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Arm Exercises With Kim Lyons — Ladies, How To Look Great Sleeveless!

Written by shapeshifter

Supplement your full body training. Kim Lyons shares 3 tips and multiple exercise variations for building arms with a feminine and sexy shape that’ll look great in your favourite sleeveless dress or bikini.

Whether a sleeveless summer dress, an elegant evening gown or a favourite bikini, few things are as captivating as a beautiful pair of shapely arms!

Many women are reticent when it comes to doing resistance training (strength training). An irrational fear of “bulking up” has been popularized for years. But it’s really HARD for women to add a lot of muscle mass. Instead, what women can easily achieve through resistance training is a beautiful SHAPE.

By developing the muscles in your arms, you can actually “remodel” the way they look. After all, what do you think gives the body it’s SHAPE? Muscle…

And it’s not only the overall mass of the muscles that’s important. There’s also the tone (or tonus) of the muscle. This is basically the amount of passive activation in the muscle. Through resistance training, you encourage the muscle to maintain a certain amount of readiness — the muscle maintains some tone or activation — that gives shape your body.

We believe whole heartedly that the foundation of any program should be a host of full-body functional exercises. But we often add SUPPLEMENTAL exercises into our programs to target specific goals. And we wanted to give you a few ideas for adding some arm training into your program.

Our colleague Kim Lyons has fantastic arms. And looks as fantastic in a sleeveless evening gown as she does in her training apparel. So we asked her to share some secrets with you for taking care of your arms ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

Kim Lyons Arm Training Tips

There you have it. There’s simply no excuse for ignoring those arms. You can train them with the simplest of equipment, anytime during the day. Push up variations, dips, and the use of improvised training tools are all you need.

You can use “time under tension” — perform the exercises for a set amount of time — to challenge yourself and ensure that you continue to progress. Gradually increase duration as you get stronger.

And finally, concentrate on the “connection” with the muscle. If you are training the bicep, really feel the contraction with each rep. This will help build that tone you’re looking for, but it’ll also form a bridge for the FULL BODY staple exercises that we rely on around here. Building that “mind-muscle connection” will actually help enhance your overall coordination and timing in other exercises.

Have fun supplementing with these anytime, anywhere arm exercises. And a huge thank you to Kim for taking the time to share them!

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