Marketing Tips & Tools

Marketing 101

1.) The First best step in marketing any product would be to market it in your own network. This would involve your own family, relatives, real offline friends, friends of your relatives, in-laws and the likes. You can tell them about the new program you are into and how wonderfuly it’s working for you. You can send them individual emails or a private message in your favorite social media sites (facebook,myspace,twitter). You can even use your cellphone and send them a text message about our programs. Why this method would work best? It’s because you offer credibility in your own network. They trust your judgement and so they often would consider buying it for themselves.

2.) The next logical place to market your products is through Social Media Sites. Blast out tweets regarding the benefits of using our programs, put it in your status telling everyone that your working out with a wonderful new workout program. This method is much like the first step although this would be in a wider range. This would include people (some of which you don’t personally know) in your facebook, myspace, twitter, multiply, friendster accounts. You can even create social media accounts specifically just for your marketing campaigns.

3.) Use simple text links. Anywhere you get a chance to put links, use and promote your affiliate links. You can put your links in your Instant Messenger Status (Yahoo messenger, Skype, Aol Instant Messenger). You can put your affiliate links as a signature in forums. You can edit your about me and profiles in forums and social media sites. Make sure to use affiliate link cloaking to make it short and look professional. A detailed explaination on affiliate link cloaking can be found here.

4.)  Blog it! Blogging has been the rage lately and it’s not going away anytime soon. You can easily get free blog accounts at and One best topic to blog about is your progress in using our workout programs. You can blog about the experience you have with using our program from day 1 until you have achieve your goal. You can even add photos of your progress. Adding your links in these kind of blogs will give it more weight in the search engines since the content is related to what your promoting. But if you already have an existing blog on different topics such as cooking recipes, interior design concepts, or your travels around the world, you may still promote our products by adding your affiliate link in your resource or about me profiles.

5.) Article Marketing is another option you should consider. Signup to article marketing directories such as, or Write a 300-500 word article related to health and fitness. Simply add your affiliate link inside your content. You don’t have to be a professional writer in order to succeed in this type of marketing. Just use simple and plain english and do some research about the topic your going to write about. Although some of them doesn’t allow links inside your content (such ezinearticles) you can still add them in your resource or bio description. Article marketing can very well work with Web 2.0 sites. Sites such as and are very effective. Putting up your articles would be somewhat different in these sites, but the concept is the same.

6.) Forum posting is a goldmine. If you are already a member of a forum, simply start a thread or reply to a thread that relates to our products. Aside from the text link in your forum profile or signature that we have mentioned in step 3, creating or replying to a topic could be more effective. This will bring about dicussions and interactions with other forum members. You can even search for fitness forums in the search engines and sign up with them. Be careful not to spam though by simply signing up to a forum and leaving a single post/thread to it. You must be active and reply to other post to bring credibility to your username in the forums you are apart of. This may take time and some effort but it’s a worthy marketing strategy.

7.) Sponsoring High Traffic Websites. If you know someone who has a website with high traffic, you can approach them with an intent to advertise on their site. You can negotiate for the cost of putting an advertisement to a website. You can even offer to have a joint venture where you don’t pay anything to put an advertisment, but you share your profit when someone buys through from that website. You can use our banners and images to be placed in those websites with your affiliate links. As a rule of thumb, make sure that your sponsoring images is placed above the fold. It’s a place on the website where visitors will immediately see when the website loads up without having them to scroll down or scroll sideways.

8.) Create your own website. To up the ante, you need to invest in a domain, webhosting, and learn or outsource someone to create your own website. Your marketing options are widen once you have your own website and succesfuly drive traffic to it. For the content of your website, you can opt for a review site. A review site is basically a comparison of other related products from the one you are promoting. In this case, you may put up the benefits, advantages and disadvantages of previous workout programs you have tried before. At the end, you will recommend our product, which undoubtedly is the best workout program out there in the market.

9.) Traffic, Traffic, Traffic. One essential key to market our product into your website is to generate traffic to your site. Simply put, if no one is visiting your site then you have no potential buyers. The more visitors you have, the more chances of people buying our products from you. Aside from doing Search engine optimization to your site or doing Pay per click (PCC) campaigns, Video marketing is one great source of traffic. You can make a home made video about your experience on your daily workout using our program. Upload it to and put back a link to your website. With millions of views done in youtube per hour, expect to get some quality traffic to your website as well. Youtube has been ranked at first position by google in terms of credibility. So once you put links on videos to your site, expect your site to grow ranks in the search engines as well.

10.) The List is the key. Once you have successfuly driven traffic to your website, you need to come up with your own mailing list. Add an opt-in form in your website so you can send your visitors email promotions. The single most effective marketing strategy is an email joint venture promotion where we you send them a solo email about our products. We can also create one time offers exclusive to your mailing list only. The conversion results are quite very high if a solo email promotion is done correctly. You may contact us in the affiliate support section for custom and specific one time offers to your lists.