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1000 Calorie Challenge — The 600 Calorie Fat Burning Workout

Written by shapeshifter

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We’re back with another follow along workout sample from Arnel! He took Adam through a sample of his 450 calorie workout, and as many of you pointed out, the sweat on Adam’s brow — and elsewhere — was very real.

So how will Adam fare in this new 600 calorie workout? There’s only one way to find out…

But before we watch the video, let’s talk about how this workout fits into an overall plan that moves us from burning 300 calories per workout all the way up to 1000 calories per session.

As you already know, if you want to burn fat, you need to create what’s referred to as a caloric deficit — burn more than you consume. We’ve talked before about using “caloric restriction” to reduce calories.

But food is only half the equation. Exercise is the catalyst that turns those nutritional sacrifices into impressive physique changes. By combining the right nutritional approach with massive — but progressive — workout stimulus, you’ll be able to evoke a much more rapid transformation than with either of the two on its own.

And the key word here is progressive. Arnel has devised a system that walks you through progressively challenging workouts that start at 300 calories and advance through 450, 600, 800 and finally 1000 calorie sessions.

To burn a pound of fat requires a deficit of around 3500 calories. If you were to combine a 2000 calorie deficit through diet and another 1000 calories through your workout on the same day, that’d come pretty darn close to annihilating a pound of fat.

That might sound a bit extreme, but the above scenario is entirely plausible and completely safe. The human body is very adaptable. And what we’ve been lead to believe is the “caloric norm” is actually much more than we need to eat — as evidenced by our collectively growing waistline. It’s also important to understand that the body works on a rolling average of consumption and exertion. It’s the average over days, weeks and months that determines your health and fitness results.

As long as we follow a progressive plan, we can train our bodies to thrive on this new challenge. So let’s take the next step. Check out this 600 calorie session. And pay close attention to Arnel’s coaching cues. He drops some seriously golden nugget of wisdom in this video!

Arnel’s Giant Sets are brutally efficient. And he’s thoroughly tested them to make sure they deliver on the promised 600 calorie inferno. Do three of those workouts over the course of a week, and combine them with three days of caloric restriction, and you’re easily looking at a deficit of over 7000 calories. And that means 2 pounds of fat — gone!

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  • Hi
    The program looks amazing and I’d love to get my hands on it.
    I live in the most amazing place in France. I generally try to get outside and exercise in summer but when the snow comes it becomes really difficult.
    The gym is more than 45mins away and anything I do need to be done in the confines of a very small garage with all of the summer stuff that has been packed away.
    I’d love to say I look like Rocky training in that barn in Rocky 4 or 5 but I don’t !! :-).
    I hope, if i get this amazing program the winter weight that I inevatably pick up with too much French bread and hot chocolate and no training will be a thing of the past

  • I would use the 1000 kCal Bodyweight Series at home. Having been through the stress of foreclosure on our house and my wife being laid off, money is, as you can imagine, tight at home. So the expense of a gym membership is not possible at this moment. To combat stress, I was eating far too much and have since come to my senses that at 41 I need to be in better shape or I am going to end up having a heart attack like my Mother did (at age 50). So instead of eating and drinking to combat stress, I am looking to use exercise to relief the stress and get my body back into the shape that I know I can. The newsletters/tips/demos are all great and have been huge inspiration to me. The 1000 kCal Bodyweight Series is the next step!

    Thanks guys.


  • You guys keep it simple, I like!
    Is the rest between sets also 35 seconds? Or do I get an extra 25 secs?
    Thanks guys!

  • I’m looking for two things –

    1 – something that will present me with a challenge to take me to the next level of fitness
    2 – something that people will see me doing in the gym and ask themselves, “What is he doing over there?, man that looks really tough”.

  • I love the look of your program! It looks exciting and has some new exercises I’d like to try. I exercise at home and without a lot of fancy equipment. The more new and progressive moves I can perfect the better! Bring it on and let’s get started!

  • I would love to get my hands on this workout. Am tired of the traditional workouts with weights and different body parts on different days. Have limited space in my house for any equipment so this looks perfect for me. Lastly, I would like to begin training for a triathalon and I think this would be a good start to quickly get in great shape.

  • I really hate push-ups. Do I have to do 100’s or do you stop at 25. I am old (50) and work 40-50 hours, can I fit this in? Do I have to go to the gym? Dispite that 1 jillian michaels move on her kettle bell DVD I love it and can do it in about 1/2 hour, is yours going to almost kill me in a slow death of an hour? I’m not a bodybuilder, just want to be a hot mama, is this too much for the average midwest person?
    I am at those last 10 pounds. You know those “I could live with these pounds but I would rather not but if it requires to much time I would be a size 6 than a 4 or a 2 that does nothing but work out. You know bowling season has started here in the midwest and it is starting to get cool.

  • This approach intrigues me- I love taking a workout anywhere I go- AND burn massive amounts of calories in zero time? Awesome.

  • Not having a space to put those bulky over priced coat racks in my house is definitly an issue. I mean why hang my coat in my closet when I can have a thousand dollar coat rack that collects more dust so I clean it up to try and burn my calories? With most of the yms around here offering mostly group workout programs based on the latest crazes and their trainers just teaching each client the same programs that don’t produce results but keep paying members paying, sure I avoid them. All this being said from a guy who is a certified personal trainer and understands what is most important not only for myself but to everyone and that is plain and simple results. And results need to be based on sound principles, progressive, and in today’s fast paced world we can’t wait an hours on end for results we need it now! Results as shown from the first 450 calorie workout video to the now 600 calorie destoyer results program. Fitness I can do anywhere and even with simple do-it-yourself gear like the suspension program in a previous entery is always been a major factor to me from my military days to the present. As a trainer I hope I could also pass on the knowledge and start out of my garage perhapes with no gear giving people the tools and tactics to help transform their lives and mine as well.

  • You gotta love exercises like these that get rid of that spare tire and shed the fat. I have so many friends that will not try a 35 second round of bench pressing or for that matter, squats.

    All I know is, if you want to remove the spare tire, these types of workouts truly do work.

    I am a trainer and love trying new workouts that others have created. After all, who really follows their own advice. This is probably why people have created the saying, “You should practice what you preach”. Well, it is much easier to practice what someone else preaches!

    Great video and great advice. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi,

    My name is Tanja and I am a former university basketball player. I have gone through stages in my life of various exercise regimes and coaches and have always enjoyed performing bodyweight exercises the most. In the past I was spoiled with always having access to weight rooms, but that is long gone. Leaving in Canada, memberships are pretty expensive for what they offer, but in general, I am not so much of a fan of equipment as I am of using dumbbells and bodyweight exercises.
    I would truely appreciate if I could be selected to receive the 1000kCal bodyweight series as I would be able to use it at home or my condo gmy with a limit to any equipment but provides me a little more space. I think that the bodyweight series would satisfy my needs and desire of having an excellent bodyweight exercise program that I would enjoy fully. I have just recently travelled for work and found myself limit to exercising in my hotel room as there was no gym at all in the hotel.
    In general, I tried to avoid gyms because I just don’t feel satisfied with doing exercises on the machines and most importantly now, it is a little expensive for me to join a gym that does not offer me what i need and that it bodyweight programs.
    To summarize, my only goal and wish is to mainting my physique and of course get in even better shape through using bodyweight programs that i will enjoy (such as the 1000kCal bodyweight series) and achieve my goals.

    I hope you consider my need and wish.

    All the best!!!


  • I’m “stay at home dad” with a little baby, so I don’t have time to go to gym. Only time when I can exercise is when the little one is asleep and this workout seems to fit exactly to my baby schedule:-)

  • I would love to go nuts with your program…. I am always looking for challenges and this one sounds like one with my name on it… I probably would use it at the gym but I could also use it while jogging doing intervals. I could even do it at home… What I have seen sofar… me likey

  • Hey you guys! The videos show some great stuff that I’m looking forward to trying. I would use the new 1000kcal bodyweight workout either at my home or at a nearby park. I’m a “starving student” and I don’t have the necessary funds to be able to afford a gym membership, home gym or any free weights. I am looking forward to this workout because I know it can be done in a relativley small area. In addition to not haveing the money for my own weight set I actaully don’t have the room either. I love the way that bodyweight training is different from heavy lifting. I’m not a big fan of lifting to get big. I want to have a lean physique while still being able to be move around quickly and easily. I want practical use for my muscle, not just being able to squat a heavy bar. I would rather be able to move quickly and jump over or onto something if I am being chased by an animal than be able to squat 500 lbs.

  • I am interested in the 1000 kcal bodyweight program because I am a business owner who travels 50 to 60% of the time. I need workouts that I can do pretty much anywhere, without having to go around to look for a gym or carrying dumbbells with me.

    My job is very physically demanding and I always find myself drained and dead after a days work. So, exercise will help me handle my stress better, it will make me stronger to handle the workload AND it’s going to help me look good 🙂

    I can’t really use weights because of the strain they put on my current chronic injuries, which I am working on using Intu-Flow and Prasara Yoga. So a bodyweight program is ideal for me because I can still work hard, build muscle, burn fat with minimal strain on my injured joints.

    I love bodyweight exercises, especially intense workouts, because this is the kind of training I am used to with my karate practice and I do this see this type of workout translate into my martial arts and into my personal and professional life.

    • Good morning Adam and Ryan:

      I’d like to add the following reasons of why I need this program:

      1. Long term/Lifelong Goal: I’ve been overweight most of my adult life (I’m 30). My wife and I are trying to have a baby and I want to be RIGHT NOW a good role model for him/her. For that reason, I would really like to be lean and strong even before the baby is conceived so that I can simply maintain my weight, get into a routine that will help me teach my baby, in the future, healthy ways to live a healthy lifestyle.

      I also adopted the philosophy of the parkour community: “be strong to be useful” and that’s what I am training for.

      I want to be fit and strong for my wife, future family, current family and myself. By making sure that I am strong to be useful, I can rely on being ready to take on any challenge, whether it is to pick up my wife and cross the threshold of our first owned house, or carrying my baby all night because it can’t sleep, or helping my dad change a car tire or my brother installing his automatic garage door opener, or even carry my sister when her knees fail her when she has very long days at work (she has very bad knees) or help my mom in whatever she needs because she is my angel.

      And also, a bit of vanity here: I want to look good for my wife. I want her to “show me off” when we go to the beach or whatever. I know she is already proud of being my wife, but I want to give her that extra reason.

      2. I have been stuck at 190 lbs for the longest time. I have tried a lot of traditional workout programs and I feel like I’m in a rut – like something is missing. I believe that this 1000 cal challenge is the key to rev up my fat loss in order to reach 175-180 lbs sooner rather than later.

      3. As a short term motivation: my sister is getting married in December – in Cancun – and I want to lose that extra 10-15 pounds for that occasion (hoping for a hint of a 6 pack by then). Since your program is 8 weeks, it fits right into my schedule and I believe that I can reach my goal, and then some, by her wedding date.

      4. Family Bet and Competition. My dad and I have this bet with my sister that we are going to reach 180 for her wedding. On the side, my dad and I are competing to see who will be the first to reach that goal. With 1000 cal challenge, I’m sure I’ll win on both counts.

      5. Personal challenge – I haven’t done a serious hard workout since my competition days in karate (about 8 yrs ago). I am looking forward to doing your program to see if “I still go it” and I can recover some of my previous strength, agility and fitness level.

      6. Personal curiosity – I am a big fan of high intensity workouts. I do them on a regular basis and I am familiar with this type of workouts because of karate. So, I am really curious to find out what your workouts look like in order to reach such a high caloric deficit and I can’t wait to give them a try.

      Thanks for considering my post.

      Alan Mokbel

  • I was already lookin ginto the upcoming 1,000 Calorie Challenge system with interest.
    But I have to say that your bodyweight spin on it makes it even more interesting.
    And I really like to see somebody go through it.
    Not just a sample.
    A complete (although not 1,000 Colories yet) workout.
    And it does look like a challenge.

  • So here goes my attempt at trying to win the 1000 kCal Bodyweight Program. (want to win it cause I’m a cheap b@#%*!d) OOOPs, my last comment should be stricken from the record!

    Where -> my awesome backyard filled with all sorts of homemade stuff (that whole cheap thingy again)

    Why -> Cause I think BW exercises are awesome! I especially like it when the buff gymsters poke fun and then secretly try them later, only to come back and quietly ask me how I can do those moves cause they can’t!

    Do I try to avoid gyms? –> For workouts yes! For amusement and examples of how NOT to workout NO. I’m constantly entertained any time I find myself in a “brand name gym”. I can sit and watch, for minutes on end, the dudes that walk around after lifting a “heavy” set slyly cutting their eyes to the mirror trying to see how HUGE they are (trying not to be obvious that they’re checkin themselves out), and at the same time reach into their fanny pack to answer the text they just got about when they’re gonna be logged onto facebook. That’s just scratching the surface of all the fun!

    Fancy gyms and the idea of BW training? -> Seriously though, at 40 years old, and having done the whole “Hercules / gym thing”, I realized several years ago that traditional weight lifting was, not only a little boring to me (did it for over 15 years), it was a little ineffective. It wasn’t until I began doing some BW and crossfit style training for MMA and trail running, that I realized how ineffective, and non-fluid my old training habits had been!

    I’ve since been reborn, and train in ways that seem to always make my neighbors laugh and their kids say “WOW! that’s awesome! Can you show me how to do that?”

    To which I kindly reply with a lound, boisterous……NOOOOO!!!!! (is that mean of me?)

  • Hi Guys!

    Its time for me to start being a good role model for my kids. As a former personal trainer, I have really let myself slide in the way I look and feel. Marriage and three kids can sometimes make working out tough. This looks like the perfect remedy to that challenge.
    I also know the power of just sucking it up for a few weeks, busting your butt and being strict on your diet, to achieve the results you want.

    Extreme results require extreme measures! I am game, so count me in!

  • These 1000 calorie workouts look great. I am an exercise nut and want to add to programs I already have. The bodyweight school of thought is a great innovation and especially useful for me. I like to work out on my back deck in good weather and this would be great. Plus, I am not as young as I used to be but these exercises on the videos you have posted appear to be lower impact, but very efficient.

  • I have been doing these workouts and have added some of my own adjustments. I do at least 30 minutes a day with these 30 second on 30 second off reps. Awesome stuff! Can’t wait to see more 1000 calorie workouts. I did one of them and it was very difficult.
    Great to be able to do this at home and see great results!

  • With all due respect and sincerity, I’m confused about your brand and your message.

    I can “workout anywhere anytime” as long as I tote dumbells and an incline bench with me?

    Seems like you’re skirting a fuzzy line.

    Please note: I’m a Bodyweight Blueprint customer from late 2009.

    I pose my question sincerely and respectfully and welcome replies in the same spirit.

    Eric Reynolds

    • Hey Eric,

      Valid question. Most of the training we do is bodyweight. And that allows us to stay consistent wherever we go and no matter how busy things get. But when we’re at “home base” we use a variety of tools and CONSTANTLY experiment with different programs and methods.

      My home gym is full of cool training tools including kettlebells, Clubbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, gym rings, physio balls and more… And I even hit the gym when circumstances permit / call for it.

      I refuse to be tied down by dogma. But at the same time I’m a huge believer in the power of bodyweight training.

      Hope that helps clarify our philosophy for you.


  • It took me 3 tries to even get through the entire 600 calorie sample workout that Joel & Arnel made available for a free download on 10/5. It also took me much longer to complete than it should have as I typically end up taking longer rest breaks than the program prescribes. But this program is intended to be a challenge and to push you to your limits, and it certainly delivers in that regard. I am almost afraid to see what the 800 calorie and 1000 calorie workouts are going to entail. But I felt awesome last night in the gym when I finally completed the entire routine — my shirt was completely soaked — and one guy looked at me and asked “Are you finished yet…?” I think he was kind of amazed by all the exercises, trisets, and rounds he saw me do. Very few guys in the gym even come close to that type of frenetic work output. That’s how I know this program kicks butt in a very literal sense…lol! Looking forward to getting it when it comes out on 10/19.

  • why do i need to bodyweight series? because i’ll follow the program to the letter. and when i’m done, i’ll send you a photo of the most amazing body you’ve ever seen. a before and after to which which will end all before and afters. and i’ll let you use it for a testimonial. you guys will be rich and famous. the talk of the town and the talkshows. so the question isn’t why do i need the bodyweight series. it’s why do you need me to win the bodyweight series.

  • Because this cancel all the excuses people use for not working out. Also there are people who really can’t pay for a gym membership or buy equipment wich you don’t need and these series are proof of this. You can even do these workouts in the Amazon jungle. Hey you don’t know where you can end in the future.

  • I grew up in an environment surrounded by a myriad of impoverished people. As a result I have always rooted for the “underdog” or the person or people that others frown upon. As a fitness trainer I enjoy working with at-risk youth in an attempt to help boost their self-esteem and keep them out of trouble in the streets. Unfortunately, gym equipment and resources are limited. Your program would be practical and economically feasible. Pundits often speculate why the world is in such dissaray. That answer is debatable. What is certain is that assisting young people who are less fortunate is a step in the right direction. Thank you for your consideration. Peace and blessings.

  • For me the attraction of this workout series is its non-reliance on tons of fancy equipment. I mean dumb-bells, kettle bells, dyna discs, dyna bands, ab-this, that and the other. It’s crazy! The human body is all you need to get in fantastic shape, as you guys have proven by your Bodyweight Program.

    Face it. The Ancient Greek athletes provide some of the finest examples of functional fitness around. Do you think they had the latest whiz-bang thingy from a late night infomercial? Somehow I really don’t think so.

    The other thing that is so attractive about this program for me is that it does lead to functional fitness through the use of compound exercises and giant sets. As you said, the human body is a miraculously adaptable thing. And being functionally fit means you get to do the things you love like hiking or mountain biking or zip lining or whatever. You just get to enjoy life more because your body can handle more.

    I’m so jazzed about this program I can’t wait for tomorrow! Yes, I hope I win a free copy. But it’s a pretty safe bet that I’m “on board” either way.

    Living well is the best revenge. Conquer everything!

  • Not sure how “fun” my comment will be but I simply LOVE bodyweight workouts! I may use dumbbells every now and then to make an exercise more challenging but bodyweight exercises are just more fun and have so many variations that you can literally never plateau and always have something new and more challenging to do. I do all of my workouts at home or outside (including biking) with minimal equipment, partially because I just don’t have the space for much. I do not like gyms because what few gyms there are where I live seem to only focus on weights and “bodybuilding.” I guess it’s from people just being uneducated on how important being fit is rather than just huge. I want my workouts to help me in my everyday life and not only to help me to look good in a tight t-shirt. I’ve learned how important this is over the last couple of years. Functional workouts is the way to go! Thanks to Arnel for creating this workout and to bodyweightcoach.com for the giveaway!

  • I work away from home from Monday to Thursday living out of a hotel with a typical “hotel gym”
    of some dumbells, a couple of treadmills and some useless machines. I would love a program that I could use in that gym to get real results. I have been in the past successful at getting in shape but I am useless at programming something. You guys have done all the thinking and I know I could get in the best shape of my life using this program. I might even start to have different feelings towards my job.
    Go Hard.

  • Why I want to win the 1000 Kcal Bodyweight Series… I’m a father of nine (yes, nine – ages 27 to 1) and after years of trying I’ve finally got some of my kids working out with me. We’re tired of P90X and need something to keep us on our game.

    Where? Like I can afford gym memberships for my wife, myself and the kids. We work out in the garage, the back yard, and when the weather is nice we take it to the park. You should see my 3-year-old with his one pound dumbbells… cute as it gets.

  • hi i would love to mget my hands on this tremendous programme 1000 calorie challenge.i am forty nine years old and i am into kick boxing and physical fitness,yet i am unable reach my desired weight despite working out regularly.i even teach ladies at my work place physical fitness.i am often times ridiculed for being a fitness enthusiast but cant loose my big belly.i have seen the 450 kal work out and tried it out and for the first time in years i see positive result.here in jamaica where i live the nearest gymn is twenty five miles away and the fees are prohibitive for me.so if i could get this programme i would get the result i want personally and all the ladies who train on a volontary basis would benefit from this programme resulting in a fitter workforce at my hospital and thus better health care delivery .and of course i would not be ridiculed as the gymn instructor with a big belly..

  • i am a student at college and i’ve been doing quite a lot of research into different fitness programs. while doing all the research i realised that there was two main things i could do:
    1. bulk up and increase muscle mass
    2. or drop the fat and become lean!!
    i realised that the best thing for me would to be get lean!! and become better at my sport (football)
    also ive been watching all the videos that have been sent out with the different workouts and they all seem to be a lot more fun than a gruelling session in the gym, i’m not too keen on goin to the gym as i dont have that much free time and all the heavy lifting doesn’t appeal to me and im tired of the ‘competition’ that goes on between the biggest guys!!
    i also would love to have some proper old fahsioned functional strength!! to be able to jump higher, run faster and do countless pull ups!!! hahaha
    finally, i just feel as though i have to get into the best possible shape now rather than waiting a few years putting on too much weight and making it even harder for myself.

  • Plagued by recent back injuries, I am back in training mode but modifying EVERYTHING to avoid reinjury. Body weight exercises that will enable me to become super fit again without putting shearing forces on my spine are essential. I am super stoked to try these out and become the fittest I have ever been! Also, I live in the countryside and why should I have to drive an hour to train in a basement gym when I can rip it up on the grass?? Love it Arnel — keep ’em coming!

  • First and foremost, I’m really excited about the 1000-calorie challenge because it is, just as the name puts it, a challenge. I want to take my body and raise it to the next level, raise the stakes if you will 🙂 I think there’s a definite connection between body and mind and that when you dominate your body you get to dominate your mind as well. Plus, who says some kick-butt workouts aren’t just what the doctor ordered? 🙂 I want to show that fat it doesn’t have a chance, haha 🙂 Plus, it’s also an ego-thing I have to admit: I want to prove to myself that I can be better than I was with every new training session and set a new record waiting to be broken next time. Because limits are just in our head. And they are meant to be pushed and surpassed 🙂

  • hi guys, really i would like to getting this amazing program because i live in Lima peru , in my country there is no way to obtain this kind of training , i feel very frustrate because i am too worry doing the same exercises without getting the best result, i want to try to change my daily routine, and feel that i am a winner.

  • your program looks awesome and i would love to have a copy of it! i am 18 and still live with my parents so i dont have the space for alot of equipment, a car to go to a gym every week, or money to buy big expensive equipment. so getting this program and being able to do the workouts im my room would be GREAT!!! I dont really like going to the gym because i am so out of shape that i feel like every one is watching me with that “why is she even in here ” look, so i really dont get much done. and i cant really lift my own bodyweight so getting a bodyweight program would be helpful to get me to that next level. REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THE RELEASE OF YOUR PROGRAM, HOPE IM A WINNER!!!!!


  • I would like a free copy of this workout! I have been a police officer for 18 years and during this time I have tried different workouts but nothing like this! I think this workout would help me in my job to be more fit and be safe so I could make it home each night. I love a challenge and this is what this workout is!

  • I just got a cardiac test result yesterday that is now having me go to the hospital for a cardiac stent. My doctor says I should recover fine and in 2weeks be able to get back to full training, with 30-60 minutes of exercise (strenuous) daily. I want to get back to my triathlon events. I am thinking your program can be a great help.


  • Some of this will be redundant to Adam and Ryan as I have been whinning at them for months about one thing or another.
    I am 67 and have ha periods where I have been in great shape. Now is not one of those.
    70 days ago I had bi-lateral knees replacement and was told firstly, don’t do two at a time and secondly that i wouldn’t be doing much other than PT of course, for at least 1/2 a year to a year.
    By much they (the infamous they) said I would be able to hike but only groomed trails and it would be a year before I’d be able to tackle the “Canyon” as in Grand or something equally challenging.
    I am already hiking up some rough trails and began to do intervals on some fairly steep hills with my hiking poles.
    I am thrilled with my progress, the PT people who have been awesome and the fantastic surgeon who really went the extra mile to me informative and has stayed involved.
    My impatience has been in the area of being able to do enough with my legs to generate the heart rate I need to burn fat including not being able to do any jumping squats or lunges or movements of that type
    I also am having real challenges at getting into some type of upper body work and I think that is mostly excuse making.
    The upshot of this is I have gained fat and am having a ton of trouble getting it off and pushing away from the table.
    I had my knees done for several reasons. One was that it was getting so painful to do what I love, hiking /backpacking that each outing was too exhausting. And second is that I have 4 new grandaughters that I want to roll model a vigorous healthy lifestyle for and be able to take them all scuba diving and hiking when they are ready and want to give it a run.
    OH yeah there is a third reason. I watched Adam do the Cardiosprawl and my first thought was holy …. I’ll never be able to do that “hopping thing”. I need to prove that thought bogus
    Thats it for me. You guys are way fun and inspiring. Win or not I ‘m in this ballgame for the duration BUT if I don’t win I am going to continue unmercifully to whine at you guys on a regular basis. Be advised and act accordingly

  • I would add the element of strength at the beginning, just one move per day (3 different moves for the week) for a few sets of 3-5 (press-Dlift-Sqt) and maybe 100-200 lazy k-bell swings for good measure. Andrea, somehow I don’t see how kettlebells are “fancy” equipment, just a chunk of cast iron or steel and no moving parts. The Greeks probably thought of their swords, shields, spears, etc. as pretty fancy and high tech equipment at the time. External loads have ALWAYS been used. Don’t get caught going too far in one direction as to narrow your vision with respect to tools. Everything can be a useful tool and you can make lots of stuff for very little money if you have a little creativity. Functional is a term that most don’t understand. It has to do your body good AND meet your goals. If you have a lousy structure and attempt jumping up and down (say, with valgus collapse of the knees) you could very likely do some harm so BW jumps would not be functional UNTIL you could actually handle them properly. I see lots of people/trainers doing all sorts of “functional movements” but would any one movement be simultaneously functional for a 65 yr old women with severe osteoporosis, a 28 yr old professional football player and a 15 yr old girl with idiopathic scoliosis? Goals, present status and a positive outcome determine wether or not something is functional.

  • Hey guys! Great job. Ever since following this great plan I burn anywhere from 500 calories to 700 calories. I have tried other workouts and only burned 300 to 400 calories and that is with a trainer. After showing him this stuff and him seeing the calorie burn, He’s a believer! And that, my friends is hard to do with my trainer!

  • Hi guys,

    I love these workouts! I’m here because being a single dad prompted me to find better workout alternatives that could help me on multiple levels:
    1.) I want something I can feel not only keeps me in shape, but actually is improving my conditioning.
    2.) I want something with little to no setup time and space (no room for equipment in our place!).
    3.) I want something I can do on a budget (diapers and daycare are expensive!).
    4.) I want something I can do in a short amount of time, so I can spend more time with my son!

    What started off with interval training has progressively led me to what you guys offer and I feel it really works. I did the workout on Tuesday (with the assisted pull-ups Adam recommended) and have felt the burn through to today. Now, I’m going to go home tonight and try this one!

    I would love a free copy of the program to keep up the momentum.

    Thank you guys for putting these powerful tools in my hands – my life is already the better for it!


  • I would love to have the 1000 Cal workout to add to my exercise routine. I have used bodyweight training almost exclusively for the last year, and love it! It works perfectly with my lifestyle since I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to 3 kids and don’t have the option of working out at a gym or even going for a run. Our family is also planning an international move in the next few months and so I’ve been trying to streamline my workout routine so that I continue wit the same intensity and results even after we move.
    .-= Carrie´s last blog -> Cardio Killer and Muscle Burner =-.

  • When I was 23 I was a rock solid 225 with girls climbing all over me. A few years later a doctor and some family members convinced me that I was crazy and needed to take some medication. Well, I must have been nuts because less than 2 years later I transformed into a 300+ lbs human balloon animal. I am now 32 and down to a respectable 250. I have a sweet garage gym and workout daily. I figure about 20 more lbs should do it and I would gladly put the escapade on video; if for no other reason than its inherent comedic value. I wish I had noble purposes for wanting this like everyone else who posted, but alas, I am very flawed and will gleefully use your knowledge to get those girls crawling all over me once again.

  • Wow, I love what I see here. Your bodyweight exercises make perfect sense for me because I live in a very small place so I don’t have room for equipment. I go to the gym as often as I can, but not consistantly, because our gym closes for weeks at a time during holidays and school breaks. Your program sounds like a perfect solution. It gives me my cardio and my weight training all wrapped up in one saving me time. It can be done at home in the space I have available. I can still go to the gym and do the progressive 600 and 1000 calorie workouts. And your programs will help me consistantly create the 3500 calorie deficits I need to lose weight. So here’s to hoping you like what you read, I get really lucky, and you make me one of the fortunate winners!

  • My husband and I are 7 days into an 80 day competition (with each other) to see who can lose the most body fat. If I win a copy of the BW series 1000 cal challenge, I’ll win it for sure!! 😀

    He thinks nautilus machines and the treadmill are the best way to get in shape. (Big eye roll). If I win, he’s agreed to give the machines and treadmill a break and try it my way. If HE wins, I’m obligated to trudge all the way out to LA Fitness and use their excruciatingly boring cardio and nautilus machines for 3 months. Don’t make me suffer through that, guys!

    I *need* to win a copy of the 1000 cal challenge! 😀

  • Because it is bitter. And because it is my heart.

    And because winter nights in Nebraska hit 30 below zero windchill on a regular basis, and I would rather sweat in my basement than drive a dogsled to a health club just to lift some weights.
    .-= James Boelter´s last blog -> Training- Four Way Burn Redux =-.

  • Hi. Believe it or not, I am a mountain climber, having just done Mount Elbrus the highest mountain in Europe! ( July 2010)and previously, Kilimanjaro. I am planning Mount Aconcagua(7000m ) for January and really need to up the anti on my boring, mind numbingly sad gym routine,……I am so bored at gym I make sure I use the equipment in front of the television screens….just for some mind stimulation!! Help…I would really like variety and excitement and a HUGE challenge….yes….I am sure the work outs will be more challenging than even Mount Everest!! LOL :-)……..so please…help out this amature wannabe “7Summiter” ….thats climbing the highest peak on each continent to reach her goal fit and healthy and not so tired, that the moment of summiting is just awash with tiredness and hard breathing!!! Maybe I can blow a Vuvuzela once again at the top of Aconcagua….like my guide on Mount Elbrus did!! Yes really….we did check about avalanches first though!!

    So….even if I dont win a free copy, I remain loyal and love the news letters and advice and workouts!


  • Great stuff! i have put on 25 pounds in the last few months and my wife is even making fun off my new budha belly. i am at work all day and while i do have access to working out i have injured myself using weights in the past and prefer to use bodyweight instead. the 1000kcal challenge would be a perfect routine for me and to give me a chance to show my wife that i can loose the weight and get back to the weight i was when we got married.

  • Hi Arnel & Adam!
    Just moved back from overseas job into my new diggs which are too small for weights and I have a history of lower back trouble so love BW exercises. I’m also newly married and she’s too good a cook!! Your program looks really fun and doable given my situation.
    Be well 🙂

  • I find these workouts are amazingly efficient and tough. I hate spending hours of slow cardio and then having to do weighted exercises inorder to become lean and strong. I have recently decided to apply for a full-time firefighting position in my home town. I am currently a volunteer firefighter but since losing my full time job as a mechanical designer, I am looking at a carrer change and hopefully a job.
    Inorder to apply for the full time fire fighter position I have to endure a grueling 4 hour fitness test that tests your strength and cardio condition. I have been working hard with interval training on a bike along with sprinting and interval weight training. I need to really lose some unwanted pounds and build some more muscle inorder to get myself in GREAT shape for this 4 four challenge. And being female, I have to work that much harder to get the strength that I need to pass. I have tried some of the workouts you have posted and I love them and feel it is exactly what I need to be ready to perform these tasks and to keep up with all the males that I have to go up against. This is also a great way to stay in your peak shape and enhance it along the way. Hope to see more of these great workouts…Thanks for posting them.

  • this series look awesome
    It looks like the thing I need to be able to workout at 5am before going to work.
    It seems effective and easy to fallow. Perfect for people like me that want to get in shape and do not have time to waste around.

  • Hi guys,

    I have a 3rd Dan in karate and over the years have found that doing the ‘normal’ gym routines have hampered my training. It became a choice of either go to gym and push weights and then be to sore and stiff to train my martial art or train karate and sacrifice my strength training.

    I searched for as much functional training tools that I could find, but being at the tip of Africa, it was not an easy task. Thank heavens for the wonder of the Internet! Anyway the progression of training I followed eventually led me to Scott Sonnon and also Bodyweight Coach. I found that following these programs have helped me no end. Three years ago I developed chronic back ache and have a genetic hip disease as well (I am 34). Since following bodyweight routines I have been relatively pain free. My karate has improved exponentially and even recently placed 4th in a world championship.

    After watching the 450 cal workout, I tried out just the first set (3 point pushup and squat jump) with one of my senior classes (for reps, not time) and was blown away by how effectively it raised the heart rate as well as keeping strength and power.

    I would love this program because although I would love to look ripped (which I’m sure it will do) I’d be glad to be able to keep training and keep healthy and be functional.



  • I’ve been an athlete for 52 years and a Trainer for 10. You guys are great, keeping it simple, structured and doable. Congrats.

  • These workouts look like they can be done anywhere and anytime. This is critical for me as I will be going to West Point, unless I feel enlistment better, but in either case, in the Special Operations Community, you slow down, you die. I realize the program like TACFIT Commando is amazing, but I would like to have something for everyone to do after that program is finished, such as this, and then we can jump back into TACFIT. I will find out in a month if I am accepted into West Point, and if I am, this program would be invaluable because as an Officer, it is hard to ekeep fit. My dad is a Major and it has been hard for him just because of how much is needed to be done to protect our soldiers and get the mission accomplished; having some days where you work from 4am to 1am gives little time to workout for yourself and this program would definitly curve some of that problem. Regardless, something like this would be a big help to everyone currently under my father, as well as for me when I join. And it doesn’t need to be mentioned, but you don’t join the military for money, if you know what I mean…
    Thanks for making an awesome program, keep it up:D

  • Don’t give me a copy of this program…

    I have been watching every teaser video to try and get a new glimpse of what these workouts consist of; I have already done the week three work out that was outlined in the initial promotion (twice; and P90X on the in between days…hardcore baby!) I even put the routine into Excel so I could track my reps. I took the 450 cal teaser video workout that Adam did and filled in the rest with what I thought would be consistent with the program just because I can’t wait till the 19th to get started. I’ve already begun the caloric reduction days and feel great! I would use this program like it was meant to be used and not as a bookend on my shelf collecting dust. I haven’t been huffing and puffing like this in quite a while and I absolutely love it.
    I’m 40 years old and over the last two years I have lost 90lbs from working my butt off and watching my diet; I refuse to become that roly-poly weeble-wobble again. I get up at 4:30am every morning and drag my butt down to my basement to work out. I would rather work out in my basement than go to a gym because I don’t have to worry about combing my hair, putting in my contacts or waiting for a piece of equipment or wondering if anyone is watching me; I can be me at my own pace during my alone time.

    …If you want to give this program to someone who might use it or will occasionally use it than I’m not the one to give it to. I enjoy working out really hard and sweating my ass off; I would enjoy this program too much!

  • Wow! I used to be very skeptical of bodyweight exercises. I am an out of shape former personal trainer turned real estate agent. I simply don’t have time to go to the gym several times a week nor do I have the space or financial ability to build a home gym. This stuff is just what I need and I would love to win it!

  • it would be freakin’ hilarious to get in shape in no time and be superfit anytime anywhere!!!! and besides that I also don’t want to b tied down to the dogma i’m in right now: a clueless gymrat goin’ nowhere……..
    And oh I also want 2 be reborn just like my man, 4o plus comments before me, Bryan(he’s not my man like husband or something or like anything for that matter,just use the phrase purely for sayings..still with me??)
    anyways when I would receive a free copy of 1000 kCal BODYWEIGHT SERIES I will laugh all the way……o wait not that for actually…i will laugh all the way in my livin’ room( I probaly will do some cursing first durin’ the work outs but afterwards I know i will SMILE!!)
    with happinezz and really good intentions from Europe…

  • That looks like fun! I am a big frog fan; I just think they are the cutest little things. Anyway your frog leap caught my eye and said this is for me!

  • Well, well. To start, i did Arnel’s FREE 16 week i want six pack abs challenge. No joke, this was like abuse but i made sure i got through it(I must have sworn Arnel every alternate day). Tough as it was and as tough as i became, it was the beginning of Fat Loss. I dropped 10 kg’s but still need to drop another 5-7 kg’s.

    These 1000 cal workouts seem like the reeeeeal deal. I also hate going to gym honestly. Hardly go to gym, but i love training at home. I’m now training at home for a year plus. I feel i motivate myself more and push myself to the limit more. Like till i can’t breathe and need to puke. And mainly bodyweight exercise routines.

    It actually surprises me how intense bodyweight training is. Yet people think because there’s no weights involved that it’s crap. Ask them to do bodyweight and they dunno what hit them. They huff and puff and moan that their fitness is weak. Well what’s the point training if you gaining no stamina and fitness?? Uhhh, pointless!!

    I just need to achieve that dream of mine. The dream body i see only when i fall asleep (Well and in my thoughts and visions tooo). I need to make my goal a reality and motivate those around me. I need to achieve the fitness i so need to succeed in my social sports and competitively at times. I need to do it so others know that they can also, Because if i can do it anyone can.

    I reckon i got what it takes to succeed at this challenge.

    Bring It On!!!!

  • I have been watching you guys for a long time and I love BW exercises. Economy is killing me and I need a challange that is not going to cost me any money. Good Fortune and God Speed!

  • I have reached a plateau. I have come a long way with much progress made, but I still want more. This is why I continue to read e-mail after e-mail and follow workout video after workout video. I am not done with my quest, because I have not reached the results that I desire. I want to have no shame when I look at myself, when I think about myself. Currently I am 22 and living abroad in Spain, teaching English to children from age 3 to 6th grade. I moved here right out of college and the transition has been difficult, especially because I have had a very hard time keeping track with my workouts and staying on schedule. I love the body-weight technique because nothing else makes gives me a greater feeling of control than walking outside whenever I want and changing my future solely with my desire and technique. I have followed the other wise men of fitness (Mike Geary, Scott Shannon) and they have worked very well for me. Now I am hoping to combine what they have already given me with this new program. I only teach part time, so I have plenty of time to commit to the program, log my results and keep you updated on my progress. You can not imagine how much I want to push myself up to the next level and finally start seeing the changes I have worked at for 8 years. Or maybe you can imagine my desire, and then you would not hesitate to award me with such a generous gift. I am young, fit, and able enough to use this program to the max. I would also continue to be a motivation to my family, who fights the same fight as me, and looks to me as an example and guide. If I had the money, I would definitely buy this product on my own, and allow someone else to take the prize. But as it is, I am in Spain, with no money to spare, but only time and determination. I need to push through this seemingly plateau of titanium and reach the next level, but I need your help to do it. I need you to help me realize my dream.

  • I’d like to be considered for your giveaway because I think I can be an excellent subject for your before and after/success stories from the program.
    I’m a desk jockey that is suffering from the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, and I believe that your program, not requiring any special equipment, is just what I need to get back in shape.
    Lately I’ve had back issues (spent a week in crutches) and been told my cholesterol is high.
    I’m 42, 5’9″ 187 lbs and 26% BF — I can certainly use your program.
    I’m up for the challenge to get back in shape, for me and for my family!

    Juan H

  • Hey there bodyweight coaches,

    I love the idea of being able to burn 1000 thousand calories per workout. I would use the challenge at home i am un-employed right now and can not afford to go to a gym. I used to be an athlete in school and have been looking for that kind of workout that will kick my a**! The only problem is i can’t afford to buy the fancy home gym equipment or get training to reach my goals. I love the fact that you can use mainly bodyweight to get a fantastic workout and get in the best shape you can. I have watched the videos and read the feeds sent to me and this workout and the principles behind and with it sound awesome. Watching you guys do them and the sweat the workouts produce in the short time you are showing makes me drool with excitement knowing that i may have the opportunity to win a copy. I would pay a fortune for a program that is going to give me the results you are describing! Hope I’m one of the give awayabut if not I will be purchasing it any how!

  • Hi, I have been training myself and my clients circuit style. I am constantly on the lookout to challenge with different programs. What I like about the your program is that you have the numbers to prove it. It is great to know that when I lose those calories, I gain the physique i want to achieve in the shortest period of time. I know my clients will definitely love it.

  • Always looking for something better than what I have been doing. With no room for a home gym, and not having the time to make a special trip to work out; the body weight exercise programs look to be an option that will fill my need. The 1000K program is just what this middleaged guy needs to pull me back into shape. Lifting weights only makes my old joints hurt more, and I really don’t feel comfortable going to a gym. I would love the challenge and wonder how long it would take me to get to the 1000K workout.

  • Sheesh, fellas. I’d use your workout WHEREVER I go!! Gym, gym at the library (yes, there is a gym at my library – I am a Librarian), and at the beach… We grow White Pointer sharks pretty big in West Oz and as a bit of a surfer I like to stay trim enough to out swim ’em if they come to the beach for a take away.

    Doing the 1000kCal workout on the beach will help keep me trim enough to swim double-quick away from any big toothy fish and will help me look more like a boring salad instead of a juicy burger on the Great White beach take away smorgasboard.


  • This program looks promising. As for my comment to win…

    I believe that calisthenics should be the main form of workouts, with weight lifitng being supplemenary, if I haven’t mastered my own bodyweight yet, why would I add more? I do have a gym membership, mostly for the access to some free weights, such as kettlebells, and the space for some of the movements, also the gym has racquetball courts. Like I said, people should master their own bodyweight before they add external resistance, and this would definately help master my bodyweight. I also love doing “different looking” exercises, I have always thought out of the box and enjoy when others look and think about trying it when no one else is watching.

  • The series looks killer. I prefer the BW exercises and have in the past had better results over using the equipment at gym. Love the idea of being able to complete a challenging and intense work out where ever I am regardless if I am away for work or just at home. As with most people, the current economy is hurting, as keeping in shape and looking good is a key role in my life, being able to do this and save a some money at the same time is a absolute bonus. Keep up the great work guys

  • I would love to win since I teach a few boot camp classes a week to mostly women. Your program is easy to follow and the best I have seen since P90. I would introduce your program to all my members and I am sure they would be interested in your site. Women are always leary about programs like this but since yours builds and shows calories expended…I think they would love it!

  • I’d use the 1000 kCal Body-weight Series at home to lose weight, because why go to the gym when it can be done at home. I just like the idea of body-weight training.

  • I am a pediatric PT and travel all week with a crazy changing schedule. I know where every safe park, parking lot, running trail, track, bleachers, or empty field is. I have run parking lot lines, jump trained from a bungi in my car door, jumped rope in empty spinning rooms, attached my TRX to tons of trees, and was one of the few north easterners sad to see the snow melt last winter because it turns out you CAN cross country ski anywhere if the snow is deep enough. And it was plenty deep. But my go to exercise has to be fast and make me work hard in the limited time I have between patients. I love bodyweight training because I have never forgotten my equipment and even if I forget my shoes grass can be pretty forgiving. My kids can participate with me… My own kids as well as the kids I work with… And we can all marvel at how hard you can work without any equipment accept what you see in the mirror. I would love to try out the program!

  • Last month I became a new father for the first time. I currently pay for gym membership which I have little to no time use or to go to. However, heres how I got my excercise fix last night (2am). I was trying to settle my daughter, whilst holding her, I found walking down the stairs broke her crying. When I reached the bottom, she started crying again. So, for the next 10mins I found myself settling her by walking up and down stairs! She fell asleep. LOL (My wife thinks I’m insane :))

    I would use the 1000 kCal Bodyweight Series at home to achieve my health goals every week. I would be able to workout in my own time, even at 2am or 4am, avoiding the crowded gyms and listening to gym junkies grunting. Working out at home will help me save time (being close to home to my family), save money (for baby ammenties namely nappies) and stop using my daughter as extra bodywieght! LOL

    Overall 1000 kCal Bodyweight Series will benefit me and my new family not only physically and mentally but also emotionally. 🙂

  • Great work Joel and Arnel! I am very excited for the release of 1000 calorie challenge since I got my hand on the sample workouts and tried it myself. I’ve been on it for the past 2 weeks and the workouts are really intense. I love that the program is simple and uncomplicated and you can totally feel it working. Signing up in a gym is really not an option for me right now due to the high cost and inconvenience so working out at home just makes more sense. The only thing I’m missing is the 1000 calorie challenge program that is sure to educate and direct me towards my goal of losing fat while gaining muscle. Mentally and physically, I am out and about ready to get on this program!

    It would be AWESOME if I were to win a free copy of the program and find out for myself how close I am from attaining my dream of finally getting that six pack abs! With my determination, commitment and hard work, this program will surely deliver the results I am looking for.

  • I have already bought and used several of your bodyweight programs and they are really effective and challenging work-outs. I have a small home gym, but certainly not enough equipment to do the workout as Arnel has developed. I also travel, and dragging along anything more than an exercise mat is next to impossible. Having this challenging workout in a bodyweight version would enable me to stay in shape especially while on the road, and as you know, eating right on the road can be a real challenge.

    I’ve been doing well with the routines I have used so far, but I am gong to have to ramp it up in order to meet my goal of visible six-pack abs. This program looks like the way to go. I would love to be your demo guinea-pig to show the effectiveness of the Arnel’s approach combined with your bodyweight exercise regimen. Plus, I can help dispel the myth that those over 50, especially women, cannot do stuff this challenging!

  • I am interested in the 1000 kcal bodyweight program because I need to be in tip top shape. I am a police officer and fighting crime is a hard business these days. You’ve got the younger faster criminals that you must catch when they run. Not to mention the he men type that you must wrestle with until your back up arrives. Plus the perks of the job, fast food, including the power rings (Donuts for you civilians), driving around in a cramped car just feeling my rear end getting larger and less sleep then the normal person because I am lucky and get to work everyone’s favorite shift, yes, you guessed it, THIRD SHIFT!
    To add more fuel to the fire I live and work in the beautiful upper Midwest. The area of the country where for what seems like half the year the SNOW (Yes, I said the “S” word) is flying and the wind chill some nights is -30 degrees.
    I am looking for a fitness program that will keep me in top physical shape and which I can do on my time ,which is not much and without having to go to an overpriced gym. Well got to go CRIME is calling. It’s tough being a crime fighter!

  • Excellent Super sets…I’m a firm believer in body weight exercises, the Super sets that you’ve shown are exercises that i would like to incorporate into my current program. I’ve started back in body weight training for almost 2 months at the young age of 50+, and have a lot of work to do specifically in the core area, with a minor lower back issue, i still press forward to get fit and trim while losing the unnecessary calories. Keep up the good work on posting these worthwhile bits of nuggets! Lose those extra Calories and feel great! Regards, PMT.

  • If you made it this far without having a nervous breakdown than congratulation!!!
    Now it’s my turn. That is why i need the program, i am on the edge of it 😛

    well i need to get the bodyweight workout for a lot and a lot more reasons
    I was never able to commit to one workout since i always get bored and i cant see RESULTS.

    I am working in a country where getting to the nearest gym requires driving for an 1hour and a half, and at the end u arrive to a garage gym and i can t do that after working for 11hours straight.

    i have no one to motivate me or help me to get in shape and lose my excess fat but you guys.

    my whole family is fat (except for my grandpa who passed away 20 years ago), and they are not able to commit to anything. if i win this i am trying to make them follow the program bec i am sure it will get us results, bec trying the 450cal was great this week.

    A Part ca, it is perfect & awesome 🙂

    Bon courage et merci 🙂

  • I believe the 1000 Calorie Challenge is great for me because it is what I need in my life. I believe using the 1000 Calorie Challenge will keep me motivated in life and keep me healthy. I need all the help I can get right now to get healthy and to get out of the obesity range. I love to exercise and I love healthy foods but I need a real challenge. That would be the 1000 Calorie Challenge. It fits exactly what Im looking for and I feel it will work for me. I tried everything else to get in shape and healthy. Nothing worked. I try to be healthy and in shape to improve my health. My family has health issues such as heart problems and Diabetes 2. I don’t want to go down that road all because I am obese and nothing really works for me. I love challenges that is ready to be set and completed. 1000 Calorie Challenge is making me itch to try and start getting more healthy for my life. My mother worries about my weight and worries that something bad will happen so I would like to find a method to ease her worries and make my life way healthier. Thank you for letting me be a part of this. Also Thank You for sending Updates it helps a lot.

  • Hey Guys,
    I am a huge fan of your Bodyweight Series. I sit at a desk all day at work, usually 10-12 hours most days, and at least 2 saturdays a month. I support my pregnant wife and and 3 year old son, between this and a mortgage money is pretty slim, so this counts out any gym memberships. I go for a run a couple of times a week, but i find this does almost nothing for fat burning, even my fitness does not seem to improve much. I have done your 450kcal workout 3 times now (as you only posted a week ago) and even after only that much i am feeling the differnce. now that you have posted the 600kcal workout i will be aiming for that in two weeks. This is great for when money is tight as well as time. You guys are great. thanks heaps.

  • Hi !
    I really want this program to show my clients that bodyweight training is very good, and that i´m the craziest swede on the planet:-)
    “If training hard is a crime, throw me in jail”

    See ya brothers

  • I typically work out at home with my kids (6, 4, and 2 years old). I’m always looking for challenging circuit workouts to do. I like flipping tires, sledgehammer swings, box jumps, high intensity circuits and stuff. My kids like it when I do body weight stuff more because they can do it too. And not only is it good for them to learn how to work out, it is hilarious for me to watch three little kids (especially my 2 year old son) trying to hammer out push-ups, alternating lung jumps or squats (I even made each of them their own set of dumbbells to use for when I incorporate dumbbells into my circuits and they want to join in). On top of that I have never found an exercise program that was intense enough for me. I have always had to add intensity to get a good workout but this looks like it has some potential to be about at the level I need.

    I’d love to give it a try and I’m sure my kids would too.

  • Nice work you guys, this program looks perfect!

    I work in the film industry; my job is very physical, the hours are very long, and can be day shifts, night shifts, and anywhere in between (in the same week!). I need to keep strong and healthy to do the job to begin with, and then be able to weather the long, unpredictable stretches of unemployment where saving money is paramount, and keeping from losing strength and gaining fat is a struggle. My exercise program has to be fast, efficient, empowering and mentally engaging, as well as portable, to work me on location and in my small apartment during down-time. My search is what initially brought me to your site, and my introduction to the power of bodyweight exercise. This program looks to be exactly what I need now, to rock my situation and keep me makin’ movies! Thanks guys!

  • I have a full gym in my garage, but sometimes it feels nice to just bust out a gut wrenching bodyweight workout. It just feels very functional. I would love the rest of the 1000 cal workouts. thanks, Mike.

  • I don’t need this for me, nor for my mother, but my father needs it badly. His is over 60 and I can only wonder if he is more cheeseparing, or more obese(240lbs and few muscles I think) or more cocky.

  • Hello,

    I am a disabled Army veteran who got injured in the war in Iraq. After my injury I gained 50 pounds due to not being able to work out and depression, going from a fit 170 to a flabby 220 – I am now on the road to reclaiming my physical fitness and firm physique, however I am having trouble finding the right combination of exercise and diet.

    As you well know most military guys have extensive workout plans that they adhere to, but most of them are unbalanced and ineffective.

    I am a big fan of body-weight workouts as they tend to work multiple muscle groups and have a more balanced effect on your body. I tend to think of BW exercises as creating much more “real” strength and endurance that most “gym type” exercises (which I think of as “for show muscle) – and you can do your workout where ever you happen to find yourself.

    Right now I am forced to admit that I am ashamed to go to the gym. This program would allow me to workout effectively and efficiently from home, and achieve my desired results in a matter of a few months instead of taking almost a year, and that is something I can be truly excited about and thankful for.

    I have the dedication and drive to stick to this program and achieve truly spectacular results – all I need is the chance.

    Thanks for your time and the great website,

  • I just turned 29 last week, and I’m sick and tired of my body. I’m tired of being the “fat friend”. I want the hot body that everyone stops to stare at! I want to prove to myself for once and all that I AM beautiful inside AND out, and from everything I’ve seen so far, your system can be just the ticket for me!!! Will you guys help me look the hottest (and healthiest!) I’ve ever looked (and maybe find myself a great guy in the process?!!?! haha…)??? Thanks for considering me!

    Oh, and I have a really loud mouth, so when “we’re” successful, EVERYONE will know exactly WHO got me looking so good!

  • I am a stay-at-home Mum to 3 small children (5, 4, 1) and don’t have the time to go to the gym or have the budget to buy lots of fancy home-gym equipment. This is why bodyweight training is so ideal for my situation right now. The workout looks awesome, super challenging and fun. I have done some of your workouts in the past, and would love to have an exciting new challenge in the 1000kCal bodyweight series.

  • I actually work in a fitness facility as a trainer and group exercise instructor. I have free access to the facility and equipment but I choose to workout at home or in the great outdoors. The gym is always over-crowded with people that spend several hours a day attempting to workout while talking on their cell phones or socializing. I can’t say that I see too many people that actually focus on their actual workouts. Then there are the sweat-hogs that refuse to clean the equipment after they are finished with it. If that isn’t enough I can’t count the number of members that have complained that the TV’s don’t work correctly. As if their whole workout revolves around the TV! In all it’s pretty frustrating and annoying.

    I have found that working out at home or outdoors is invigorating. It allows me to focus on what I am doing without the distractions that go with the stale gym environment. That being the case I am always looking for new and exciting ways to improve my workouts without having to invest tons of money or equipment. I invested in Bodyweight Exercise Revolution and Fuzion. They are both great programs. I would for a chance to own and use your new 1000 kcal Bodyweight Workouts. They would assist me in staying free of the gym rat race.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  • I have been using CST style training for the last few years with great success. Improved Mobility and overall health. The past 5 or 6 I went from being around 230 to around my current weight of 170. My body has experience a bike wreck and car wreck, but it has not stopped me from seeking to better my health/performance/mobility. I have gotten a lot leaner using programs Bodyweight Blueprint, Fuzion, and Tacfit Commando in the last year. I haven’t been mostly limited to bodyweight due to some nagging back injuries. My goal in the next few years is to become a cst instructor . I feel although appearance isn’t the most important factor when it comes to overall health, I would like to look really good naked and be an inspiration to other of what is physically possible if dedicated. Thanks for the workouts and information on this site


  • I work at a small international school in small farming community in Indonesia. There aren’t an abundance of gym opportunities where we are since we aren’t in a big city like Jakarta. Our school has a small weight room with some dumbbells and a rack so I hope to incorporate the things I am seeing in these videos into my setting and keep my 42 year old body in shape. I use a lot of the bodyweight coach resources I have picked up over the years in my garage too since I just have a mat and some small dumbbells. This kind of program sounds like it will fit my situation very well, and I look forward to seeing even more than I have already picked up in these videos with Adam.

  • “Where and why you would use the 1000 kCal Bodyweight Series. Do you travel a lot for work? Do you try to avoid gyms? Don’t have space for a fancy home gym? Just like the idea of bodyweight training?”

    I don’t usually enter online contest, but this is just too perfect for me. I’m 49 years old and my goal and present for my next birthday (the big 5-0) is to reclaim my health, strength AND my physique (ok. I guess that’s also a present for my wife who’s been waiting patiently for that one). I am probably about 30-40 lbs overweight and am starting to have issues with my back and shoulders, but I started intermittent fasting about 3 weeks ago and LOVE it. The weight is coming off. It’s VERY slow as my main exercise right now is 3-5 mile walks several times a week, but it IS coming off. Very exciting indeed!

    I’m a jazz musician and sometimes spend a good portion of my time traveling. (Let me tell you, my Finnish was not nearly good enough to go find a gym in Tampere!) Being able to train in a small space (hotel room, my home studio) would be just the ticket! I have trained “bodybuilder-style” in a hard-core gym and enjoyed it – until I realized it was taking over my life! IF has freed me from diet tyranny and bodyweight exercise (with a bit of dumbell work thrown in for fun) at home has freed me from the gym! I think that’s a great way to start the second half of my first century!

  • The program looks insane. I would love to give it a try. I don’t have access to a lot of fitness equipment and this looks like it would be done anywhere. I am trying to get back into the shape I was in when playing college basketball. I think this would be the perfect program. With some health issues I have gone through and the increase in the amount of time I have had to put in at work I need a program that gets me to burning some major calories as quickly as possible. Thanks for creating a program that looks like it is totally the program I need and am looking for.

  • I’ve been lifting in the gym for the past 3 years and put on the ideal amount of muscle, in my opinion, that my body should have, through Ferruggia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets and some more target bodypart splits. Now, I’m looking to drop as much fat as possible. I don’t have the time to go to a gym during these few months, though. My GCSE A Level exams begin next month and I’ll be desk-bound for at least 12h per day studying like a madman. Bodyweight exercises provide fantastic flexibility and mobility, burn a lot of calories in a short time frame and enable me to get an intense training session in at home without having to travel to the gym. I can utilize my best to the maximum while still getting closer to my goals of getting from 18% to 6% body fat by January. It’s the perfect programme for me. Please choose means one of your privileged winners for the bw1000kcal programme!

  • I come from a pretty sedentary family and background, and I’ve grown up absolutely baffled about the occasional people I encountered who actually enjoyed exercising… Imagine that!
    But in the past year or so, I’ve done a lot of research and educated myself, and begun to realize just how important exercise and diet are for my health (duh!) As I was doing this research (and doing my best to get serious about exercise), I have been visiting this blog regularly, and really enjoy the great tips, especially becuase all the exercises are body weight.
    I live in an incredibly small one-room studio (can it really be called that?) in Korea, and though I love to be outdoors, the pollution in my area is really severe, and there’s a lot of traffic, with very few and crappy parks, all of which mak it hard to do anything outside in terms of exercise. Thus, as you can probably guess, I end up exercising in my cramped room. I don’t have space for equipment, and to be honest, I don’t really have any desire to use lots of equipment. (ya know, the all-natural type, that’s me)
    I’m quite intrigued by this 1,000 calorie program, but haven’t gone after it because of the equipment involved. So I was so excited when you hinted at making a body weight version of it! I would love to get my hands on the series, and be challenged and enjoy working out all at the same time!

  • Adam & Ryan –

    Maintaining my weight has always been a challenge for me. During college, I gained over 45lbs. Just by eating mini-meals, I was able to lose all of it in 9mos. In the last 10 years, the #’s have crept back and with the birth of my son 2 years ago, I’m back to where I was – miserable in my body. I find I no longer go out with my friends and even find excuses to avoid going to the store (I have my husband do it instead).

    Over the last 6 mos, I’ve tried other programs whole-heartedly with little-to-no results – from eating whole foods to the XFLD. I follow the diet/supplement portions of the programs as outlined, but always struggled with the exercise portion. I work from home & have my son with me so being able to work out from home is key. I have a tredmill, but no dumbells, which most other programs require. The 1000Calorie Bodyweight Series would be perfect for me because I can use what I have – me 🙂 I’m a complete beginner, but feel that there is hope that even someone with my fitness level can use the program – seeing real results & progression in a short period of time – talk about motivating! I would love nothing more than to use this program, see results, stay motivated, get my body & energy back, and finally feel free again.

    Thank you,

  • Arnel is really working your booty is these last few videos! I am SO excited for the 1000k BW workout to come out. I have BWBP (I bought it with Rusty’s crew) and have been looking around for something new to inspire me. The movements in the teaser look more functional and less ninja the BWBP, which is totally cool with me. I am happy to see all the traffic your site is getting now, you have come a long way! Thank you for your inspiring work.


  • “Where and why I would use the 1000 kCal Bodyweight Series?”

    My week is split between studying at the University in Vienna and working in Graz (ca. 3 hours from Vienna by train) on Fridays and Saturdays – so basically from Monday til Thursday night I live in my apartment in Vienna (sharing it with my two roommates) and then I take the train to Graz where I stay in my old room at my parents house only to return to Vienna after 2 days working and a relaxing Sunday with my family (and we all know how relaxing such days can be!!!
    So, you see, I travel quite a lot. Not to mention that I am going to spend the next semester studying in Bella Italia and I can hardly take my home gym with me on the plane (at least not all of it). And while I did take my dumbells with me once when travelling from Vienna to Graz and back I have no intention of EVER doing that again (carrying ca. 14lbs in a backpack while standing an the subway or wiggle through a crowd of people at the train station is not what I consider a motivating workout).

    Why wouldn’t anyone want to do crazy effecient and effective workouts? Sure it will be hard, but it’s no fun if you don’t have to push yourself. Besides that: I have to look stunning and fit to attract the attention of those sexy Italian boys when I’m in Florence – of course only to better learn the language – I’m talking EDUCATIONAL REASONS here 😉
    Seriously though, I love Arnel’s workout routines (www.iwantsixpackabs.com and http://www.womensworkoutguide.com) – it was there that I first found out about supersets and how to combine the various exercises. I like that the workouts mostly consist of bodyweight exercises and that the routines take less than an hour. I’ve also heard a lot about Joel’s “Cheat days” – I would love to take a closer look at his diet solution in combination with Arnel’s workouts.

    So, there you go: now you know where and why I would use the 1000-Calorie-Challenge-Program.


  • I’ve already performed the 1,000 calorie sample workout (Tri-Set) using my Polar S625X HRM (which has been calibrated to my Own Index/VO2 max of 51 & is categorized as “very good”) and had the following results:
    • (Baseline): Mon 10/11 – Total kcal = 605; Time = 47 min, 30 sec
    • (Reps & Res Inc): Wed 10/13 – Total kcal = 676; Time = 49 min, 30 sec
    • (Rest Dec, Rounds Inc): Sat 10/16 – TBD later today (note: couldn’t perform on Fri as planned since I’m still recovering from my Mon – Thu workouts) 😉

    I really enjoy pushing myself hard in the gym with high intensity, cardio-based, body-weight & dumbbell resistence workouts. As a result, of performing Body For Life, Final Phase Fat Loss, Double-Edged Fat Loss, & P90X, I’ve gradually built my strength and endurance up to a level serious intensity. Just like Adam (in his sample workout videos), I’ve generated an incredible amount of sweat (didn’t realize I had that much) and experienced an amazing oxygen deficit by performing the sample 600 kcal workout. In fact, at several points during the workout, I found myself gasping for air like a fish out of water…and then my gymboss would remind me to ‘bring it again’!


    Where would I use the 1000 kCal Bodyweight Series?

    EVERYWHERE! With a set of resistance bands & my own bodyweight, I won’t miss a workout and will have the flexibility to perform them anywhere I can find some stabe ground…my backyard, my basement home gym, the fitness center at my office, my hotel room when I travel for work & vacation…and I’m sure I’ll find others.

    Why would I use the 1000 kCal Bodyweight Series?

    TO CUT DOWN! I’m a 42 year old male who since Jan 2010, has lost 33 lbs of bodyfat (from 25.8% to 13.9%) Unfortunately, I’ve been at a plateau between 13-15% bodyfat since May even though my nutrition has continued to get cleaner & workout program increasingly more difficult. I’ve noticed better muscle definition, but the bodyfat % won’t drop. I’m convinced that the right nutrition plan aligned with an aggressive workout program will provide me with the knowledge & strategies necessary to cut down and hit my goal of 8% bodyfat. So far, the 600 kcal sample workout has proven to be extremely challenging and I know that I’ll hit the 1,000 calorie mark in a single 50 min workout! Looking forward to seeing more than a 4-pack!

  • Hi Guys

    Love your bodyweight stuff. I work hard all week and like to spend my spare time with my children. So your program is great to do it the house with minimal equipment and now my children like to join in too. Its challenging, interesting and above all fun! I love the fact there are easier and harder options to a lot of the exercises so people of all shapes and sizes can join in and get results fast.

    Many Thanks


  • I love going to the gym and working out on equipment, but I would love to be able to do bodyweight exercises at home. I have an auto-immune disease and there are days when I cannot get out of bed to go to work. Exercise helps tremendously, but when I have bouts of fatigue getting to the gym is out of the question. It would be great to regain my quality of life without having to rely on a gym or equipment all the time. I would be grateful just to be able to get back to the gym once or twice a week.


  • I would use the new Workouts in 3 more weeks. Just had Inguinal hernia surgery and have been excersize restricted for 4-6 weeks. Killing me that I can’t go to the gym. But, hesitant to go back to heavy lifting soon after surgery. I have always hated cardio and interval training. But any bodyweight, interval training new & exciting would be fantastic. Maybe I wouldn’t need the gym. Always looking for new programs on vacatioon to keep fit. Looks great!

  • i live to burn energy!!!

    i’m a pyromaniac with my BODY and i yearn to BURN!

    fuel me up… 3, 2, 1, GO!

    SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST 1000 calories in a few minutes with PURE BODYWEIGHT flames of raging fury… no equipment…just ME… anywhere… anytime… this is the ultimate DIY FIRESTORM!

    fire me up! fire me up! FIRE me up!!!!

  • “Where would I use the 1000 kCal Bodyweight Series?”
    As I gaze across the bleak expanse the lies before me, here atop my mountain retreat this question dares me to answer. Surrounded by dark forces, deep cold chasms and windswept stone, I know that here and now or where ever I may be I can use the principles and methods of the 1000 kCal Bodyweight Series to train my body and revitalise my mind.

    “Why would I use the 1000 kCal Bodyweight Series?”
    In the days and years ahead, the battle between fitness and fatness that is my struggle will come to an end. Having at my disposal the collective knowledge of experts in bodyweight workouts can mean the difference between a lean glorious victory and the deflated flabbiness of defeat.

  • First of all thanks for Bodyweight programs you guys develop and share with us. Your site is a great resource for new and proven ideas on training and personal fitness without the need of a gym. I would use the 1000 kCal program in my home, I have carved out some space in my living room for my bodyweight related work outs – I also have a punching bag which I find to be a great cardio workout. Why would I do the 1000 kCal program, because I’m looking for ways to maintain and continue my commitment to being fit for life. This program looks like it could a part of that plan.

    Thanks again for the great work and products you are producing. Keep’em coming… 🙂


    Ok, let’s get some facts straight. I have a hard time sweating, which really sucks now. How am I supposed to gauge my workout results if I feel no immediate effect, and have had no results for the past few months? Yeah, 600 cal? That’s a ton. I have this vendetta with the flabby substance known as fat. I need a proven workout method to incinerate this stuff, so that I can live worry free, knowing I’ve conquered my enemy.
    I may also use it to conquer other people’s fat, so that my fatless empire will expand faster than a chocolate cake-eating universe? Yeah.

    Vendetta! Vendetta!

  • When on the road for work, I’m often in hotels with no exercise equipment or what might as well be no exercise equipment. A solid workout program like this would be very helpful to fill out those days when I am devoid of equipment so I can still challenge my muscles. I usually do a series of push-ups/sit-ups/bodyweight squats, but mostly find myself limited beyond knowledge to provide any good exercises beyond these basic ones. I especially feel that bmy shoulders and biceps are “left hanging” in these situations. I would very much like to have a solution for this on-going problem.

  • Hey Guys, thanks for the opportunity to try out this amazing workout. Although I do the gym thing 3-4 times/week, I cannnot seem to get this fat/pounds off from the belly. I need more options/workouts to follow to be successful. I work for an airline and you don’t want to see (fatty)serving you peanuts/cokes do you? Help me out guys. I look forward to this experience. Thanks.

  • Hey guys,
    Im new on here, only been on your list for 2 months. The exercise demos are great. Haven’t been able to due much because of a shoulder injury, but I have tried a couple of the exercises. This would be a great opportunity to get back into kick-butt shape.

  • Actually, I am more interested in the Body weight version of the 1000 cal challenge than the regular one. I don’t go to gyms (except the parkour gym) and I have only a pull up bar, home made suspension trainer and dumbells. I like to train outside at parks and playgrounds.

  • I think Serious Trainer is right, ‘who follows their own advice?’ I just want to say it’s such a pleasure to have Bodyweight Coach for a reference and inspiration. I now integrate Intu-Flow in to every warm-up, and some variation of unique exercises I find here. Do these guys ever sleep?

  • I have done well the past 3 years with a bodyweight and dumbell oriented programs by Craig Ballyntine. I was unemployed (in my profession) for over 1.5 years and working out really helped me keep my sanity. However, the past few months I have been dragging and need to change up my workouts with a fresh program to reinvigorate me and get me back on track. I’ve gained some weight the last several months and am more sluggish. Your program sounds like a good match for me and will get me going again. I like reading your blogs and watching your videos. The videos really help.
    I work out at a gym but would like to have a program I can do when traveling or when I don’t have time for the gym or when they are closed (weekends they close early). With winter coming in New England, outdoor time is limited.
    Help me get my last 10 lbs off!

  • Imagine, if you will, a short, middle aged woman running through a public park, wearing bright pink Vibrams on her feet. She stops at a tower, hops up 8 flights of stairs, then swings down. She runs to the playground and attempts to pull herself up numerous times. Failing that, she jumps to the slide and uses the bar to do assisted pull ups. She then moves to the handrail and hauls herself along it until she jumps off. From there she runs to the amphitheater, where she crawls up and down the stairs using her feet and hands only. Running back along the trail she stops at a long fence, grabs the handrail and places her feet on the lower rail and moves herself along to the end. Jumping off she runs the 2 miles home. Looking after her are a few walkers and joggers slogging along with a grimace on their face as they complete their requisite pain for the day.

    I would incorporate the workouts into my quest to become the best 54 year old traceur in my community! That way I can avoid the label “crazy woman”. Thanks for the inspiration you provide!

  • Guys, this is too good to be released to profi fitness trainers – they would charge extra money for “unapproved movements” :-))) should anyone tried it in their gym! I know, this is only applicable for the nearest gym in our neighborhood, but still…
    I am happy to be able to use the bodyweight stuff anywhere – and since I like jogging, I can spice up my runs as well as to perform serious workouts at home.
    Thank you!

  • I have tried about every product there is on the market. My problem is that I get bored very quickly and can’t seem to stay with one system. This looks like it changes enough to keep me motivated and excited about the next workout. Hopefully by doing this type of workout I can start looking like a combination of Arnel, Joel, Adam, Ryan, Vinnie, and Isabel.

  • Okay, here it goes! First of all, I really, really need this. I can’t drive because I am blind, so going to a gym is out! I really need something I can use at my house, little equipment, and the most bang for my buck. I am self employeed so I am busy most of the time. So, to answer your question, I would use it at my house, my hotel room, at the beach, and in my garage. I have always been in great shape and since entering into my thirties, have hit the typical screeching halt of my metabolism. I have cleaned up my diet considerably and have been working very hard at my body weight workouts and running (just started interval running). The 1000 calorie workout is just what I need to take my fitness to the next level. I love having electronic formats to follow because I can read it on my computer. How great would that be, to have a program you could market to the blind community? It would greatly enhance my juijitsu training too. By the way, I am a 34 year old female, who like I said just needs help getting to the next phase of fitness.
    Thanks so much for your consideration!

  • Know I have already left a comment…but I seriously need this programme!! Please release me from my mundane, mind numbing routine to get fit for Mount Aconcagua…I will spread the news….really and truely!!! HELP ME!!!! I’m brain dead, bored and in such need of some stimulation!!! Please?????

    Have a super day!!

  • I am a 30something woman who lost 100 pounds some years ago. It appears that my body changed almost immediately after turning thirty and suddenly I gained 20 pounds again. I always thought that losing 20 pounds would be easy (it is not much at all!) but I find it hard in practice and I started thinking that I might need something a little more structured this time. I want to do bodyweight exercises because I believe in strength training but am not convinced of the necessity of lots of equipment to become/stay strong.

    This program sounds/looks great because it seems to be so much fun! This sounds like something I can actually do and keep doing.

  • I love a good challenge! Okay, I am a retired Army, semi “old fart” (60) and being married to a MUCH younger woman (37!!) I need all the advantages I can find. I will let you insert what you want to read between the lines….grin. I will always be young at heart and the longer I feel younger in body the better. I have always believed in staying fit as a way to a happier and more joyful life. Techniques to getting fit are always evolving and I feel what you offer is needed! I live in a small town in North Georgia where the gyms are either run by Aholes or the gyms are just too in love with themselves if you get my drift. I have set up a small gym in my “handyman shed” or “man cave” and I would really like to incorporate what you teach into my routines. Thanks for all the emails I get! I rely on them and forward them to some of my couch potato ex-military friends…hahaha!

  • Hi Adam & Ryan ,
    In September of 2003 i received a Traumatic Brain Injury and Diffused Brachial Plexopathy also my Left Long Thoracic got severed from my spinal cord . During the time period of 2004 till 2009 I had 14 surgeries on my left shoulder , the last surgery required a left pec major transplant and a left quadracepts tendon to be attached to my left scapula . I was in physical therapy for 3 years . Due to my TBI and other injuries i’m on 20 different perscription’s a day which makes it very difficult to control my weight . I swim a mile a day , but i need to add more to what execise i already do . Thank You For Your Time !

  • If you can’t move yourself, you will be moved. By outside forces instead of your own free will. Push-up’s or being pushed around. Your choice!

  • It is just exciting to me that we are moving away from conventional drawn out boring sessions, and into this explosive tempo, compound movement, functional training regimes. I would love access to this, currently I am recovering from a double hernia repair in my upper abs, self inflicted my doc tells me (who happens to be one of my PT clients!), I have chunked on 2 extra kilos that need zapping asap and from all the emails I am getting about this, I reckon this is my chance!

  • Hey Guys….I would love to use your program for my cutting routine..I am finishing up Bill Starrs 5×5 and am almost ready to move on. Thanks for all you guys do

  • Love all of your informative emails! I want to be the best I can be, body, mind, and soul! I love a good challenge and believe this program will deliver. I would love to persue a career in fitness and possibly engage in some modeling in the business as well, all while giving credit where credit is due. I enjoy learning and teaching others and want to add these techniques to my life. We all want to feel good and look sexy while admiring our achievements! Health is precious…

  • Hey–I have been controlling my diet for some time now and I want to ramp up my workouts. I don’t have time to go to the gym and I don’t have room in my house for a big piece of equipment. I am wanting to run a more than marathon and have run a few halfs and also a ragnar relay. I need something that will help me to avoid injury so I can run a 50 miler.
    Thanks guys!

  • I have been body building for over 20 years and for the first time I am seeing the light on how to really train. I only train once a week full body in the gym and looking for a workout that will allow me to be more flexible and loose fat. I am 45 years old and my wife is expecting a baby in January and I am looking to be able to keep up with my new daughter. I feel big but bloated and would like to use this program to reduce my fat from 28.7% to at least 17% in a few weeks. I am ready to give 110% here at home. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Well, in short, I’m tired of everyone telling me how much weight I’ve gained and what a blubber belly I’ve got. I’m also tired of telling those that call me a “Fat Ass” that you need a sledgehammer to drive a stake!! Yes, I have a wacky sense of humor but carrying extra weight around is nothing to laugh at.
    Your 1000 k Cal program would allow me to workout in the privacy of my own home and it sounds like something I can progress at, at my own speed. It doesn’t require fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership which makes it a very attractive package in it’s own right. So, I’m ready to break out of the hot fudge sundae, shed the extra weight and fat and receive the accolades instead of the criticism.

  • Hi guys!

    I am the worlds biggest procratinator. I joined a gym that is closer to home, only two miles away in fact, and yet it can take me all day to get motivated to go. This new workout sounds like the perfect workout for me. All I have to do it drag my butt from the sofa to my exercise room to get the best workout of my life (I hope!) Not having to use any weights would also make this a super fantastic option for the days that I am away from home.

    Who knows, with that super high calorie burn, maybe I will finally stop procrastinating and look foward to my workouts!

  • This looks great.
    Simple, effective, and it can be done by most anyone, even down to a pretty low (beginner) fitness level.

  • I would love to win this programme because you guys make getting fit and in whole body shape clear and ‘easy’ (not easy in intensity – but in presentation and explanation!). I do not have time for the gym as I am a full time carer, and since finding bodyweight exercises and interval training I have already seen a change in my middle aged body by DOING LESS – but with intensity – than when I used to attend aerobic classes – sometimes hours of them per week in the past!