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Ryan’s Surefire Hangover Remedy

Written by shapeshifter

The desire for a surefire hangover remedy is probably as old as the existence of alcohol. That throbbing head, aching eyes and rolling stomach never fails to remind us that there is always a price for life’s excesses.

So is there a surefire cure?

Countless folk remedies exist, and Ryan has run into a pile of them on his travels. As a writer he’s also had reason to call on more than his share…

In this video, filmed on New Year’s Eve in Japan, he shares the best of his surefire hangover cures in the hopes that you won’t have to suffer too much when the harsh light of the morning sun shines on January 1st.

Happy New Year from all of us here at And may 2011 bring you many wonderful adventures.

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    • Yeah, it’s called airag in Mongolia. Tastes kinda like fizzy yogurt, but with bits of fat and hair floating in it.

      Coffee apparently doesn’t help. I find it helps with a headache, but it’s also a diuretic so it’s likely to make that day after dehydration worse.

  • Best hangover cure I know (and use) is a banana milkshake sweetened with honey. The banana calms the stomach and, with the help of the honey, builds up depleted blood sugar levels, while the milk soothes and re-hydrates your system.

  • Happy New Year Ryan. In the colonial days we used to have a ‘ Bombay Oyster’ or a ‘Punjabi Prawn’. They consisted of a raw egg in a glass of milk,with a dash a Worstershire sauce in one hit. It definitely helped. But the best, in winter, on the worst mornings , was to run straight into the Great Southern Ocean, having somehow managed to get to the shoreline and doubting any return. But surfacing, with frozen skull, numb body miraculously surviving the elements and the hangover. It always worked.

    • I’ve heard about the Bombay Oyster – never been brave enough to try that one the morning after. Maybe if someone else prepared it and all I had to do was fire it down lol. We do the same thing up here sometimes re: jumping into a cold lake. That definitely shocks it outta ya. Must be the adrenal dump!

  • Years back while a lot of us in the Navy discovered that a high dose of B12 worked. Being cheap (or broke from spending all our $ on refreshments) instead of the shots or liquid nasal drops, we would spend the $2 on a bottle of 2000 mic-g tablets. Take 1 and crush it very fine – then snort it. It worked within just a few minutes. People looked at you like you were some kind of freak, but the ones who were also in pain usually gave in and tried it – heck, it didn’t cost anything. They were usually amazed at how much it helped.
    That was 25 years ago. My new solution is to not drink much at all, and when I do have one or two, it’s only on my “no-intensity day” of the 4-day wave.

  • I was actually a good boy this year. Only had three flute-fulls of champagne and I feel just fine today! So my hangover cure is old age… you really do get wiser as you get older! Plus, hangovers hurt worse and worse the older you get so you just don’t imbibe as much because you just can’t take it anymore! 🙂

    • It’s true, you do get a bit wiser as you get older. It certainly took me a long time in high school – and a lotta short nights and rough mornings lol – to learn my lesson. But yeah, that’s a very rare thing for me now. I like a cocktail or maybe two but it’s pretty rare for me to go beyond that.

  • Hey Ryan,

    I usually don’t drink to the point of inebriation but on those rare occasions I discovered a rather strange remedy. Few may actually want to try this due to the potential health risks but once in a Blue Moon can’t hurt, right? It’s McDonald’s! Big Mac & fries with a large HFC Coke! Not sure if it’s the grease-hit or the sodium but after an alcohol indulgence I crave & oddly enough feel better after eating what I would define as “non-food”. lol!


    • I have friends in Canada who also swear by McDonald’s as a hangover cure. I couldn’t do the Coke though, just don’t like the taste of soft drinks. Perhaps it satisfies the same urge as ramen – replacing that sodium, getting some fats and simple sugars, etc?

      • Hi Deborah,

        Yes, back during my party days, a good ol’ greasy hamburger was just the ticket. Didn’t necessarily have to be Mickey D’s, even a burger from a greasy spoon would do. Down here in the south, we love to put slaw and chili on burgers. Now THAT is hangover food! Also, a big glass of sweetened iced tea (with lemon, natch) will do the trick in case you’re like Ryan and can’t stomach a soft drink.

        • Hey Keith,

          Yum! I could go for that right NOW! & it’s probably bigger than my head, right? lol! Though it’s been age… Ironically if I ever break down & have McDonald’s I feel nauseous after 😛

          Yeah, Canadian are crazy! Hey wait! I am one!
          I’ve been eating pretty clean lately… I’d probably slip into a diabetic coma if I had a Coke! Blech!

  • I had a few New Years Eve, and wasn’t in too bad shape for Saturday morning, but what helped to kick off the year and deplete the body of the alcohol toxins was a 25km run at 7am with friends. It was a brisk -20 (yes, below zero, Celsius) and it “warmed up” to -16 2.5 hours later.

    I’ve found in the past, instead of suffering in pain at home, the best thing is to meet up with friends who will suffer with you or put you through the suffering of a great workout (usually including riding or running intervals) to flush out the toxins. It not always pretty, and it does hurt, but the suffering is short (much shorter than a full day hangover!) and you get the double benefit of a great workout to kick off the day!

    Have a great 2011 everyone and thanks for the great advice from!

    • It’s true, you can definitely sweat it off with a workout. And it sure isn’t pleasant. I find that even if it’s been a couple days, the first workout after an overindulgence is rough. You get that gross sweat, you’re a bit weaker, and a bit of a headache too. I hear the same thing happens to those who binge on sugar after eating clean, and then train. But yeah, working out in very cold weather is a definite remedy.

      • What about a steam room? I’m a Lifeguard & have seen the odd person come to ” sweat it out”. Would that really work?

  • I, like some of the others, have outgrown the need to drink to hangover, thank God! However, back in the day…I learned that if you just drink a glass of water for every cocktail, you don’t get one. Hangover’s are mostly dehydration anyway. Other tip is to drink “top shelf” alcohol. Learned that from an old alkie. They use better ingredients, and cleaner distillation methods, so supposedly less poisoning to the system.

    • >Other tip is to drink “top shelf” alcohol.

      That’s true actually. I learned the same thing in Serbia. I was visiting a family in the north of Serbia, and they had distilled rakija from an apricot tree in their backyard. It was a very pure spirit distilled from organic fruit, and no matter how many toasts we had to endure (the friends I was visiting with hadn’t seen these folks in years, and there was a steady stream of visitors to receive) I felt fine the next day.

  • I had a great night of drinking, thought i was going to die but i took two vicodins, and a nausea pill, i wash fine in 20min, the pills might be hard to get a hold of

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