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Pull Up With A Traveling Kip

Written by shapeshifter

We’ve already explored the kipping pull up and the traveling pull up. Now it’s time to combine them…

The traveling kip up is one of my favourite upper body pulling exercises. It takes all the timing and coordination developed in the regular traveling pull up and blends it with the full body power and strength of the standard kip. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate, only a lot better for you!

Here are a few of the “cheat sheet” points from the video:

  • Use an opposing grip (one hand towards you and the other away)
  • Use a pendulum like swing to kip your chin over the bar
  • On the lowering part of the movement, release the back hand and switch it to the front

When you’re doing a standard kip, you can get into a very smooth and cyclical rhythm. The traveling kip requires you to stop and “reset” in the bottom position between each rep. Use the opportunity to make sure your shoulders are packed down and pulled away from your ears.

This is a pretty advanced movement. But if you go back through our series of pull up posts here on the blog and incorporate each step along the way, you’ll be working up to these in no time.

If you’ve already got some strong pull up experience. Give these a try and let us know how you like ‘em.

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  • Kool Video……looks interesting, might give it a try, but I am still a beginner so I can use the band technique as you showed in a pryor video, correct?

    • April, the band technique is great not only from the beginners stand point, but it also allows you to keep your body straight, regardless how low is your bar. i’m using this technique all the time, i just have to tilt my body on my way down. great stuff.

  • Love the video.
    I’ve bought the Fuzion and BER products and I’m very happy with my purchases.
    I am wondering though how to incorporate exercises like pull ups with BER.
    I’ve worked really hard before starting BER to be able to do some dead hang pull ups and don’t want to lose the progress I’ve made.
    Any suggestions?
    Regards, Barend

  • Hi Barend,
    Glad you’re enjoying the programs! Since there are 5 programs in BER, it’s hard to tell you exactly how to integrate pull-ups. Generally, you can just add a set of pull ups onto whatever circuit or routine is used for the “strength” based day of the program. You can also add a separate session of 5-10 minutes at some point in the day focused just on your pull ups. This solution is especially potent if you are looking to continue focusing on improving your pull ups.
    Hope that helps.

    • Thanks Adam
      What do you think of with a 5-10 min session?
      Sounds good.
      My thoughts would go to first start of with some isometrics, dead hang pull ups, ending of with kipping pull ups.
      Or would you balance that out with some variations of push up and core exercises like the spinal rock butterfly and screwing press/inverted hand press?
      I had a shoulder injury at some point, luckily nothing too serious, and try to keep my arms and shoulders balanced so that I minimize the possibility of another injury.
      Regards, Barend

      • The back and biceps muscles evolved to hold and grab. So they respond really well to isometric training. Avoid too much eccentric training (although it’s not bad, you don’t want to do it to excess). You could maybe do your pulls first. Then a bit of iso work. Then some kips if you want. Take lots of rest between sets if your looking to build strength (but not more than 2 minutes so you don’t start losing the nervous system potentiation).

  • Hi Ryan
    I have just subscribed to body weight coach on the advice for a friend and had a look at some of your videos and the execises look grate and cant waite to give them ago. Iiv’e downloaded the body weight burn manul but am having trouble finding the video to download that goes with it so could you please e-mail a link for this.
    Thanks for your help
    Yours in fitness

    • Hi Gary,
      The videos are on the same page. You’ll see a series of “bars” below the download link for the manual. There is an icon on the right side of each bar. Click that and the bar drops down to reveal the content (video).

  • It is more than annoying to have an ad over the video
    This ad has no X to close it and sits right over the content
    I hate these things and will unsubscribe it it continues.

  • Found the hidden X, ghosted just above and on the right corner. Still really irritating. I understand that such ads pay the bills but do they have to be so insidious and pervasive?

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