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Powerful Dumbbell / Bodyweight FuZion Workout

Written by shapeshifter

“Learn the principle, abide by the principle, and dissolve the principle. In short, enter a mould without being caged in it. Obey the principle without being bound by it.”
—Bruce Lee

Words to live by…

Seek out the BEST tools, methods and protocols to get the job done. And do it on a case by case basis so that you’re doing what is best for you TODAY.

That’s why we don’t limit ourselves to dogma or to one particular tool. And that’s why today we want to show you a super powerful workout that uses both bodyweight AND dumbbell exercises.

The workout is going to kick your butt, but for more reasons than you think. We won’t JUST be training our muscles, we’ll be using exercise selection to also stimulate your NERVOUS SYSTEM so that you can burn more fat AND gain more muscle.

The protocol for this workout is taken straight from our new FuZion program. But we decided to show you that it’s the principle that counts, not the exact workout. So we asked our buddy Dr Kareem Samhouri to come up with his own workout based on the same protocol. And it ROCKS…!

Here’s The Workout:

You’ll be working with 1 minute rounds. So set your timer for one minute and put it on repeat. Each round starts at the top of the minute. Within each minute you must do…

20 one-minute rounds of:

  • 5 Dumbbell Squat-To-Press
  • 5/5 Breakdancers
  • 5/5 Rear Lunge with optional dumbbell overhead hold
  • Recover for the remainder of the 1 minute round

Watch carefully… Dr K is going to break down each exercise for you.

Isn’t Kareem a great coach? In case you missed the other videos he refers to in this one…

The T-Pushup from yesterday’s post
The Perfect Lunge

When you’re doing you’re workout, if you can get all your reps done in 45 seconds, you have 15 seconds to rest. If you finish in 30 seconds, you have 30 seconds to rest. You get the idea.

Here’s the neat part. As you progress through the rounds, at first you’ll actually get FASTER each round. That’s the MAGIC OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM

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  • What a killer workout!!! I love the protocol. It always looks so easy on paper then you do it. Now I to look forward to trying to hit some personal records. The instruction given by Dr. K was very detailed and complete. I liked he even included the postural as well as the functional aspects of the these exercises. The mixing of dumbbells with bodyweight exercises is a great match up. It is very simple to hit a sporting store and grab a set and complete this workout. I like the mix because of the added stability demands it can create. It also does make gaining some mass easier as well with the extra overload. The mix of bodyweight and dumbbells makes programming options even greater and workouts more challenging without becoming complacent. I am looking forward to more of the mixed dumbbell and bodyweight programs in FuZion because I am looking for the next challenge and this is it! Thank you!

    • Hey Louis,

      Yep – you can definitely gain mass a bit easier now that you’re adding overload to the picture. Totally helps!

      You’re very welcome – be sure to keep us posted as you get started on Fuzion,


  • I am a huge fan of bodyweight exercises. Working out using bodyweight makes a huge difference in strength and physique, somethings that I have been struggling with. I also like the knowledge that you pass on especially working the nervous system. Love all the inspirational stuff that you add in.

    • Hey Kavitha,

      I love bodyweight workouts too – they rock, don’t they?!

      You’re very welcome, and I’m so glad to help you.

      You are my inspiration – keep up the great work,


  • I love this workout since I have both experience with bodyweight exercises and dumbbells. I tried the workout this evening even before I went to my regular yoga class. The workout was fun and not dull, and enabled my body to go through many different planes which of course drives the cardio system. The breakdancers were new for me (but I do plenty of mountain climbers, so they were achievable). Dumbbells are so universal, portable and can be found just about anywhere and as exercise equipment goes, relatively inexpensive. Yes, having followed this blog website since it’s initial introduction, I’m already familiar with certain protocols you’ve designed, for example, this reps-on-the-minute/every minute for 20 minutes (e.g. Israeli commando challenge from Tacfit Commando) and enjoy it thoroughly with the ensuing sweat puddle beneath me. Yes, it does task the nervous system with noticeable results. As for Dr. K, he’s a real deal, quite intelligent and engaging. I totally understand the concepts afterward he explains them. Love his anatomical knowledge and the terminology he uses to break down each exercise.
    If this workout is representative of what we’ll find in FuZion, then I can’t wait. Trusting in the continuing rich evolving efficacy of your programs, no doubt it’ll be another winner.

    • Kevin, you took the words from my mouth (or keyboard…)

      These guys rock!

      and thank you for the kind words. I’m very happy to help you, and I’m glad that you found my instructions beneficial. I’m looking forward to a long-standing relationship that ends with you in the best shape of your life,


  • Hi Dr. K,

    Thanks for sharing this video with us. I found it extremely informative, especially the segment on the thoracic extension. As an aspiring fitness trainer, I want to learn the proper mechanics and perform every exercise right so that I’ll be able to teach my clients the right movements as well. This really helped in correcting my military press form. Now, my shoulders do not “shrug” up as before!

    On a different note, I realize that when doing planks after a heavy lifting session, my shoulders and upper arms feel extremely fatigued and fail before my abs do. This has limited the duration that I can stay in the plank position, do you think I should continue and hold through the fatigue until my abs start to feel it or should I do my planks on off-days instead?


    • Hey Clement,

      You’re very welcome.

      I’m glad you found this info helpful…. sincerely.

      Now, onto your question… My bet is that you’re actually ‘letting go’ of your core during the upper body workout. It should be working the whole time. By the time your workout is done, that’s what should feel the most spent. Think about ways to engage your core more before you get to that stage.

      Also, work on ‘setting’ your shoulderblades for your planks. This will help 🙂

  • Body Blitzing Fun – especially when the high from surviving kicked in! Surprised that my moves did get faster and sharper each round. I’m loving my new “bring it on attitude,” so please keep these amazing challenges coming:)

  • Wow. I really love these ‘neuro’ workouts that have been developed recently. I’ve been giving some of your stuff a try -loved the fundamentals. It’s great to come across stuff that helps more on a day to day basis. I realised that getting huge wasn’t my aim, wasn’t helping in my martial arts classes but the stuff you’ve put out recently almost seems to be targeted at what I want. Already seeing some benefits. This is a great workout – warmed me up and its fricken freezing today. Cheers guys. Bruce is SO quotable isn’t he??

    • You’re welcome… and, yes, Bruce Lee was a genius.

      So glad this is helping you – I’m looking forward to going the rest of the way and imparting all of this knowledge on you so that your workouts become supercharged 🙂

  • Dr. K,

    Great material, I like the breakdown of the mechanics. I have a question on the recovery end;
    if I were to finish the three exercises under 30 seconds(not that I would..), would you advise a shorter recovery than the remaining 30 plus seconds? I am fascinated by training based on energy demands and I know every second matters depending on our goal.

    • Hey Juan,

      You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed 🙂

      Actually, no, the faster you go, the more rest you need. This has to do with Energy System training – we’ll get more into that soon, but that should help in the meantime…

      speak soon,


  • Dr K that is an awesome workout :
    The reasons I think it’s awesome are
    1: We are getting your cardio workout without doing hours of long cardio
    2: We are basically using every muscle in your body in a very short period
    3:We are pushing yourself each time you do it and if we are really motivated then we will see huge results quickly
    4: These are simple but very effective moves (anybody can do them) just start of small and build it big.
    5: I really hurt after doing this (mind you I go to the gym 3 times a week, do 5 flights of steps x 10 every third night and run/power walk 12 kms every second night) so it’s showing that my efforts weren’t to the best of my ability and my body needed more
    I am detoxing at the moment but I am going to start doing this workout on Monday for 4 weeks just to see what results I get.
    I will take a photo at the start of my training and one at the end to see what this has done for my body.
    Thanks for the great workout/help and information kind regards Kylee .

  • Hey Dr.K, I just tried this work out for myself, I think it’s brilliant, not too complicated and very effective.. I Teach kids English in Japan, in a small country town. Every morning at 6 am these kids have to join a community work out, and as their teacher this year I have drawn the short straw as their leader. I want to use this and other methods to give them a great work out and something new as often as possible. Doing the same thing every morning would drive anyone crazy, I’d really like to show these kids something new as often as possible with the Fuzion from Dr.K, I’m that’s be no problem.

    Thanks a lot for all the great tips, David.

    • You’re very welcome, David.

      …but this particular set-up comes from the masters of this blog…

      I’m just the ‘tutor’, so to speak…. more great workouts (like this) coming your way with Fuzion and DEFL, though… can’t wait to hear your feedback 🙂

  • I’ve been doing bodyweight exercises for the past couple of months and I’ve been able to alternate in between HIIT and circuit training every other day.

    What makes this circuit training good for me is that it’s a good mixture of developing power, aerobic and anaerobic capacity. The recovery period is no joke, especially when you’re rushing in between exercises or cycle.

    I’d love to get more fantastic circuit training exercises from Dr. K; you’re simply one of the few trainers who really appreciate bodyweight exercises and who know what they’re talking about.
    .-= Justin´s last blog -> My Final Decision – New Laptop this week =-.

    • Hey Justin,

      You’re welcome. Thank you for the kind words.

      Sure, more bodyweight stuff coming – I appreciate your interest – stay tuned!

      speak soon,


      PS – looking forward to teaching you ‘everything’ on the inside of DEFL 2.0

  • Hi Guys,
    Great workout! I was really thankful Dr. K showed the mountain climber as a modification for the breakdancers. I have been in Physical Therapy for the last 3 weeks for 2 disc tears with herniation and while my core stabilizers are getting stronger, I wasn’t quite ready for the extra rotation. I have not been able to train for the last 8 weeks. It was good for me to see that I could get the intensity up too as prior to my injury I was doing heavy weight lifting and 60 min interval spin classes, both of which I have had to stop. I have been trying to find safer bodyweight exercises and lighter weight alternatives for working out but have put on 5lbs since and was getting discouraged. It would be great to have Fusion in order to get back what I lost now that I am feeling better but unable to push the weights as heavy. Dr. K’s attention to form makes me confident I can do it in a safe manner as well.

    • Hey Jenny,

      Thanks for such a nice post…. and for sharing. Disc herniations are no fun at all 🙁

      But, you’re right to exercises. You’ll heal sooo much faster – just stick to one plane of movement at a time for now… and clear things with your PT, but you’re on the right track 🙂

  • All I can say is wow! Thank you so much for providing this kick azz workout. I’ve been in a rut with some of my usual routines and this was something I haven’t experienced in a while! Why I like this workout and would love to see more of them is that you can even do this while traveling or anywhere really. I utilize my employers building for workouts all the time and workouts like this fit in perfectly! Thanks again!

    • Hey Paul,

      Glad you enjoyed it so much!

      Yep – portability is a must with exercise today. I couldn’t agree more 🙂

      I’m looking forward to coaching you to success and independence,


  • Hey guys, workout was sickk…ive done many workouts and experimented with many failing methods, also thrown alot of money down the tubes on programs that claim to be ” the last workout program youll ever use”. After doing this 20 minute killer I can tell you guys are for real. This is hopefully going to be the perfect product for me to whip my ass into shape before I take off for 4 months to the grueling basic military training for the navy. I would like to be top of the class in every physical aspect of the training, and this program will deffinately help me do so. Thanks guys

    • Hey Robbie,

      First of all, thank you. The Navy is near and dear to me.

      Now, it’s time to get to work – We’re going to getcha’ – be ready!

      speak soon,


  • Thanks for all the information and the introduction to Dr. K. I feel like I have struck gold with these workouts and this information. It is all presented in an intelligent fashion that adds tremendous depth to my existing knowledge. I am also starting to “get” what I have been doing wrong in my workouts and why I have not had the core strength I aspire to. That plank exercise from the other day was like no other!

  • HOLY CRAP! That was a beast. Really good workout, that I especially appreciate now that I’m on TDY at FT. Lee, VA. I’m here for BOLC B and to put it kindly, the gyms suck. They’re too small and you have to wait in line to use anything. My hotel’s no better either. Being in the Army I need to stay in shape, so I’ve had to get a little creative since I’ve been here. I wish I would’ve had access to this 3 months ago when I got here; I would’ve topped my APFT score last month. Thanks guys!

    • Dante, thanks for serving.

      Let’s whip you into tip-top shape and make sure you dominate your APFT score next time 🙂

      I’m looking forward to working with you,


  • I liked the workout!! Oh my goodness I felt like I worked by butt off. The best part I found was that as a beginner it kept me moving the entire time (I am not really fast yet), but that also meant that I was moving for the entire 20 minutes – which was a great heart workout! I know that as I get used to the movements and those “little” stabilizers come on board (I had a baby and am still trying to re-awaken them) I will be able to get faster and faster, eventually getting those precious rest seconds. This will be a great workout for me to do on a lunch break at work (that seems to be my best time to squeeze in some activity), allowing for more variety in my choices.

    Thanks Dr. K, Adam & Ryan:)

    • You’re welcome, Shelley 🙂

      So glad to see you taking action and leaving feedback. That’s how we can help you the most.

      have a great day,


  • I have been bodybuilding off and on for almost 25 years now. I will be the first to admit having a chip on my shoulder with old school thinking about lifting techniques. I had to be honest with myself and look in the mirror and after all those years I find myself not happy with the results. It was like getting slapped in the face with a wake up call. I am 45 years old and try to justify the spare tire I have had for years and programed myself their was no hope for change. Until after I started reading your information and receiving these links from you about your vision and focus which does line up with Dr K. The light has come on and it does make sense. I have been doing things all wrong for anumber of years and hope to break the cycle. For the past couple weeks I have been diving in and feeding on your information and I am seeing small results for the first time in over 20 years. I am excited and have a new focus to get rid of the one pack and exchange it for a new sx-pack! I am already feeling more flexible and youthful. Can’t wait to see more fat melt off with a clear vision. Thanks for all your dedication and hard work making a difference in other people’s lives.

    • I still have chills, Brian.

      You have no idea how much this means to me.

      This is why I do what I do…. to help bring guidance in dark moments…

      Thanks for being my inspiration and giving us a chance,


  • WOW!!! is all I can say.
    Was excited about the tryout for four reasons. I have been looking for something different to “spice” things up and remotivate myself. I’m wanting to develop (as they say) “go” muscle instead of “show” muscle. Also, I am looking for something that will help me get below the double digit bodyfat. Right now I am at 12% but want to get down to 7% or 8%. And finally, I am looking for something that will help me with my cardio endurance, which right has suffered from a year of neglect.
    This little tryout did the trick. I was “sucking air” after only 3 minutes. I had several conversations with people in the gym who were wondering what I was doing and why. They were really intrigued by the breakdance move.
    It was fantastic. Although I only did 5 minutes, it did energize me for my other routines for the day, a set of DB tricep extensions and bicep cable curls. Matter of fact, I was able to pull off 160 for the cable curls – the most I have ever done.
    I believe this could be just the thing I’m looking for to help me achieve my goals.

  • Wow, I can barely wait to do these exercise on Saturday. I was looking for something challenging without having to a lot of weights or running. I believe I will be sweating profusely and LOVING IT!!

    Thanks so much!

  • Hey Adam and Ryan. I just tried out the workout and i’m completely blown away! It’s not like anything i’ve ever done before- I could hardly stand up after it! However I don’t want you to give me the fuzion workout for free as there are other people on this blog that deserve it more. Also I want to make a contribution albeit a small one as I really think Dr. K deserves it. For all his outstanding work.. Thanks again for the mind blowing workout!!!

  • wow….this is awesome
    I switched it up a little bit just to see what would happen.
    Here is what I did:
    first 5 rounds w dumb bells
    2nd round w kettlebells
    3rd round w sandbag
    4th round,,just bodyweight
    this is great, and I’ll be using this with a client next week.
    thanks so much
    I love bodyweight workouts !

  • My countdown timer doesn’t count sets, so I keep track by making a pile of pennies (using half of the prescribed number of sets; this workout required 10 pennies) and then sliding one from the pile over to the right at the completion of each set. As soon as the entire pile’s been moved to the right, it’s time to start sliding them, one-by-one, back to the left. (A pile of pennies replaces my left brain, which disappears during intense exercise!)

    I have never been so happy to begin sliding pennies back to their starting positions!

    Thanks for a great circuit! The alignment cues and modification options Dr. K provides in this workout are, as always, excellent and informative.
    .-= Cathy´s last blog -> Great Little Gadget – The Gymboss =-.

  • Dear Dr. K,

    I never would believed that three simple exercises could do that much. I have been working out for about 81/2 years. First I tries the the gym, then I found that wasn’t working for me so I went to less weight training and more body weight exercises. I love the combination but, I found incorporating both into my workouts was taking too long and I was becoming less and less disciplined because of it. Your program is truly the best of both world and after only two sets I could feel muscles I hadn’t felt in a very long time I am still sweating and my hands are still shaking! Your videos are very comprehensive, precise, and your program covers a wide range from beginners to hard core trainers anyone can do this. You will truly bring hope to those people like me who just don’t have the time to spend hours working out but, want to see results and feel like they’ve done their time in the gym. THANK YOU I LOVE THIS!!!
    P.S. When I read that bit about stimulation of the nervous system being acheivable with twenty minuets of well lets face it fairly simple exercise, I though it was well hype or a gimic even a bit commando or James Bond you get the idea. ( Because all know how truly important reflexes are) but, ok seriously after trying this out I am a believer and I shaky, sore one at that. Thanks again for this awesome solution to a fairly common 21st century problem. HUGS
    ( I usually don’t hug complete strangers but, YOU deserve one 🙂

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the great instruction! I was just wondering if I could get the same benefits from using resistance cables (I have the Lifeline TNT resistance cables) instead of dumbbells.
    Thanks again,

  • Every time I see a clip of Dr. K I feel like I am sitting in a doctorate level course on human movement and musculature. Thanks so much Ryan and Adam for the great site as well as teaming up with Dr. K for some excellent videos. This looks like a great workout to mix in with my current routine and look forward to trying it soon. I can’t wait to see what the combination of FuZion and DEFL 2.0 can do for my fitness level and goals!

  • One word, “Awesome!!” Killer workout! Standard weight training is the fast and sure way to overtraining and shunted nervous system stimulation over time. That has been my personal experience and unfortunately lead to many musculoskeletal problems that are very hard to get rid of to this day. The physiological and neurological systems have to stimulated maximumly and uniquely to continue to adapt and improve their function. Flexibiltiy and strength must be the simultaneous goals and the FUZION system adds one more rung to the ladder towards this goal.

    After doing some of the TACFIT Commando routines which were totally kick-ass and top-notch, I find this system is another piece of a complete puzzle to add to keep the workouts endlessly challenging and stimulating to both the psychological/emotional and physical states of the body. The combination and progression of bodyweight exercises alone and then combined with weights such as with FUZION, along with kettlebell and clubbell routines provide an endless and optimum training and conditioning of the body that can’t be matched by any other training method or system (and this includes also incorporating Prasara yoga and compensatory movements to do before and after workouts brought to us by the fantastic instructors such as Scott, Ryan M., Adam, Ryan H., and many others). And the support and continued progression and improvements to the systems provided by these individuals is the greatest bargain of the whole thing. I am always thoroughly excited and impressed to what their expertise and dedication continues to provide me.

    Great WORK!!!!!!

    -Scott Wruck

  • I love bodyweight exercises as they are very easy and effective especially with dumbbells or heavier weights! I’m a very busy person and I don’t have time to waste in the gym, so I like to do my workouts via at home early in the morning to get my metabolism going for me to bring on the rest of the day and life’s challenges. I love to exercise and try new effective exercises when training and this program is fantastic for someone on the go like myself. I like to work hard and get the workouts done with quickness and ease. I am loving bodyweight exercises and doing them with new workouts all of the time. I get a better workout and a fitter body in doing so!!! I’ve made more gains in muscle with bodyweight than traditional gym weights even though I still use them when I don’t get a workout in! It’s been very beneficial!

  • It’s 9:55 pm and I’m still at my computer working. I’m a personal trainer in Houston, TX and many days are so full of training clients, writing workouts and doing menu planning that I often head outside to do exactly this type of short but very intense workout. Can’t wait until it’s “my turn” tomorrow so I can try this one out!! I have a body weight bootcamp every Sunday evening and I so appreciate all the great information I get from your emails/ website.

  • Killer, love the penny idea from above comment.
    From doing “the Firm” Videos in the 90’s, I developed sever Patella Tendinitis. My IT band screams at me if I do to many squat reps or deep lunges. 2 hours of stretching hips and rolling it out doesnt help. bummer, so let see some modifications? Great stuff.

  • Hi Dr. K,

    I did the stuffs posted by you till yet. I like the above stuffs due to multiple reasons. At the onset, the suggestions of the correct posture is very vital and very essential and something which is not available elsewhere. Secondly, how to increase the effectiveness of the same exercise just by chaging your posture i something very impressive. I tried all of them suggested by you, for example back lunges keeping dumbells at various positions and T pushups too. I will not say that these exercises are all innovative, as i have seen them at various other websites too, but what is most amazing with you is that you tell us the absolute posture, without which all effort is vain. I loved your stuffs. And hope to get FUZION soon.

    Highly Appreciated,

    Shekhar Khandelwal

  • The reason I love this workout after I did it is that I had really felt that my heart rate was really pumping.It was very intense and it great for my fat loss.I did not know that such simple exercises could get my body working so well.
    Therefore,I would want more of it because I believe that this will greatly helped me to solve my fat loss problems and also since I own only a pair of dumbbells,this kind of workouts are definitely perfect for me.I need such programs that are easily accessible,and allow maximal efficiency for me using bodyweight exercises.I also need a good and knowledgable coach like Kareem to guide me and fulfil my aims. Thank you.

  • Dr. Kareem:

    I’ve been following you for the past six months, and tried this bodyweight and dumbbell exercise suite each of the past two days. My first day it took 22 minutes to get through 20 cycles, though I managed to get the last few cycles done in less than a minute. This morning, I got through all 20 cycles in 20 minutes. It’s a lot harder than it looks in your video, but easy to remember the steps and technique. I start up with Adam Steer’s chair and jump squats (causing my legs to burn with lactic acid), then your 20 cycles, then your cardio warm-up (jumping jacks, knee-high running, butt-kicks, and rotating back lunges), each for a minute before I quit and take to the shower. More of the bodyweight exercises would be much appreciated, as I don’t have time to justify a gym membership and prefer to do my exercising at home with minimal equipment.

  • Very cool workout. I like how the faster you go, the more time you have to rest, but then the faster you go, the more you need the rest. This’ll be a regular for me.

  • Great Vid, It really got my going in a matter of no time.
    I am a huge body weight fan, but this weights/bodyweights fusion has really expanded my mind on what can be done. I can’t wait to get my hands on the fusion program!!!!!

  • Powerful Dumbbell / Bodyweight FuZion Workout is a pretty good idea. I’m 58 this Nov. and my first bodyweight course was Weiders back in the 60’s. his 7 lesson course had a dumbbell lesson at the end with special 15lb DB’s. I always thought it would be a great idea to combine this way of training but many bodyweight fans seemed to be BW only. Sometimes I use a plain iron BB bar for some of my squatting, since I’m so light 140lbs or so. I haven’t ordered any of your courses as yet but have been keeping an eye on what you are teaching and getting some good ideas into which direction I want to go. I never thought I would be interested in fat burning, but recently tried eating more with the idea of gaining more muscle but actually gained a bit of fat on the belly and hip area, now I’m interested in fat burning. Anyways your doing a good job, maybe you’ll do workshops in London ON. someday. FuZion, great name.
    .-= Henry Marczak´s last blog -> Mallakhamb – The Wrestlers Pillar =-.

  • Hi Adam and Ryan,

    To say Dr. K’s workout Rocks is an understatement.
    His workout actually worked my muscles, lungs, in fact,
    can’t think, or feel, anywhere it didn’t work.

    Reason so interested, is hitting the big 50, want to be a role model to my family, as well as all the other young 50s people, that there is always time to gain health while truly Living, not just sleep-walk living.

    By getting the Fusion program, it will take not just my health to the next level, it will remove obstacles of having an all around effective workout, while motivating others around me to Go for It !!!

    All the best to you !!!


  • Effective workout. Picking up those dumbbells at the top of the last 5 minutes brought the mind into clear, sharp focus on the goal at hand….don’t puke!

  • Hay

    What i love so much about your routines is the diversity which both strengthens the 3 systems of my body and stops me from getting bored of repeating the same exercises year in year out. This is the reason im looking forward to getting involved in your new products coming out, having my exercise routines being a new and exiting challenge is exactly the thing that makes me stick to it!

    Even after breaking my arm in a skiing accident, the progressive nature of the workouts allows even me hope to get back in to shape!


    Ian R

  • I used to look at the world and say “I can’t.”
    I used to be insanely jealous of the people who had what I was too scared to get.
    Now I want to think to live I must be strong.
    Now I want to think to be strong I must work hard.
    Now I want to say to work hard I must have faith.
    With this program I can say “Life has no more thrilling emotion than of primitive human pride in a strong man standing in his strength.”

  • WOW! What an amazing workout! It really kicked my butt! I have been trying a lot of different body-weight workouts lately due to past damage I have inflicted upon myself thinking I was “doing the right thing.” I took an exercise break to get some introspection on my life and to really delve into what my beliefs are about why exercising is so important to me. In that time I have been researching exercises and more importantly trainers who stand behind their products and know what they are doing! This workout and other Dr.K and Adam/Ryan body weight workouts have really helped get me going on the right track. I really like this work out too because it combines so much into just three exercises and uses so many muscles at once while building tons of strength and stamina! Mainly I try them becasue they look “too good to be true!” I am always pleased with the results! I look forward to staying fit, healthy, pain free and active as I enter into the half-century mark of my life. I also plan on having the next portion of my life be amazingly joyful and active!! Say “NO” to meds, walkers, canes, arthritis, stiffness, and all the other things well-meaning others have “warned” me about!! I am vital and healthy! Thanks again guys!! Gratefully yours, Donna

  • I’d like the FuZion workout as I’ve been slowly beginning to work out again after 16 years. I just tried it and couldn’t get through 3 rounds without hitting a minute so it would definitely do me good. Thanks. Great information.

  • I’d like to see Dr. K go through a few rounds on the video, see how his form holds up after about 5-7 minutes. How about it doc?

  • I am a 34 year old female BJJ student and am very familiar with body weight exercises. It is my preferred method of working out (along with running on my treadmill). I am also blind, so working out at home is always a plus to the over crowded jyms, that are impossible for me to get around! I loved this free dumbells+body weight exercise b/c it was fast, and hard, and I could do it at home. I have recently felt a small plateau in my workouts and I think something like this is just what I needed. Thanks from all the people who would rather work out outside, or in their homes!

  • Tac Fit turned me on to you guys. What a gift to be connected to you! Bodyweight exercise was a mystery but is now a revelation for me. Weights were the mantra for many many years with some discernible but minor benefits while bodyweight has wrought great results. Please keep the quality and well presented videos coming. Fuzion will be great!!

  • This is a fantastic workout that is simple yet highly effective. It can be modified for beginners and taken to the highest challenge by advanced participants!! Easy to follow and beautifully demonstrated~thank you for the continued devotion and inspiration to the world of fitness!!

  • Wow! That was great! Thanks Dr K! Just got the 20 min in before being interrupted by my baby! Should this be combined with any interval cardio or anything else? Love your bodyweight exercises too Adam and Ryan – I’ve only just discovered this website recently in my quest to get fit and in shape after having my baby 4 months ago.

  • Wow, what a workout. I did change the breakdancers to normal mountain climbers (yeah, I am a sissy) and did my reverse lunges with the DB’s to my side and it still got me. Going to do this one again today! Well done! Your workout rocks like only a 7.5 can rock a continent!

  • Nice simple workout. I use this now between my rowing segments. Thought the break dance move would be more difficult, but after I while I just swing into it.

  • I absolutely loved this challenge! It made a believer out of me as to the sheer intensity of what bodyweight plus dumbbells can do to tax the nervous system. I love that you have teamed with Dr. K. Both this site and his site offer up an exercise protocol that is advanced and cutting edge and never, ever boring.

    I am so looking forward to the release of FuZion. I know it’ll be full of awesome exercise combinations. If I didn’t already have access to Dr. K’s site, I’d have jumped on your promotion immediately just to get access to FuZion. In my mind, Bodyweight Coach rocks the fitness industry in ways that leave others scratching their heads as to how to compete and create exercises that defy outdated body logic.

    September 12th sure is a long time to wait….!

  • simple, easy to remember, and yet hard as hell … I’ve normally been doing 5 different exercises for a minute each. Would changing the rev lunge for a hamstring exercise be better for the mix instead of 2 quad exercises, essentially right next to each other? Can’t wait to see other varieties to add to the mix!

  • Hey guys. I am loooking forward to trying this workout. I just today became a member of Dr. K’s DEFL 2.0, and am amazed at the number of videos and information in his program. You guys working together have an awesome program going. Thanks for all your hard work. I have already lost 36 pounds in the last 4 weeks, and looking forward to boosting my strength and endurance and getting down to my target weight of 190 pounds. With your help, I know I can do it!

  • I thought this was going to be fairly easy !

    However, the last 5 sets I was screaming for mercy, especially as I slowed way down and had less rest time between sets – nightmare – but loved the awesome intensity !!

  • Ok….i’m stuck in a rut…and is has been now for 3 weeks straight already….three weeks with no work outs what so ever…not even cardio! Did not check my mail also for a couple of days and BooM my mailbox is somewhat exploding! So I dreadfully going through my mail and low and behold(don’t know if I wrote the saying right since english is not my native language..): I catch an five day old mail from the BodyweightCoach..and start reading and looking for some inspiration as I always do,cause I just love love teh way u guys presenting work outs..Well I did not only get inspiration from this one little mail..it even sparked my fire again to work my butt of again and then some.I just done finishing the 3 simple(well the only simple thing about them is the short names..) but really efective work outs and I feel like i’m THE girl again! Can u imagine how I would feel when I’ll get more inspuration of your Fuzion Program??!! Hellooooo……!

  • Hi. Did I miss it? I thought Fuzion was being released on the 12th. I can’t seem to find any information on it anywhere, neither on your site nor on the web in general.

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