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CST Bodyweight Glide Part Six

Written by Ryan Murdock

(This article is part six of a seven part series. Be sure to grab each of the installments to assemble your complete 6-Degree CST Bodyweight Glide program... If you missed it, click to read part 5 of this equipment-free ab exercise series.)

CST Bodyweight Glide Part Six

This program is designed to shred your core in as little as 12-minutes per day using only bodyweight exercise.

The movements were designed to be done with those little plastic glide discs you’ve seen on TV. But the good news is you don’t need the discs. Socks, RMAX ultimate grappling shoes, and squares of felt all work on hardwood floors. Disposable paper plates work great on carpet. If you’re on a business trip and staying in hotels, tear a page out of one of the free glossy magazines in the desk drawer, or put the plastic laundry bag from the closet on your feet. Anything that will allow your feet to slide on the floor will work.

Movement six is the Swaying component: the tadpole.

Remember, keep your shoulders packed, rotate your elbow pits forward, maintain good crown to coccyx spinal alignment, and activate your core with a hard exhale on every rep. These movements should be core driven.

Now go try it out for yourself!

In the final installment I’ll tell you how to put it all together into a training program. But remember, you’ve gotta comment if you want to see the training protocols!

Good luck!

(Click to read part seven=> bodyweight core blowtorch)

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Ryan Murdock


  • All hail! You are the Arch Fiend of coaches (although Mike Locke is right up there too.)

    Oh yes, please do the release where you put it all together. Can’t wait to inflict the Whole Thing on myself, and then of course, others!


  • OMG that was beautiful! Clients still complaining about making a flow out of the last five elements…can’t wait to bring this one to the gym! Bravo Ryan…efficient, inexpensive, coordinated, results oriented…that’s what we’re looking for, coach.

  • OK, I thought the plank was unexpected, the tadpole really came out of left field. It’s really a good variation!

    At the moment, because I don’t know any better, I’m running through the sequence on a 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off protocol. It gives me practice on the movements until I learn the “real” protocols.

  • WOW, this be fun to my clients. They have been struggling all five movements before – and one excellent more! Thanks Ryan!

  • Great work on this series, Coach M. Your exercise selection is always creative and sophisticated. I anxiously wait for your final installment. Thanks, Coach.

  • Can’t wait to go home and do it myself. Am trying to take it all in and learn, learn, learn this amazing new way of training. I live in Brisbane, Australia and would love to know if you have any Trainers set up here. I am a PT looking to possibly take this way of training a whole lot further. I have already started some of my groups on the very basic CST.

    • Michelle,

      Coach Murdock mentioned you were looking for trainers in Brisbane. There are a few trainers around though I’m not sure if there are any in Brisbane itself. I will be relatively close in Yeppoon, 10 hours north near Rockhampton for all of December and January if you are looking to gain an immersion into this type of training. My home city at the moment is Perth, but Central Queensland is where I’ll be for those months.

      CST Coach Ben Waddell

  • Same as always. Great exercise movement. Now, give us the set/rep scheme. I think it should be done Tabata Style. Cycled through 3 times at first. Then when that gets easy, for time 20 minutes. Whad ya think?

  • Wow! Challenging is an understatement…

    A great set of exercises, but so far the best part was the look on my wife’s face when I grabbed the paper plates.

    Can’t wait to put them all together!

  • “I live in Brisbane, Australia and would love to know if you have any Trainers set up here.”

    Michelle – yes, we have several CST’s in Australia. I’ll find out if we have anyone right in Brisbane.

    “I think it should be done Tabata Style. Cycled through 3 times at first. Then when that gets easy, for time 20 minutes. Whad ya think?”

    Mac – yes, Tabata is definitely one way to do it. But what’s your rationale? Tell me why you think it should be done that way, what variables you’re trying to effect, or what adaptation you’re going for.

    Anyone else care to speculate? What sort of protocol would you use, and why? Let’s talk about it.

  • Coach Murdock,

    The side plank variation was killer, but I really feel the tadpole. It may be because I have been using this series for rounds and the tadpole is the last exercise of the round. I have been combining all the exercises into one sequence to make one round. 10 reps per round and trying for as many rounds in 12 minutes as possible (total time is based on your first sentence).

    Although, I am thinking of putting the side plank as the last exercise because I am using furniture pads and the foot transition slows down my time.

    Can’t wait for your final installment! Thanks for the awesome series!
    .-= Richard´s last blog -> Strength-to-Weight: What’s it all about? =-.

  • Well Ryan, I took all 6 exercises 30 sec (without break between exercise), then 1 min rest – total 3 rounds…that was a real killer! I changed side plank with every round (it was 2 x right and 1 time left – next day 2 x left and 1 x right)… This feels really good, but hard as steel!

  • Thanks again for posting these Coach. Look forward to testing this out when I am done with the BBFFL. Just finished phase 1.

  • I’m going for a 45 second set with 15 sec rest in between for each exercise, twice through. The 45 seconds is smack in the middle of the TUT (time under tension) with the exercises cycling through the full 6 before the second round of each.

  • As posted over in Rmax, I’m doing these as rounds, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. I’m looking at this as a placeholder protocol; it allows me to practice the movements until the actual protocols are revealed. Also, since I do these on my Medium days, the equal work/rest ratio seems to work well.

  • Good thinking across the board. There are lots of ways to do the exercises, depending on your goals and the specific effect you’re going for. The movements are just the tactical tools – the results you reap are defined at the strategic level.

    Will get the last installment posted shortly. It’ll be up either today or tomorrow. Got caught up in other work all weekend and haven’t had a minute to breath.

  • I am a Personal Trainer and I want to thank you for parts 5 &6 of Bodyweight Glides . Not only do my clients think these movements are great but I use them as well !!

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