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Unique Warm Up Exercise — Forward Roll Into Push Up

Written by shapeshifter

We often get asked if you should stretch before training. The answer is pretty simple…


But you MUST warm up. We both use mobility exercises before training. But dynamic warm up exercises are also a fantastic addition to your movement prep.

We’ve asked our friend Smitty to share one of his staple warm-up moves with you. In case you don’t know him, Smitty’s one of the industry’s great innovators. He’s also one of the masterminds behind Diesel Crew. His methods have helped hundreds of athletes reach their top potential — and we’re sure they can help you too.

Before you attempt the Forward Roll Into Push Up, pay close attention to how soft and quiet the movement is. It’s a fantastic example of flow, coordination and impeccable body control.

Check it out…

Forward Roll Into Push Up

We know the Forward Roll Into Push Up is pretty advanced, and it might be too much to tackle straight away. We’ve also included the “G.I. Joe Roll”. You can try this one out no matter what your level of fitness.

Alternate Forward Roll Method (G.I. Joe Roll)

Give it a try and let us know how you like it. And feel free to share YOUR favourite warm up exercises below.

If you have any questions for Smitty, drop them in the comments section.

Stay tuned. Smitty will be back on Thursday to help you ROCK the SQUAT. If you need to improve your squat technique — bodyweight or weighted — you must NOT miss this.

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