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Bodyweight Workout MetCon Madness

Written by shapeshifter

You ain’t met MetCon ’til you’ve met TACFIT. Whether you use the bodyweight workout versions or the full-equipment workouts, nothing taps high intensity—yet intelligent training—like TACFIT. Yesterday my High Intensity training day fell on TACFIT Charlie. I haven’t suffered that much in a long time (in a good way of course).

The protocol for Charlie has you completing rounds every minute on the minute for a total of 20 rounds. That means you have one minute to get all your reps done and get your recovery in before the top of the minute rolls around.

Of course, it sucks not to have any rest. So there’s plenty of motivation to get your reps done quickly so that you get as much recovery time as possible. And that’s the main idea behind this particular protocol.

Tacfit Charlie requires the use of various functional equipment like the Clubbell. But there’s also a kick-butt bodyweight workout version. I can’t just give Coach Sonnon’s program away though. And I don’t want to leave you hangin’. So I’ve put together a little bodyweight workout that follows the same broad lines and delivers a similar metabolic conditioning effect (Metcon). I tested it out with one of my groups this morning and it did indeed live up to expectations.

In one minute complete:

Rest for the remainder of the minute and start again at the top of the next minute. Complete 20 rounds.

Once you’ve tried this, rate your perceived effort along with your impressions in the comments below.

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