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The Russian Step Up

Written by shapeshifter

Last week I introduced you to a cool bodyweight exercise called the Drop Lunge. And I gave you a super fast workout to go with it.

Well, it seems I struck a chord. Apparently I’m not the only one juggling a busy September schedule…

In honour of the overworked among us, I’d like to share another nifty bodyweight exercise. And I’ll give you a great 5 minute workout you can use when you’re in a pinch.

The exercise is called the Russian Step Up. I have no idea whether the Russians invented it, but it’s a great lower body movement either way.

Here’s what it looks like:

And here are the key points:

  • * Start with one foot on the ground
  • * And the working foot on a raised surface
  • * Working thigh no higher than parallel with floor
  • * Contract working thigh and drive up
  • * Do not “help” with non-working leg
  • * When you get to the top, drive the knee up
  • * Stand as tall as possible before returning to start

This is an awesome exercise for targeting the entire lower body in a very natural human movement pattern. And it’s really close to the movements used in a sprint.

Here’s a quick workout to go with it. Remember, this is just part of your back up plan for when you can’t squeeze in your regular training session.

You’re doing the Russian Step Up only. No rest until the end…

  • 60s left / 60s right
  • 45s left / 45s right
  • 30s left / 30s right
  • 15s left / 15s right

Even if you only have 5 minutes, you can still grab a quick workout that’ll keep your metabolism pumping and get your blood moving.


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