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Drop Lunge & A Quick Workout

Written by shapeshifter

The Steer household is in disarray…

My wife just went back to work after a two year sabbatical. And my daughter is off to school for the first time after being home schooled for the past two years.

I’m sure you can imagine the logistical nightmare I’m juggling when it comes to figuring out everyone’s schedules and routines.

Heck, maybe you’re dealing with the whole back to school thing yourself. At the very least, there’s a good chance you’re feeling the pinch of an increasing post-summer workload.

When life heats up and time gets short, it’s important to have a few fallback workouts that you can count on. You never want to give up on your training completely, of course. But sometimes 5-10 minutes is all you’ve got.

Next time this happens to you, try this super simple workout using one of my new favorite bodyweight exercises. It’s called the Drop Lunge.

If you know how to perform a good Forward Lunge, you’ve already got the basics of this movement. The big difference is that you’ll be starting your lunge from a slightly raised surface like a low stair.

You’ll also be taking a longer step than you normally would, so you can get a good stretch on the quad muscles of your back leg.

The final key to the drop lunge is to explode out of the lunge position as forcefully as possible.

Here’s a photo…

And a reminder of the key points…

  • – Back foot on a slightly raised surface
  • – Long step with front foot
  • – Back stays vertical
  • – Chest out / shoulders back
  • – Hips square with the front
  • – Forceful explosion back to start

Now for your workout:

Do 4 rounds of the following:

  • – Drop Lunge 45 seconds
  • – Push Up 30 seconds
  • – V-Up 15 seconds
  • – Rest 30 seconds

Voila! In only 8 minutes you’ve got a full body metabolism boosting workout that’ll keep you on track until your life gets back to normal.

Give it a try.

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