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There are a million different ways to put a bodyweight workout together. Once you understand how to create and use bodyweight exercises, and how to assemble them with the right protocol, you can target pretty much any goal.

This morning I experimented with a workout inspired by Coach Sonnon’s Tacfit Echo, but totally equipment free. I also adapted it to encompass the entire 6 Degrees of Freedom concept (for an in-depth discussion of the 6DoF, grab your free copy of Bodyweight FUN-damentals—use the form to the right of this page for that).

The exercises I chose, and the protocol itself, lend themselves nicely to what we call strength-endurance. Basically, this just means the ability to apply strength over an extended period of time. In this case the time-frame is 90 seconds.

Although at the end of the session they were beat, my students loved this workout and wouldn’t stop talking about how great it was.

This bodyweight workout is perfect for sports or activities involving the legs and core. Which makes it great for my main sport, alpine skiing.

There are 6 bodyweight exercises in the workout—one for each degree of freedom. Each exercise is performed for 90 seconds followed by 30 seconds of rest before moving on to the next exercise. Once each exercise has been completed once, we go back to the beginning and start again. You can go through the sequence two or three times depending on your training experience.

Side Plank Thrust

Side Plank Thrust

Here are the 6 CST Bodyweight Exercises

  1. Quad Squat (6DoF – Surge)
  2. Lateral Lunge Slides (6DoF – Sway)
  3. Spinal Rock (6DoF – Pitch)
  4. Alternating Side Plank Thrusts (6DoF – Roll)
  5. Lower Body Russian Twist (6DoF – Yaw)
  6. Trinity Squat or Jump (6DoF – Heave)

You can find a lot of these exercises in the free FUN-damentals eBook. But it’s always nice to see exercises in action, so I’ll make you a deal. In the comments below, tell me which of these exercises you would MOST like to see video footage of.

If we get to 20 comments I’ll film the most popular choice and post it here on the blog.

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