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6 Muscle Building Tips for the Skinny Guys

Written by Joshua

Working out in a gym will make you meet many types of people, with their own reasons for working out and their own body goals. There’s the buffed up group who are regulars at the gym; there’s the toned muscles group who works out to maintain their toned bodies; and then there’s the skinny group who has most likely just started with their work out program. The good thing about being in the skinny group is looking at all other groups who have succeeded and continue to succeed in their programs, and making them your inspiration for your own body building goals.

You are not alone in your journey, and you are definitely not alone in feeling a little behind in body building. You can, however, do a few things to push your body goals faster and make your work out more effective. Here are 6 muscle building tips you can follow.

1. Work Your Biggest Muscles

While the idea is to develop your muscles equally, you can definitely work on your big muscles and get them ahead of the others. It’s easier to build up muscles that have already been developed and this will show you faster results. This is called protein synthesis and it works with muscles that are pre-developed. This can be a form of motivation for you. Weights and lifting are usually the go-to work out routines to bank on if you want bigger muscles and faster results.

2. Eat Something Every 3 Hours 

You may find this a little contradictory to your bodybuilding goals and may be a little too frequent than your eating habits, but this is actually an effective technique for faster muscle development. Of course, you should invest in protein and carbohydrate meals because these two compounds are your best friends when it comes to muscle building.

While protein and carbohydrates may be too heavy, be sure to pair your meals with food that can help give you a fast metabolism.

3. Down the Carbs After Your Workout 

Working out can bring exhaustion and hunger that could tempt you to eat anything you want right after your workout. After all, you deserve a reward, right? Eating after your workout is fine. In fact, eating carbohydrates is highly recommended because this type of compound is responsible for restoring energy to your body. According to studies, eating carbs can help rebuilding muscles faster after a workout routine. After the gym, you can eat carbs such as yogurt, bread, cereals or starchy vegetables to replenish your strength.

4. Stay Focused On the Task At Hand

It’s easy to get distracted by other people with you in the gym, especially the ones who have been there a while and have the body you want. It’s easy to feel little compared to these guys. While it’s perfectly normal to compare your muscles to theirs, their bodybuilding journey is different from yours. Take them as inspiration, more than anything else, and focus at your own bodybuilding journey.

You will be exposed to many kinds of exercise routines such as weight lifting, pull ups, squats and many others. It is important that you stay focused on each of these when you are doing it.

5. Have Some Milk Before Bed

Milk is known to give you a sound sleep, but did you know that it can help decrease the breakdown of protein while you are asleep? This action allows protein to stick with you and seep into your muscles for faster development.

6. Water, Water, Water

Water should be your constant drink and you should stay hydrated at all times. Bigger muscles mean bigger water intake because your body would require more for hydration and circulation. Drink water as much as you can, or at least a gallon per day. That being said, you should also avoid other beverages and stick to water as much as you can.

Being skinny may have its perks but for guys in the gym whose goal is to build up their muscles, it takes a lot of hard work, perseverance and discipline to get the body you want. Don’t worry, you’ll get there. When you do, it will definitely be more than pride for reaching your body goals.

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