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The Big Kahuna — Arnel Coaches Adam Through The 1000 Calorie Workout

Written by shapeshifter

OK folks, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Your revenge on Adam for the exercise hell he’s put you through. If you’ve ever cursed his name during yet another static hold or leg swoop, you can take satisfaction in watching someone else do it to HIM.

Our friend Arnel kidnapped Adam (at Ryan’s request – but don’t tell Adam that!) and subjected our resident coach to his ultimate creation — the 1000 calorie workout!

Did he survive? Watch and see…

I hope you enjoyed that as much as we did!

A tough workout? Sure.

But the beauty of the 1000 Calorie Challenge is the way it builds you up to those Big Kahuna workouts. Arnel’s program works for everyone because it’s incremental — an approach that’s very much in line with our philosophy.

The other secret to the ultra efficiency of this program is the strategic alliance between exercise and diet. As we discussed in previous blog posts — Caloric Restriction and Recommended Dietary Allowance — it’s not only safe but highly effective to pair days of significantly reduced caloric intake with days of high output exercise.

And that’s where Arnel’s partner Joel Marion comes in. Joel is one of the most creative nutrition gurus in the industry. He’s also a good friend, and when he posts something new we immediately grab it and try it. Joel’s come up with a brilliant approach for mixing low calorie nutrition days with high calorie exercise days.

When you consider the price of a pound of fat loss — 3500 calories — there’s no getting around the fact that you must create a caloric deficit if you want to shed flab. But you have to be strategic about it. And that’s Joel’s forte.

Joel ensures that you accumulate a massive caloric deficit without risking a mental or physiological “blow out” by strategically waving nutritional variety over the course of a week. That means mixing days that hover around 1000 calories, depending on your bodyweight, with more moderate days. But don’t worry if this sounds extreme! This is Joel remember…? You also get a cheat day… 🙂

Ryan insisted on including one caveat. Okay, he called it a warning. Much to his chagrin, your daily nightcap does count toward your calorie consumption. Yes, as he pointed out on more than one occasion — rather “vocally” and with some shockingly foul language — they are “empty” calories. But they’re still calories. You have to count them. Sorry Ryan.

Where were we?

Oh yeah. The big question. Can you REALLY do these huge workouts on your 1000 calorie nutrition days? Our unequivocal answer is yes. Adam does it all the time. However, some people might prefer to alternate days of high exercise output and low caloric intake, and that’s OK too. As we said in our post about dietary allowances, the body works on running averages. It doesn’t stop counting calories at midnight…

So don’t be scared to experiment with the fringes of what you think is possible. But be PROGRESSIVE about it, just as Joel and Arnel teach in their new program.

Ryan’s been experimenting with the program for the past few weeks, and he’s seen excellent results. We were honestly surprised he stuck with it that long — he’s never actually been on a “diet” in his life, and he hates being told what to do. But the concept and the “challenge” were too intriguing to pass up.

So you can experiment with this way of matching training and nutrition on your own. You have the basic concept down from this article.

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  • Yay the 1000k BW challenge! So do I understand correctly that the way to get the BW challenge is by purchasing Arnels program?


    • Hi Kisha – Indeed, you’ll be getting the 1000 kCal Bodyweight Series as a bonus from us if you buy Arnel and Joel’s program through a link in the email you receive from us on Tuesday.


  • The dirtiest exercise I had done before is the ultimate burpee. It’s a very tough exercise in which you will do a pushup on the ground and jump straight up for a chinup. Because of the change in Push to pull horizontal to vertical the heart has to work hard to continue a steady stream of nutrients to the working muscles thus rendering it a great overall work out, this exercise is awesome for fat loss and strength,gotta burn lots of calories! TRY IT OUT!

  • The literally “dirtiest” exercise I ever did was a combat endurance run at Marine Corps Officer Candidate School where we finished with the infamous “Quigley”, a stinky, muddy, freezing cold stretch of water that shocked my breathing. Even though the water was maybe 18 inches deep, I felt like I might drown at times as I navigated under fallen logs. All of this with our M-16. A lot of fun to clean afterwards! Everyone was exhausted by that point and it was deceptively challenging.

  • The dirtiest exercise I ever did was the human chair… or more like the human weighted chair. In my karate class, we would all sit back to the wall, pretending we are sitting on a chair. Our knees had to be a 90 degrees and hold until the teacher was fed up of seeing us there. The teacher would pass by with his shinai (wooden kendo sword) and smack us in the abs and then, to those who he believed could handle it (i.e. me) he would sit on one of my legs with his full weight totally on me. He was easily 80-100 pounds heavier than I was. He would stay there until his butt hurt or my legs would give out. Almost always all the time, my legs would give out because he would stand up. He even sometimes asked another black belt to sit on my other leg.

    To add hurt to injury, the next exercise would be “walking” leg raises. He would pill us one besides the other. All our stomach would be aligned in such a way that he could walk on a straight line on our stomaches. Obviously, the older students (i.e. me) would get the full weight and the full force of his heel while stepping.

  • The “dirtiest” exercise I’ve ever done is for 5 rounds of three minutes a piece doing push ups till failure then immediately going to doing body weight squats till failure and repeating the circuit for the full three minutes. I was wiped going upper body then lower then upper etc… it was and is a killer on the body. That great burn in the lungs and muscles.

  • The dirtiest exercise I have done is time / volume training (idea from Nick Nilsson). For example, for bench press I do 3 reps and rest 10 seconds then do 3 reps and rest and keep repeating for 15 minutes. When I can’t do 3 reps any more after 10 seconds of rest, I increase rest to 20 seconds, and when I still can’t get 3 reps any more with 20 seconds rest I increase rest to 30 seconds. After 15 minutes of this, I was beat and moved on to deadlift with the same protocol. Killer.

  • The down and dirty workout i have done uses a deck of cards. The aces and kings are 10 pull ups, and the red cards are pushups and black cards are body weight squats. The jokers are 50 mountain climbers. Start by flipping over the first card and do the amount of the exercise for the face value of the card. Ex: 6 of hearts = 6 push ups; 7 of clubs = 7 squats. Jokers and queens count as 10.

  • Rather than use the word *dirtiest* I’ll use the more appropriate *most challenging* (which leave a dirty taste in the mouth when done) exercises involve either carrying my 7-year old 55 lb daughter on my back while (a) jogging .25 miles and (b) doing pushups to failure. OUCH!! Fortunately I’ve never stumbled nor fallen…but what a dirty trick it is to play on my core…while carrying carrying precious, instable, wiggling, & giggling cargo.

    P.S. The Dirty 30 looks very intriguing as I saw several first time moves (for me) which are great for mixing up the routine and keeping the body guessing.

  • The dirtiest exercise I have done would be an uphill run at a local ski hill. It destroys the lungs, and if your lower back isn’t strong enough, it would become sore. Doing 6 of them drains the body.

  • The ‘dirtiest’ exercise I have done was one I don’t even know the name of. It was given to us in the Army after messing around a little too much. It was a stinking hot day of around 40 deg C and we had to do the following in formation up a hill of roughly 300 metres after a full days training. We had to do it again and again and again until we were all in perfect time and formation. As we can no longer be given physical punishment it was termed as ‘retraining’ for a skill we were ‘Not Yet Competent’ in. Just like our thousands of ‘remedial’ push ups in training.

    Beginning in the push up position you pick up the right hand and left foot and move them forward (shouting at the top of our voices – one), then bring the other side further forward (two), right hand/ left foot again (three) and then bringing the other side back to the push up position (four). Now do 2 push ups (down is five, up is six and then again for seven and eight).

    After having to do this with a big group of other guys, in perfect formation and in time, in the stinking hot weather and dust, time after time screaming out the timings at the top of our lungs whilst the instructors were screaming their lungs out at us we were all quite happy to collapse at the end!

    For some reason now, working as a personal trainer, I love getting down with my clients and doing it all again…

    • Hey Rafi,
      Arnel used several different calorie measurement gadgets to determine the values. Obviously they can’t be 100% accurate — and each individual will burn more or less calories for the same exercises — but it comes out to a pretty solid guess… 🙂

  • The “dirtiest” exercise I’ve ever done was push-ups to failure wearing an 80 pound vest immediately followed by squat jumps to failure wearing the vest. This was done for 5 rounds resting for 1 minute between rounds. At the end of the 5th round I shed the vest and immediately did an HIIT consisting of sprinting all out for 20 seconds followed by walking for 20 seconds. This was repeated 22 times. I do this whenever I’m stupid enough to see if I can explode my heart! I try to beat my record each time. The 22 rounds of the HIIT is my current record for that part.

  • I power walked around a 1/4 mile track four times with 107 lbs of chains and sandbags. My arms never left my body. I had to walk to the car afterwards and unload, that was the hard part, to stop or stand with the weight was Wow go, go get it done or get to the car.

  • The dirtiest exercise Ive ever done was training for big wave surfing in take a laundry basket full of rocks & go running on the ocean floor until you run out of air.Take another breath go back down and run some more…

  • the dirtiest work out I ever done is……cleaning my house every saturday like there is now tommorow!!!! and believe me I got a big house for just one woman! So I begin collecting all my stuff that isn’t in the right place and put them where they get my cardio from moving room to room..start dusting then at every yes every little corner and shelf cause I really hate bugs and while doin’so I get my biceps,triceps pumping! then I go straight into intervals by vacuuming and moving my big fourniture around(yes on my own thank u very much!)and Ifinished of with cardio again by getting my mopping action thing going on in all the rooms..(got no carpenter cause again yes i really hate them bugs!). And next saturday there is going to be a little extra dirty dirty work out by me also going to clean my balcony thoroughly!!! So now i’m ready for some more advance dirty 30….. 😉

  • The dirtiest exercise Ive ever done was training for big wave surfing in take a laundry basket full of rocks & go running on the ocean floor until you run out of air.Take another breath go back down and run some more…Don’t try this by yourself use the buddy system.

  • “Dirtiest”
    Tough mudder followed by mudder burpees (burpess in about 6 inches of mud) for a time challenged event. Being female and trying to come out on top of a male dominated event…what fun! Plus the fire run at the end, hurdling over hay stacks lit on fire. Rock on!!

  • How many rounds of the work out above is the 1000 calorie workout. Do you just repeat those 3 times or 4?

    The dirtiest work out I have done is going to a 10K race and trying to keep up with the youngins in the front. I kept up for the first two miles than did my best to keep him in sight. What a workout and mental challenge. I probably should say not dirty but stupid.

    • Yeah, my dirtiest workout had to be a 10K run in SF, which was 10 miles, not the usual 10 km! I didn’t know that until it was past the 1 hr mark and I could see no end in sight! Had a very tough time next hr trying to keep up with the young teenagers zooming past me! 🙂

  • The ‘dirtiest?’ A clean and push throw with a 130 lb. amorphously shaped stone. We would clean the rock from the ground and wrangle to chest or shoulder level, ‘push throw’ it as far as possible. run after it and repeat until we completed the distance; usually about 30 yards and back. Done for rounds of three or more, this exercise wastes you.

  • The dirtiest – hiking the Grouse Grind in Vancouver – it’s practically vertical – with my left hand and wrist in a cast, because my friends told me it wouldn’t be a problem…. only the view from the top made it worthwhile.

  • My dirtiest routine was a spur of the moment workout at my parents 10 story apartment building when I was in college. I had lots of chair time studying and felt like it was time for me to get moving. I nearly always took the stairs to get to their 8th floor apartment, but for some goofy reason I needed to do something really “Dirty” that day.
    I started on the ground floor and went up to floor #1 then back to ground. Then up to floor #2 then back to ground. Then 3 to ground, 5 to ground….. 10 to ground! But that still wasn’t enough for me that day ( maybe my OCD was working overtime? ) so I reversed the process: 9 to G, 8 to G …. 1 to G. Whew! It turned out to be 100 flights of stairs. As I recall it took about an hour and 20 min. No music, no coach to push me. I just got into a Zone that was a nice break from studying. I felt pretty good afterward to my surprise. Was sore the next few days? … you bet. It felt great!

  • My dirtiest workout EVER had to be the first day (at NIGHT!) & the second half day when there were try-outs for an Elite Unit. (It was a 5 day Mental & physical Test), I won’t tell you in wich army that was, cause afterwards I have to kill you!

    It all began at nigth when we had to do with HILL SPRINTS in the middle of the dessert with a weighted vest on, wich was loaded with Ammunition (8 Bullet Magazines ALL of ’em FULL), stones that I picked up in the desert & put in the back of the weighted vest! Plus add to that a Sandbag of around 50lbs. on the shoulders, + Helmet, Army Boots, Knee Pads + of course my own Master. Dimaco M16 C8.
    So with ALL of that we began to run Hill Sprints at night for 2 hours straight (no joke), Of course we didn’t run downhill, only uphill… but STILL, it was a REAL Mental Challenge to the fullest.
    So after we finished the Uphill Sprints in the desert (Wich was hard as F***, because I would sink in the sand almost all the time when I ran).

    After that we went back to our camp were our tent army tent was, & guess what? We had to break it down & go on a 10KM Hike with it (It was a 16 Person army tent) on our back (there were 8 of us tha carrying it), & we marched with it in the desert for I don’t know how long, probably a couple of hours, cause we didn’t slept that night (there were a LOT of hills & HARD terrian to walk on)!
    I remember being totally wracked & exhausted after that. But that wasn’t even the HARDEST part of those 5 days yet! Afterwards (after eating breakfast & preparing for the next thing) we went CRAWLING! Wich is one of my favourite exercises & part bar none, but AFTER doing Crawls in the dessert STILL with ALL of the equipement & ammunition on you is tTOUGH as HELL! Still I made it through though… we crawled for 1 hour non stop, straight in a BIG circle from something like 50 meters all together!
    NOT ONLY that, but the commanders there that orginazed the 5 day Test, wanted ALL of us to Compete against each other & beat each other with more & more rounds of crawling! I beated everyone at the end, but was so exhausted that I almost feinted! I remember this training untill this very day! Never had I trained so Hard for so long, + add to the fact that I DIND’T Recover from those demanding exercises at ALL, so obviously I was injured for 3 weeks in a row afterwards (After the whole shabang was over!)

    & Guess what? I got excepted to the Unit! There were 500+ people doing the same 5 day Elite Unit test, & ONLY 30 were excepted! & I was one of them! I’m not saying this to brag or anything, but just to let you know that I fought for it with everything I had ALL the time untill the very end!


  • Ooh yeah btw forgot to tell you this: I was dirty as HELL afterwards, Everything from my ears to my nose &mouth was full of sand & sweat! I looked like I had been swimming instead of doing Hill Sprints, a 10KM Hike & Crawling! Just wanted to add that!


  • The dirtiest one I have ever done was the kettlebell front squat with two 32kg kbs. Core stabilization is like nothing I had ever felt. Pretty simple but it is what it is.

  • The dirtiest exercise I’ve ever done is bicycle pull-ups. I’m not too sure if that’s what it’s called. But you do a pull up while simultaneously doing ab bicycles all the way up, and reverse the motion as you lower down.

  • The dirtiest exercise i did was burpeeng. I couldn’t stop burping after my post workout meal. Haha

  • Well… my “dirtiest” work out is a bit different then most on here as it was literally DIRTY. I was the token female for the Corporate Challenge Mountain Bike team. I didn’t break any records but at 48 it was pretty sweet to be passing the youngsters pushing their bike up the steep hills. I was covered in mud from head to toe. OH YEAH!

  • The dirtiest workout I have ever done was in wrestling. Started practice out with a 5k and then drilled moves. After that we did live wrestling for nearly an hour. Being tired enough after that we then had the opportunity to do conditioning which was 20 minutes straight of shot, re-shot, sprawl, sitouts, shuffles…practially any movement imaginable one right after another. Needless to say my practice circle looked like a swimming pool after that and I lost about 5-6lbs that workout. Coach wasn’t very happy with how we had done the meet before and the result was the dirtiest workout of my life :p

  • Taekwondo brown and black belt class outside in the Phoenix heat is the dirtiest and most painful workout I have ever experienced. Not only was I soaked with muddy sweat (dust storm), but my feet were blistered on the bottom from the hot concrete and my knuckles were bleeding from punching trees. BTW, I am a grandma– my oldest granddaughter is 16! And this workout was last year. I couldn’t keep up with my grandkids on our hikes, so a couple of years ago I started working out and taking taekwondo and now I am 83 pounds lighter and I the extremely proud owner of a black belt.

  • dirtest exercise ever was the 4×4 push, pull, squat
    it is done with a deck of cards
    3 suits represent an exercise type (push, pull or squat) the 4th represents rest
    you move throught he deck with the card value equaling the reps

  • As I stand alone product, 1000 kCal Bodyweight Series , how much would it cost?
    And are you guys going to sell it anytime soon?

    • Hi Roger,
      We won’t ever be selling it as a stand-alone product. It was written specifically to complement the 1000 Calorie Challenge by Arnel and Joel. Comparable products go for around $39.95. But Arnel and Joel have put together an outstanding product, and you get our stuff for free. So all-in-all a pretty darn good deal… 🙂

  • It may sound a little strange, but the hardest exercise I have ever done would have to be the “Star-Burst with a Twist.”
    It is done by doing a squat and touching the ground between your feet, then exploding up into a jump (jumping as high as you can) while throwing your arms into a Y-shape. Upon landing you immediately repeat.
    I am in the U.S. Army and have done all manner of exercises, but this is the one that is the most dreaded by everyone that I know who has tried it.
    Second hardest would probably be “Little Man in the Woods,” which is done by holding a squat position and doing jumping-jacks (it kind of looks like someone imitating a midget or little kid doing jumping-jacks).
    While both of these exercises can be somewhat funny to watch, – they are DEATH on your legs and core. I recommend trying to do 20 of each – then you will know exactly what I mean.

    Happy exercising.

  • My dirtiest – “Sweet 16’s” B-ball conditioning drill. Run the width of court – over and back = 1. You had to run 16 in 1 minute, if not, line drills= run from base line to foul line, back, run to half court then back, run to far foul line, back, run to far base line, back. Lungs and legs on FIRE…Coach always said, “Practice/training should be harder than game time.”. Hoping Arnel’s is just as driven for success

  • This is an awesome concept, tried your 600 calorie workout on Saturday, people just gave me “the stare” at the gym. Ha ha, people don’t do high intensity stuff during their workouts anymore, no wonder they are so out of shape. Will give your 1000 calorie workout a bash today!

  • The “dirtiest” workout I ever did was snowshoeing up Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver with my neighbour. We reached the peak, took in the fabulous view of the Lower Mainland from the peak, had an epiphany, then looked down and realized how challenging the descent was going to be. The top is basically a sheer vertical….and narrow. The only way to do those bits was to go on our rears and slide down…exhilarating and scary too, as you had to be sure to steer yourself so you wouldn’t fall off the mountain or bash into a tree! It was a fantastic experience, one I’d love to do again!

    Adam, when are you coming out to Vancouver? I’d love to take a seminar!

    • I love Vancouver. I used to go out there every Summer to give certifications for rollerblade instructors. The funny thing is, it was SUNNY and HOT every time. And without fail all the locals told me it’s “never” like that when I’m not there… 🙂

  • the “dirtiest” exercise i ever did? when i was a teenager (oh the good ole days), my buddy greg and i had just finished reading herschel walker’s basic training book where he talked about all of the bodyweight exercises he did to get in pro football shape when we decided we should do the same. whereas herschel did pushups with his sister on his back, greg and i did them with typewriters on ours (keep in mind this was the mid 80s when typewriters were gigantic uneven hulks of machines). after a couple sets of those we’d go outside and do pullups from trees. then we’d tie tires to a rope wrapped around our waists and chase each other around the yard.

  • The “dirtiest” exercise that I have ever done was at the bottom of a lake in the Midwest during my Scuba certification program. We had to lie down on a platform 60 ft below and due push ups as “punishment” for not completing certain skills.

  • Dirtiest exercise I ever did was running up a mountain on a game trail in Idaho in the dark at 4:30 am with a 25 pound backpack on, trying to reach the top before daylight. Had to stop twice in 45 minutes because I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest.

  • I have done many tough and dirty workouts, but I’m willing to concede winning this contest to the guy who ran with the laundry basket full of rocks to train for surfing big waves. Hats off to this guy and good luck finding a dirty interval he can’t hang with! Can’t wait for the program tomorrow, I’m ready!

  • totaly hardcore,,, 80km with a 80 pound pack in the african sun, while carrying a iron cross made from railway track (180kilos) between four guys, me been the shortest, talk about “dirtiest” exercise, this went on for nine days.

  • Does giving birth count? That was pretty gross and dirty. No? Oh well.
    I have yet to get dirty since I’m still fairly new to a regular exercise routine BUT my very first 5K ev-er was a run down the mountain in Hamilton Ontario Canada in mid-March (can be very cold here that time of year). This mountain is an urban area so we were running on ashphalt. But it was bitterly cold and raining HARD. Despite it being a hill, there were tons of puddles or “mini lakes” that we all had to run through. It was also a St. Paddy’s run so I was in a green afro wig and wearing 4 layers of clothing. I was soaked to the bone when the run was finished. Did I mention it was horrifically cold?
    How ’bout that? Does that count as “dirty”?

  • In this workout, Adam “sweat[s] out every loaf of bread he ever undressed with
    his eyes.”
    Am I correct to assume that Adam is a vegan who eats bread only in his imagination?

    Anyway, the “dirtiest” exercise I ever did, by far, was burpees. To anyone who tells me that burpees aren’t a good exercise, I challenge you to drop and gimme 100.

    Take care, guys!

    • Vegan? Not even close… I get cranky if you remove steak from my diet…. 🙂

      But I AM a sugar addict who can devour bread at an alarming pace. Ryan has seen it happen many times. I either eat NONE or TONS…

  • Dirtiest workout ever!
    A Tabata
    A Kettlebell
    and a TRX….
    Whoa killer… Suspended burpees on a TRX are brutal!
    Hate your workouts but the results are worth it!
    Keep up the great work!!!
    .-= Marvin´s last blog -> Club Industry 2010 =-.

  • This would be an ultimate kick-butt routine to get back into shape. Ever since my car accident 2 years ago, Ive gained 20 lbs of weight and have been nursing 2 shoulder injuries. I do a little bit here and there to keep the movement going.

  • Okay, the “dirtiest” exercise i ever did was pretend strip teasing to Carmen Electra’s dvd. i wanted to get a really good leg and butt workout, so i set up a chair and pretended my husband was sitting there and basically danced, squatted, and sweated my way through a hard(no pun intended) and sexy workout.

  • Some of the dirtiest workouts I have ever done have been in my juijitsu class. Our sensei has a really bad habit of calling us at 3am and telling (more like ordering) us tobe there at 4am. From there we run down to the beach (about four miles) and perform a variety of body weight exercises (I am pretty sure he makes this sh*t up) until complete failure. Including hopping in and out of the water in the push up position and jumping up and down the beach (only after hitting failure). Then, we are all happy running back to the dojo b/c we know it is almost over. When he is in a good mood, we get worked out again before he releases us to leave. That is a Saturday morning and when we are driving away (my husband and I) it is usually about 7 or 8am. Dirty…and we payhim for this!?

  • I don’t know, I guess I don’t do dirty exercises. That is of course why I need your program 🙂

  • The dirtiest exercise I ever did was 20 minutes of pull ups.
    Each minute was 1 round, each round was 4 slow reps, which took about 16-20 seconds, what was left of the minute was for rest.
    The first 10 minutes were ok, I was able to do nice 4 reps, but the second ones were trashing.
    On the second 10 minutes I was able to do only 2 good reps in each round.
    Finished doing 60 reps of pull ups in 20 minutes, and a massive accumulation of lactic acid in the lats and biceps.

  • Pre-season rugby training in 30 degree celcius (86 degree Fahrenheit). Training down at the beach, here I thought this session would be fun! Afterall beach = fun! Doesn’t it? How wrong was I!

    After 10km time trial run, hill sprints and stair climbs, our trainer broke us up into two teams of 20. Completly exhausted, dripping of sweat, we had to line up in the soft sand, standing with legs apart and starting from the last person at the back had to crawl between your team members legs, then fireman carry the first person 50m to a marker and then back to your team. Once you had been thru twice, the team who finished first was declared the winner. Of course we had to do this 3 times.

    Dirtiest excerise? I think so! Sun (heat), sand (in various places not only under your feet), sweat (it was damn hot), smell! (having to go under 20 burley men, lets not get into it)

  • I have been body building for over 20 years and for the first time I am seeing the light on how to really train. I only train once a week full body in the gym and looking for a workout that will allow me to be more flexible and loose fat. I am 45 years old and my wife is expecting a baby in January and I am looking to be able to keep up with my new daughter. I feel big but bloated and would like to use this program to reduce my fat from 28.7% to at least 17% in a few weeks. I am ready to give 110% here at home. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • At one point in my life I worked for an industrial roofing company. I was a “pitch” man. I carried hot pitch in buckets of from ground to roof via a ladder. I poured out the pitch (hot melted tar) and squeegeed it on the roof so the rest of the crew could lay the tiles. Going up and down that ladder over and over all day long, with those buckets spilling hot tar all over me was definitely “DIRTY EXERCISE”. The exercise I was getting from that job kept my entire body in terrific shape. I even grew about 6 or 7 inches taller (because of the accumulation of tar on my boots). By the end of the day, I smelled like hell. When I got home (I lived in a first floor garden apartment) I had to take my dirty boots and smelly clothes off on my patio before I was allowed to enter my house. Talk about being embarrassed!!! I had to strip in front of the whole damn neighborhood. Yup, that was the best “Dirtiest Exercise” I’ve ever done.