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3 Big Fitness Mistakes — Words Of Wisdom From Trainer Kim Lyons

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We’re not big on TV around here — Adam doesn’t even have cable (weird, eh?) — so we were a bit skeptical when we first made the acquaintance of celebrity trainer Kim Lyons. We’d heard of The Biggest Loser, but neither of us had ever seen an episode of the show.

But our preconceptions were promptly blown to bits! Kim is an extremely well rounded, knowledgeable trainer with a deep and varied background. We were so impressed that we immediately asked her to be a guest coach here on the blog.

And today we’re happy to bring you the first of her appearances. In this video, she digs into her past and shares three big mistakes that she made, but that you don’t have to…

Kim’s Three Biggest Mistakes

Pretty darn good advice! And stuff you’ve heard before if you’ve been hanging around here for a while. Let’s recap.

Avoid these three big fitness mistakes:

Mistake #1: Putting quantity over quality.

Kim’s advice… “Work out Smarter, not longer.” There’s no need for two hour daily workouts. You should be able to get everything done in an hour at maximum if you have focus and structure. So educate yourself or connect with a quality trainer.

Mistake #2: Focusing on only one element of fitness and health.

Instead, make sure you find the right balance between resistance training, cardio and nutrition. Kim places these as the three pillars of health and nutrition. Each has it’s place in a proper training plan.

Mistake #3: Harboring a bad attitude.

Never, ever have the attitude that you “have to” get to the gym or eat well. The reality is, you “GET” to do this stuff. Belonging to a nice gym, being able to afford healthy food, enjoying leisure time to train, those are all luxuries that we should be thankful for. So don’t just long for your goal, enjoy the PROCESS.

There you have it. Three things to avoid if you want to accelerate your results and have fun doing it! Kim will be back next weekend with another great tip. You won’t want to miss it. It could make all the difference in what you achieve over the next year.

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