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Side Plank Thrust — Bodyweight Exercise

Written by shapeshifter

As promised in the last bodyweight workout post, I’ve got a video for you. And although you guys got a bit greedy in the comments, a deal’s a deal. So I’m only going to give you one of the exercises. But there’s a new deal at the bottom of the post—and it’s a sweet one.

There are a lot of core exercises out there. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are downright dangerous. But when it comes down to training with the Circular Strength Training® system, everything becomes a core exercise. You see, we don’t train muscle, we train movement. And good movement requires a strong and well coordinated core.

That being said, there are some exercises which are particularly good at developing the kind of core coordination and strength that really shines on the field of play and keeps us healthy in our daily and occupational tasks. One such exercise is the CST Side Plank Thrust.

I’m sure you’ve seen a side plank before. It’s a common enough core exercise. But the Side Plank Thrust adds dynamic transitions into the movement and requires proper timing and synchronization of the entire collection of muscles grouped into the core—glutes, obliques, rectus, transverse abdominis and the list goes on. Even the shoulder stabilizers have to get in on the action.

But as you know if you follow CST, those are all just little compartments in the big myofascial net. It’s all one big muscle tacked down in hundreds of places. And the Side Plank Thrust is a perfect exercise for coordinating movement across the entire muscle matrix.

So without further ado…
(By the way, this is a tiny sample from one of the exercise videos in Bodyweight Blueprint For Fat Loss)

I hope you enjoyed this exercise. Now for the “NEW DEAL.” If you can beat the number of comments from the previous post. I’ll be back with a video demo of the entire workout. Yep, I’ll film ALL the exercises for you.

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