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Pull Ups — Dimensions For My New Home Gym Pull Up Bar

Written by shapeshifter

Pull ups are a potent addition to any bodyweight training program. But obviously, they require a pull up bar. If you don’t have one, you can still include some pulling motions in your program using our DIY suspension gear. But also having access to a good pull up bar is ideal.

I’ve been looking for ages to find EXACTLY the pull up rig that I wanted. In the end, it didn’t exist. I thought about making my own out of supplies from the hardware store. And that’s definitely a viable option. But I decided I wanted something a little more polished. So I found a local craftsman who specializes in stainless steel and gave him my specs. I’m ecstatic about the results.

If you’d like to see the specs I used, you can download the original sheet I gave my metalworker (complete with his chicken scratches).

Specs For My Pull Up Rig

barspecs (right click the image and save to disk / Mac users hold control and click)

So here’s what I came up with…

First I calculated the distance between ceiling joists and determined the width of my bar, which turned out to be 36 inches. I wanted it to be long enough so I could do some “traveling” variations across the bar.

Then I figured out the distance from the ceiling. It was a compromise between giving myself plenty of room for my head and enough distance from the floor that my feet wouldn’t catch when doing things like kipping pull ups. That ended up at 11 inches.

I chose 1.5 inch stainless steel tubing for the bar. It was between that or 1 inch, which seemed way too thin. I have a feeling 1.25 inch diameter would have been ideal, but the guy couldn’t get it.

And finally, I asked for metal rings to be attached to either end of the bar so that I could easily attach gym rings or stretch bands to them. That has already proven to be a VERY handy addition.

What’s Your Pleasure?

I want to share a bunch of pull up info with you guys in future videos. PLEASE let me know what you need most. Do you want tips on how to build up to doing pull ups (or a decent number of reps)? Do you want training protocols? Do you want more advanced exercises on the bar? Let me know in the comments section and I’ll do my best to oblige…

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  • I like the idea of the rings & over all construction. A couple of things I’ve found that I like in a pull up bar is to have more room or clearance above the bar. Of course in the room you have yours located this wouldn’t be possible. The reason I prefer more clearance is I like to do my pull-ups by pulling deep down to my chest (nipple area) rather than just pulling to chin area. Also I often like to add a V-up to the pull up, (where my feet are lifted as in a leg raise, to or past my head level). This brings more abdominal work in combination with my pull-ups. And of course there is the muscle-up or power-up, where you press yourself up over the bar into a dip after performing the pull-up. I just got to where I can manage one of these, and of course this one pretty much requires being outside to get that kind of room above the bar.


    • Hey Dennis,
      Yeah, there are some pretty funky things you can do on a pull up bar if you’ve got the room. The bar at the gym has tons of head clearance and lets me practice some of that. Sounds like you’ve got some impressive pulling skills…

  • Adam,
    Some advanced progressions would be great, but for right now some videos that show how you can develop the strength to do more reps on chinups/pullups would be great!

  • Nice rig Adam!How about Detailed steps to a one armed pull up and may be a muscle up! You might also want to do some stuff with hanging leg raise progressions?

  • G’day mate,
    i am an absolute beginner in the pullups,which means i am incapable of doing even one pullup without any assistance at all..wondering is there a way to imrove pullup skills..cheers..

    • As a beginner of sorts this is the perfect question for me
      I have tried the negatives (hopping up and slowly going down) and I also have Bands to assist. And I find (tongue in cheek) without consistently doing either I don’t get far.
      BUT with these new knees and a New attitude ( I would have sworn the Doc just did the knees )but there seems to be evidence that the knees are attached to the “committment ” bone.
      I look forward to more input. And do I understand correctly that the “inside access” lends itself to even more imput from you folks ..thanks john bain

  • in the classic palms forward pull-up I find the bottom 20% of the pull hard to get into and get out of. I have a weak/compromised glenum capsule so palms forward pulls really expose that and make it feel pretty awful. It’s a bit better with palms facing me to get full extension but still challenging. I actually like neutral grip pull ups best (palms facing each other) best.

    Any tips/approaches on strengthening the bottom quarter of the pull up and shoulder joint rehab?
    .-= matt´s last blog -> To My 25th Century Biographers =-.

  • I am in the same boat as sridhar. I used to be able to do 10 or more pull-ups but that was years ago. I can’t even do one now.. want to develop to be able to do 100 or more correctly.. Thanks for the diagram and everything else you guys do.. oh, and a suggestion for the pull up rig..have the two hangers and the bar made as separate pieces so as to have more flexibility in where\how it can be installed.

  • I have never been able to build up to anymore than 5 reps. I also have a terrible time getting Full range or all the way up without assistance. Can you help me?

  • Maybe some progressions of the pullup, like other have said, and maybe progressions of a hanging leg raise, and how to do a muscleup or a one arm pullup!

  • I’m right in there with everyone else in wanting to know the best techniques to build strength so that I can do a full pull up or chin up. I’ve been working toward this goal for awhile now and am having limited success partly due to a chronic shoulder condition. A mixed grip or pronated grip works better for me than a straight grip.

  • Hey Adam,
    I was curious as to whether or not you could work the back just as well with a supinated grip as opposed to the pronated grip. Thanks!

  • Looks like you got yourself a nice setup there! What i would like to see is some beginner stuff for if you cant quite do a pull-up yet.

    Thanks 😛

  • I am 5’2″, 125# female, and I can do 7 pretty solid chinups in a row, without assistance. However, I’d love to know how best to build up to pullups. I’ve tried various things, being boosted up to bar and working the negative. Someone else told me to get up there and hold at the top like you were going to fall off a cliff (they were actually referring to chinups to gain some additional strength). I do free weights along with lat pull down/pullup assist machine/ cables, etc. I’ve been told that aside from working the back in a general way that the best way to be able to do them is just “do them”, i.e. attempt and keep attempting.

    For the time being, I’ve just been working on getting stronger on chinups. Is this the right approach or should I keep trying pullups too? Are there other target exercises I should be doing? On a good day, I can do 1 pullup but that’s it. Narrower grip is easier. Thanks so much!

  • Hi Adam,

    If you can help me, you would be a miracle worker.

    I have probably had a year of effort working on the pull-up. After using bands I have built myself up to about 3 strict pull-ups. I think my progress has been unbelievably slow despite the DOMS inducing effort. Over the last few months I have really been focusing again on it, reading and looking at videos. I don’t know if I have added even one genuine pull-up. I have added body weight though. Still it seems that I can’t improve on this exercise. My goals is not to only manage five reps but to add weight and even go on to doing one arm pull-ups. Perhaps that is impossible but I have an open mind. I just want to focus on doing the next level of difficulty.

    I think my impression of what a pull-up and chin-up is must be way off. I need a grounding in it. I think too, that my body biomechanics are against me. How can I tell? Long arms, short arms, different torso lengths; body weight; do they play any part in finding maximum height for me? For example, I just can’t seem to get the height, even when I feel I can hold the top position with strength. I see other people pulling the bar down to their chest but my best is just below chin level; just. Why? What can I do about it? What have I done wrong? What haven’t I paid attention to? Or is it normal or abnormal variation in the structure of people?

    What I would like is a run down of why I should do a pull-up, what are the benefits, what does it accomplish, what muscles are worked, and how do different techniques vary these things; also technique, visualizations, movement variations, progressions and supplementary exercises. I guess that is everything. I just want to ask for some information that is not generally asked for or made available. I need the next level of help as well as some general explanation. I am working hard, I am getting sore, I am sticking with it but the gains are not there.

    A few technique questions. What hand width? Scapular depression as a first movement? What would be dangerous? What is healthy?

    Sorry, that is lot I know just wanted to express my frustration and perhaps widen the scope of your future article.

    All the best


  • I would love to see some videos for beginners.
    I have a pull up bar installed in my house for my daughter, she is doing gymnastics.
    It’s so effortless for her, but for me I can only jump up, but not even hold myself at the top. So what would you advice?

  • Hey Coach,

    I’ve been having a funny problem with pull-ups. I don’t know why but although chin-ups are quite easy for me – I can easily crank out 12 reps – pullups are the opposite. When I lower myself down, I sway about and this causes me to lose a lot of strength on the next rep as I don’t pull as quickly and lower myself very slowly as well. It could be my form, but I’ve found that using Pavel Tsatsouline’s tactical pullup form – shoulders and upper back hunched over the bar – as opposed to what many would call the proper pullup form – chest out and shoulders back – makes things easier. I guess I would be interested to know:
    a) how to minimize the swaying on the way down
    b) why my strength on the chin-up does not translate to the pull-up
    c) what is the correct pull-up form

    Thanks. Keep up the great work!

    • Hey,
      It’s pretty common for people to feel stronger on the chin up. You get a lot more biceps involvement with the hands supinated, which makes the movement easier. I’m going to do a video with some important technical points. Watch out for that.

  • I want to know exactly how to train pull ups. How often etc? I have tried to push myself into taking more than I actually can take, which is not the right way I think

  • Hi Adam
    I am like Eric in that i want to develope more strength for more reps then see if i can do some more advanced stuff. thanks

  • Hey coach,

    Very impressive rig. I’d also like to know what pull up variations can be used to get that full V shape in my back and also add lots of shoulder and trap tone

  • Hi

    I’m nearly 50 now and have never managed to do a “proper” pullup or chinup 🙁 . How to break my duck after all these years is the question. I am relatively fit/healthy and can do most other exercises so….

    Thanks in anticipation

  • I get a device to make dips, chins-up and pull-up. I can only perform 3-4 dips, 4 chins-up, and i still can’t reach once the bar if I push aside my hands to make a pull up.
    How can I improve my pull-up ? I thought of pushing aside a little bit more my hands every work out.
    To improve the number of chins-up and dips, I thought to get a belt and add some discs to it, and then when I’ll take off the discs, it will be easier and I could perform more reps. Is it the right solution?
    How long have I to work out to progress as soon as possible ? Twice a day ? Once ? Or do I need to rest some days to recuperate ?

  • Hey Adam

    Nice pull-up bar! Basically I have the local kiddies playground to work with and have tried to work on pull-ups while I’m there with the littlies. I end up with sore lats and blisters on my palms and that’s about it! I can’t even do ONE pull-up yet, but would love some exercises showing how to work up to this. Also, how often should I be training/doing these exercises to enable me to do a pull-up? 😀


  • Adam,

    Please demonstrate a good progression for those of us that have difficulty with pull-ups. Additionally, advance moves to inspire and push us to greater ability.


  • The weakness is the attachment to the wood beam and there may be a serious safety risk to the user.

    The bracket seems to be screwed up into the wood beam. If so, in time use of the bar will weaken the grip of the screw in the wood beam and thus pose a safety risk. It is better to have the brackets vertical (along side the beam) and use bolts through the bracket and the beam.

    • Hi Peter,
      Although using bolts is certainly an option, I disagree about the potential for the screws loosening. There are 12 quality screws going into the joists. The chance of that setup coming loose is slim to nil.

  • Coach Adam,

    Very nice rig you’ve created. I’m jealous and thanks for the plans.
    I can only get 3-4 solid pull ups completed. I’m sure it is my belly holding me back and I’ve been working on that. Yea! Over the last 3 months I have been riding my bike 70% road and 30% trails three times a week at a minimum of 11 miles per ride up to 21 miles.
    I’d like to start building my upper body and this looks like a great way to start.
    Thanks again!

    Scott G.

  • I can manage eight pull ups with a full range of motion but can’t seem to get beyond that. Would love to be able to do 20!

  • Ditto to the comments from the beginners. I’m 5’5, 155# – not so good upper body strength. My goal is to be able to do pull ups. I’ve been working on strengthening overall, chest, back, tri’s, bi’s and have been working with lat pulls and negative pull ups. On the negatives, I can hold for a few seconds but quickly lose the battle and cannot lower slowly.

  • Nice setup. I’ve had problems with both my shoulders so I have done a pulled in over 6 months. I need ideas to start to work my way up. Thanks for the help!

  • Adam,
    Pull ups were an issue for me since junior high school when I was embarrassed in front of the whole P.E. class by not being able to do even one rep. Now at age 50 I have worked up to being able to do 20 reps. It is one of my favorite exercises. What I have been wondering is it would be beneficial to do any behind the neck pull ups or even something going in that more posterior direction. I’m just trying to find away to work more of the posterior shoulder musculature and not emphasize the chest in the movement. Thanks

  • I heard that chin-ups are better than pull ups because they have a much fuller range of motion your back has to go through to do a chin, any thoughts?. I do both for variety. For everyone that wants to get more pull/chins just practice every day all day. put your chin up bar in a door jam and every time you pass by do chin ups, but don’t go to failure just practice 1-2 short of failure, that should really help, plus weighing less helps a lot too!

  • I agree with Mike that progressions for eventually achieving one arm pull ups and power ups would be an great thing to see. I also have a question, should a person always try maintain scapular retraction and depression (like with most rowing and pressing movements) thoughout the entire pull-up, even in the bottom of the move?

    • In my opinion, yes. As someone who’s had to deal with shoulder problems, I’m careful to never let my shoulders come out of pack at the bottom of a pull up.

  • How can you improve your grip strength? I do kettle bells, thought that might help but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

    • Hey Teresa,
      Clubbells help a lot. Pull ups of all varieties are also great. Basically, lift heavy stuff often enough and your grip will get stronger. There are also some “tricks” you can use. I’ll try to post a blog post about it.

  • I can do about 10 chin-ups, and have worked on trying to do pull-ups with assistance of one foot on a chair, but tore my intercostal muscle and need a safe way to get back into it gradually. It will be a while though since I tore it pretty good. Have thought about trying bands for assistance, but have not found a good site to get them from. Any feedback would be great.

  • Hi, I would like to know what muscle are being activated in the basic pull up and chin up. Also I’d like to see a video with some variations that involve the core.

    Thanks a lot, Ian

  • Count me in with the wanna-be’s: I can sorta-kinda do a jumping pull-up, and crank a few with a big ol’ rubber band … but sure would like to build up to a full hang, quiet start masterpiece. Oh, and of course I’m fatter than I’d wish (working on it), and old enough to know better (but young enough at heart to be aiming for it, nevertheless).

    Female, 68
    Barbell curls with 60#
    15 clean push-ups
    DL 130#, C&J 70#

  • I was wondering what your thoughts are about adding more weight to yourself via a weighted vest etc. to focus on the negatives to improve on pull ups / chin ups ? Since I know that you are stronger in the negative portion of a movement.

  • Hi Coach,

    First. Thanks for all your various teachings. I started GMB pullup PRIMER on JULY 11th this year. I followed the protocol regularly starting from ‘unable to get my feet off the floor’. I am now able to manage two pullups to ‘chin over the bar’ but not yet ‘chest to the bar’ I shall. of course, continue to practice but I would greatly appreciate any strategies for speeding up my progress. L ooking forward to any of your future hints and tips .



  • Building pullups is what I need. Still can’t do one dead hang pull up. Only started working on it since Ryan Hurst published his tips.

  • Beautiful bar!!! I have been thinking about getting one recently. My husband can make anything, so your video is very timely. I’m 61 and would like to work on developing the strength to do pullups. When I mentioned this to my husband, he seemed to think pullups were too hard on the body. I’d really like that cleared up for us newbies. How to start. How to stay safe and healthy. Thanks.

  • Hey,

    Everytime I do a good pull-up workout, my upper back gets thrown out of alignment. It happens because my left side is still recovering from paralysis and considerably weaker (thus there’s a stronger pull from the right lat) what can I do to balance it out and get back to doing pull-up workouts without injury?

  • Somewhere on You Tube is a guy doing the most impressive one arm puul ups, no asissatnce from the other arm, body in a dead hang! He reps out about 7 one side, 6 the other and his physique is solid, but standard!
    The big thing about pull ups, is grip, most peoples hands arent strong enough, when their back gets strong enough, the hands are still weak. If your bar is close to a wall, you can prop a foot against it( to steady yourself) and let one hand off and start to build up your hang time. The steadying foot means that you can let one hand off with more control and dont swing off and allows you to build confidence with one hand.
    Consider slow negatives as finishers, for grip and back strength.
    Chins are great for all sports(really useful for grappling) and build good posture, as well as working the biceps without doing curls.
    It doesnt matter whos lifting what in the Gym, everyone would like to be good at chins!

  • Please add me to the list needing the basics. On a very very good day, I can manage one rep. I, too, have a problem with lots of swinging, and it feels like that REALLY takes away from my ability.


  • Hey! Would love to do chin-ups but don’t know how to start. Last time I tried – for fun outside on a school “monkey bar” – I strained a muscle in my elbow … I would definetly appreciate beginners info, tricks & technic.


  • I would like to hear about the most efficient ways for building up strength to do more pullups. I started out a few weeks ago, barely able to do one, and now I can almost make 3 pullups, but would like to get to the point where I can do at least 10. It is a lot harder than when I was in boot camp in the USMC. I only weighed 132 then, and I weigh 200 now. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hey Adam,

    Groovy rig you’ve got. I ordered one from the web the other day & it sooo doesn’t come anywhere near what I expected. Yours looks awesome – thanks for the specs, will get my husband onto that quick smart!! I need everything that you got on pull ups. I find that I’m not too good at them & I’d like to be able to do at least 10 – 20, but I need to start somewhere!!I cant do any without assistance & I need to make the big step to unassisted, but not sure how to go about it. Keep up the good work & hear from you soon

  • What is the best program you have seen/used to allow for progression? In other words, one that allows for continuous increases in repetitions as time progresses. I was in the Marine Corps and used to be able to crank out 20 without even thinking about it. I can still crank out quite a few, but I would like to work my way back up to at least 20. Thanks.

  • I want to know what you do with that bar with women in their 40s, 50s, who cannot, and may never be able to do even one pull-up.
    (I’ve got a few things I do with them, but i want more)

  • Excuse me, my question was a bit confused. Actually, I didn’t know what you really meant by “pull up”. I thought you meant exercise with hands pushed aside (for working lats).
    Actually, I can do 4 chin-up and 3 pull-up. Only the pull up with hands pushed aside remains a problem to me. (I am 65 years old, but I want to improve the number of both pull-up and chin-up, and be able to work my lats with pull-up hands-pushed-aside.)

  • I’d like to learn proper preparatory and compensatory exercises for pullups. Every time I’ve gone on a pullup program I’ve ended up with medial epicondylitis. So what do I do to avoid that?

  • I am a mother of three and a grandmother of 4 I am 51 years old and have MS. I keep my self active but I am tired of always looking for information and it is for men. Most women can not do a pull up. And what advantages does it have for me. I will never be in a bikini at my age , I will never be on a magazine, Twenty pounds never comes off. I will always be a mom,a grandmother and a wife. So my want is to be able to find myself and keep myself healthy so I can be all the above. Are pull ups going to take the fat off my back. And lets not forget I have a bad lower back so I am carefull. Pull -ups are they really for me? Tell me why they are.

  • Hi Adam,

    I’d like to hear your thoughts about what to do if you can’t do that first pull up just yet. Are there exercises to build up to that first successful pull up?


  • I can now do zero pull-ups. Even when I was young and working out hard, pull-ups were always difficult for me to do. How can I build up sufficient strength to do a pull-up; and then sets of pull-ups?

  • I am working on pull ups and chin ups right now. I am a 5’6″ 125lb female and just conquered “real” push ups so my next big feat is conquering the pull ups and chin ups. Any pointers on making this progress fast would be great. I can do a variety of push ups now and have developed great upper body strength, it is amazing how hard these things seem! Thanks for any pointers…my husband would love some more advanced ideas.

  • When doing pull ups chin ups, what is the best way? IE IS it arms out stretched in a V shape or closer togerther. Should you go all the way down or not which is best? What workouts should i do too be better at chin ups. Do i need to train the shoulders?


  • I would like to see a pull up program that incorporates the CST degrees of movement and also how to use pull ups within the 4X7 protocol.

  • Hi nice pull up bar need to get one made.
    Is there an easyer way of doing pull ups I seem to find them hard I can’t seem to pull up my own body weight but I can do inverted press ups.
    Can you help

  • I need to learn how to improve my pull-up strength, I have been working for months on that and I still suck at it, I can’t even do one pull-up from a dead hang, If my toes can touch the ground I can do 3 or 4, thats all. I have tried doing negitives, greasing the goove, assisted with different hand positions using a woody band, etc.


  • Pull Ups were formerly a thing for me, then I strayed away. I returned to them a year ago, and aspire to have them a staple. I have some proficient but want more. All guidance is eagerly awaited.

    W R

  • you have the rings on the end to attach our Olympic rings to, is there any benefit having rings over other suspension trainers such as the TRX?

    • Hi Dan,
      I just find the rings afford a lot more variety in grip configurations than the TRX. But both are good pieces of equipment. We also put up a post a while back about doing your own DIY suspension gear for less than $10.

      • thanks for replying
        the TRX has foot loops, would it be possible/easy to do the same exercises (e.g. push ups with your feet in the suspension system).
        I saw the post and I made my own variation with what I had available but I am looking for a system that is more durable and has further adjustability.

  • Hi.

    It probably makes me sound really dumb. But, what is the difference between a chin-up and a pull- up? I’ve always thought that grabbing one of those bars, and pulling yourself up so your chin is above is a chin up. What is different in a pull up?

  • When I do pull ups, I do them slow. I dead hang for about 5 seconds, then do one. dead hang again one second, and do another. I can only do about 4 of these. Wondering if this is the best method to benefit myself, or should I mix a slow set (like now), with perhaps a fast set the next day (think I could do at least twice as many if I did them fast, but have not done fast pull-ups in years!). (I’m 58)


  • The way to start doing chin ups is to first understand what type of movement it is. It is a maximum movement for most people. People think, do as many as I can, rest for 1 minute, do it again and so on. That may last 2 sets, they then give up, because it is too hard…………Its isnt too hard, but that protocol isnt correct, as a maximum lift , you should take 2 to 3 minutes before the next set, like power lifters and strength athletes.It is a strength movement.If you can only manage 1 or 2 reps, thats fine. If you take good rest periods, you will start to rack up the reps. The Bulgarians used to train buy saying” you have to lift 2 tons” on a movement, no mention of sets and reps. That should be your target here, e.g 8 reps, through the session.Even just use the bar, no chins, just hang and build up the time. Using this methodology and longer recovery periods, you will soon be able to max out a lot of the curls brigade.
    Start out, use a Lat Pull Down machine. If theres not one available, set up a bar on the power rack or smith machine and practise pulling yourself up to that, feet on the ground,as you get more proficient, raise it.If you are using an asissted chinning machine, make sure it does that , assists you, not chins for you!
    In these too, consider the negative, lower more slowly(Poliquin Principles) and with control. As the last comment mentioned, but mix it up, dont do the one session everytime, mix up regular rep times with slow negatives. I personally like to do the last rep or 2 slowly on most of my sets(if I can!)
    Simple mechanics.
    Even with that, practise hanging on it. Consider one arm rows, use the heaviest weight you can, when you rep out, hang on to it.Develop that grip.
    The most chins I ever did in one go was 30, in a test, but I was beaten by Steve Frew, who is a Commonwealth Gymnast, not really fair, he managed 44 and doesnt have any legs(I think)!
    Just some ideas that I am confident will help you build up your chinning strength.
    Train Hard, Train smart!

  • I’m interested in kipping pullups but have no idea how to do them properly. I see them in a lot of crossfit videos though. Do you do them and are you able to do a “how to”? As much as I’d like to try them I also see improper form being a good way to hurt yourself. Thanks!

  • Wanting to start on pull-ups, but not strong enough. Need some insight .
    Thanks for the videos and information that you are providing for all of us out here. We really do appreciate all that you and your affiliates do to help us out. So thanks again. So very helpful.

  • Like other folks said I’d be interested in knowing the pro and cons of kipping, if there are any dangers to be aware of with pull up training (rotator cuff etc) and power ups do look really cool so wanted to know if there is a progression into them.

    Thanks for your stuff
    and a “Cheers” to Adam.

  • I know =) Very cool that you actually have it in your line. I heard something in your voice that gave it away. I once heard of a guy that had Irish in his lineage and was born in raised in Oklahoma and never met that lineage and had a twin. The ironic part is that the twin spoke with an Oklahoma accent and the other one had an Irish accent!!
    .-= Jerome´s last blog -> How to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat… Forever! =-.

  • my hands keep slipping off the pullup bar after doing 5-6 .i have the gloves and straps but dont find these adequte.anyone out there have a better idea?thanks

    • Hi John,

      I like to use the Eco Ball. You should be able to find it with a Google search. It gives you a bit of extra grip without making your hands too sticky (which can cause you to tear skin).

  • Hey Ya, I am 100Kg around 9% bodyfat and have never been able to do a pull up unless I drop alot of bodyweight, any tips on how to get started, I feel like I’m missing out 🙂

    • Hi Rhys. Yeah, if you do a search for pull ups here on the blog you’ll find a trick using resistance bands to build up your pull ups.

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