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How To Build A One-Arm Push Up — Bodyweight Exercise For Serious Strength

Written by shapeshifter

Ever tried a one-arm push up? They’re tough. But as with any exercise, there are ways to add “training wheels” until we can build up to the full deal. In Circular Strength Training® we call that Incremental Progression.

In this, our first in a series of guest coach videos on BodyweightTV, Canadian coach Eric Wong shares his tip for building up to the one-arm push up.

Eric trains MMA fighters in Southern Ontario. He actually gave me TWO of his favorite bodyweight exercises. This is the first. If you like it, let me know in the comments and I’ll get the second one up (25 comments minimum).

And I bet if we get 50 comments or more I can browbeat Ryan into filming a Screwing Pushup tutorial. It’s one of his specialties — so that would be a real treat!

And speaking of one arm push ups, the post wouldn’t be complete without a little Rocky Balboa montage.

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