overweight and I am still not very strong, but I am getting there slowly and I am sure that with Kevlar Core, one day I will be able to shed my past self and live the life that I wanted, heart problems or no.

    Hope there will be people out there who will be encouraged by my own personal story to not give up and to just keep trying. Remember that even water droplets, given time, can bore a hole through a rock. Good luck everyone. Thanks for allowing me to share my story.

  • Here’s my story. I hope it will be inspirational to others my age, who have had similar experiences. I am a 55 years old women who after years of anxiety and depression caused by various heart wrenching life experiences, I found myself dealing with panic attacks almost daily. Before this, I had been a successful Executive for years. I lost my job when I became absolutely overwhelmed by daily life. My blood sugar and cholesterol were rapidly rising, and with a family history of type II diabetes and heart disease, I knew I had to do something, but just didn’t believe that I had what it takes to do it on my own.

    I thought that maybe if I had a personal trainer, or went to a health spa for a couple of months where I was told what to do every moment, and had meals prepared for me, that there was no way I could make the needed changes on my own. But something finally clicked after having a total meltdown on Christmas while being surrounded by a houseful of family members (so embarrassing) as well as going to a fitness class where I saw myself in a wall-to wall mirror next to the rest of the young trim class members, and learning what the excess sugar in my blood was doing to my veins, something clicked. I started working out daily and changed the way I ate. With the resistance training I was doing at home, I had lost 30 pounds and built core strength.

    I hadn’t been out of the house for quite some time when a friend invited me to go kayaking with a paddling group in our town. I was concerned that I couldn’t keep up, yet decided to go. The water level on the river ended up being much lower than the group expected, yet was moving very fast. Everyone was getting hung up on rocks, tipping over, etc, but I was able to use my core strength to navigate through the rocky rapids with no problem. I ended up leading that group of experienced paddlers through the stretch of river. They all thanked me afterward for helping them get through a very difficult trip. They had now idea that several months ago there was now way I would have had the strength to lead them. I felt great that I was able to help!

  • Believe it or not…
    But last night I had to wake up to go to the bathroom.
    I was sort of sleep walking to get overthere an because we are doing some small renovations in the house, the hallway is almost impossible to get through because of clothing rack that’s standing there.

    So as I tried to pass it, half a sleep, I felt i tripped over something, falling straight down. And my reflexes jumped taking hold of some of the clothing on one side and the stairway bar on the other. landed in a push up, pushed out quickly and continued walking and it only hit me a few steps later that I was still intact, and fortunately didn’t hurt myself…only made a lot of noise in the middle of the night. Luckily no one woke up!
    Great stuff guys!
    .-= Viktor´s last undefined -> If you register your site for free at =-.

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