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CST Bodyweight Glide Part Three

Written by Ryan Murdock

(This article is part three of a seven part series. Be sure to grab each of the installments to assemble your complete 6-Degree CST Bodyweight Glide program... If you missed it, click to read part 2 of this equipment-free core workout series.)

CST Bodyweight Glide Part Three

This program is designed to shred your core in as little as 12-minutes per day using only bodyweight exercise.

The movements were designed to be done with those little plastic glide discs you’ve seen on TV. But the good news is you don’t need the discs. Socks, RMAX ultimate grappling shoes, and squares of felt all work on hardwood floors. Disposable paper plates work great on carpet. If you’re on a business trip and staying in hotels, tear a page out of one of the free glossy magazines in the desk drawer, or put the plastic laundry bag from the closet on your feet. Anything that will allow your feet to slide on the floor will work.

Movement three is the Yawing component: the side knee-in.

Remember, keep your shoulders packed, rotate your elbow pits forward, maintain good crown to coccyx spinal alignment, and activate your core with a hard exhale on every rep. These movements should be core driven.

Now go try it out for yourself!

If your response in the comments is good, we’ll reveal the next exercise. If you REALLY like where we’re going and speak out, we’ll reveal all six, and in the final installment I’ll tell you how to put it together into a training program.

Good luck!

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Ryan Murdock


  • Hi Ryan,

    This is one of my favorite moves. I love the rotational component and how it opens up the lower back region. Not to mention it is very functional, high carry-over to many activities… Keep up the good work!

  • Awesome Coach! I was anxiously waiting for the yawing movement. It surprised me how much I felt this one in the sides. I guess I have not done as good a job connecting that particular kinetic chain. I am looking forward to how you tie these all together.

    .-= Richard´s last blog -> Training Plans: Who needs’em? =-.

  • It just keeps getting better and better!! Each move has really helped me in both strength, flexibility, and fat loss…now those are some Awesome moves!!!

    Like most of all how each covers a degree of motion that carries over to real world use….Doesn’t get better than that….except for the next move….Looking forward to it!!!

  • Glad you’re enjoying these. I really like this movement too. Yawing is a weak point for many people because we don’t train it as much (that and Rolling). This will really shore it up.

    Remember to focus on the twist. This is a Yaw, so it should be driven by that twisting from the waist (rather than the knee).

  • LOVE IT! BTW your Bodyweight Exercise REvolution is maybe the best program i have read. The exercise selection is great but the ability to tailor and come up with your own programs is AWESOME! cant wait to try these moves in my next cycle!

  • Ryan,
    I’m really enjoying the core activation work. Great performance que to lead from rotation of the core rather than just knee. I’m super psyched to see the rest of the series and learn the protocol for the complete KC.

  • Keep ’em coming, I’ve already, er, borrowed a couple of really good plastic plates from our picnic supply to start these…. So, I’m invested in a continuing program!!!

  • >I like it what kind of reps should you do?

    We’ll reveal the set/rep scheme in the final installment of the series, once we’ve released all 6 movements. That is, if interest remains high enough 😉

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